11 Types of Interior Doors for Every Budget and Aesthetic

11 Types of Interior Doors for Every Budget and Aesthetic

Interior doors are very significant in sprucing up a home interior. They say that doors are enigmatic and at first glance, you would immediately know the vibe of the home you are entering. It being the case, you have to be meticulous when it comes to choosing one.

In this post, we shall cover 11 types of interior doors for every budget and aesthetic. This would help you in narrowing down your choice so if you are considering one, read on.

11 Main Types of Interior Doors

Generally, there are at least 60 types of doors out there. However, only some are cut out to qualify as interior doors because of their style and the material used to create them. Here are the 11 main types of interior doors which you should know of.

1. Flush Doors

Flush Doors

This is the most common type of residential and commercial interior door. It is best described by a plain front and back. It is classic looking, very customizable, fit for modern, contemporary and other types of aesthetic. They are also most often made of wood or PVC and are perfect for noise reduction.

2. Panel Doors

Panel Doors

This one is identifiable for its simple panel and rail construction. It might be very simple, but it has a high decorative appeal especially that you can easily customize the rails. It is a popular residential and office interior door. Particularly, it is a go-to interior door for chic and fashionable bedrooms.

3. French Doors

French Doors

Nothing beats the classic elegance of French doors. They are popular for their glass panels, height, and their ability to pour in lots of unfiltered, natural light. It also gives an illusion of depth and space because of its glass panes. Other than this, they also offer a sleek and very aesthetic take on being room dividers.

4. Glass Doors

Glass Doors

Any door that is layered with glass can be categorized as a glass door. The most common glass door would be French doors. They are perfect for elevating a home interior, to divide rooms, for natural light and in filtering light at the same time. This is so since you can install tinted glass doors even for your interiors.

5. Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

If you are looking for a space-saver interior door, this is one of the best options for you to consider. They are mainly sliding doors, inserted in the wall and not merely attached to it, contrary to popular knowledge. Since the panels are kept inside the wall, they are called pocket doors.Ingenious and unique, this would make a good interior door.

6. Double doors

saloon doors or batwing doors

They are also known as saloon doors or batwing doors. They are composed of two hinged doors which you can open or close simultaneously. You will just have to let them swing back in place after you open them. Mostly made of wood, it is perfect for mini bars at home, a transition door between the dining room and the kitchen, and as a divider for other interior spaces.

7. Bi-fold Doors/Accordion Doors

Bi-fold Doors

As the name implies, this door when closed, looks like a large folded accordion because of the panels folded in. It is often installed in adjoining rooms to work as a separator. Hence, it is perfect for patios, bedrooms and closets, and other applications.They are also a highly space-saving interior door, hence, their continued popularity.

8. Bypass Doors

Bypass Doors
Image Credit: interiordoorandcloset

This one is unlike the usual sliding door. As the name implies, this one is equipped with a hardware which allows one door to slide in front of the other. For a more interesting interior door, you can even install double or triple bypass doors. They are perfect for study rooms, bedrooms and closets.

9. Barn Door

Barn Door

If you are looking for something rustic or industrial looking door, with high decorative appeal and unique look, barn door is the best choice for you. It is a large, solid door hanging on an upper track. It has rails and panels, and can be installed DIY. You can even buy a complete installation kit in online shops. You may use solid wood for this to create a more stunning effect.

10. Louvered Door

Louvered Door

This one is perfect in inducing lots of ventilation. As such, they are a go-to choice for basements, closet rooms and bathrooms. Its railings are incorporated in the door panel. With an airtight space in between, air does not go stale, hence, making it a good source of ventilation even in very narrow interior spaces and those that are vulnerable to moisture.

11. Jib door

Jib door
Image Credit: housebeautiful

This one is a seamless, futuristic take on interior doors. The door itself is incorporated in the wall. It does not come with handles, it takes the color of the wall, and it is very space-saving. The high tech ones need only a single tap to be opened. The manual ones are swinged open from the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from what we have already covered, there are also FAQs that might come in handy once you have already decided on the interior door to install. Hence, here are the FAQs for interior doors which you should know of.

What is the most common interior door style?

There is no one final answer when it comes to the most common interior door style. Interior designers, architects and contractors alike would say that this one depends mainly on the preference and needs of the homeowner.

Nevertheless, in terms of the most searched, simplicity is beauty. Hence, you would find that flush doors, including its many variants such as the Avalon, Rockport, Cambridge and others are the go-to interior doors.

Can you mix door styles in a home?

The straightforward answer is yes. But make sure that the interior doors complement each other not only in terms of color but also in terms of style and design. This is also good for large families with different personalities and style preferences.

Nevertheless, in terms of practicality, it might cost you a lot. The fear of not being uniform looking may also be looming so it might not be the best prerogative especially for those tight on budget or with a smaller space.

What type of doors are most expensive?

Of the types of doors featured here, the jib door, French door and glass doors are considered to be the most expensive. It is not just about the installation but the composition of these doors. The way they are operated and maintained also has something to do with the expensiveness of these types of doors.

Regardless, they are still worth the try especially if you want to infuse function and style. Just be sure to allot a few more bucks for the upfront cost, installation and maintenance of these door types.

How are doors classified?

The primary classification of doors is in terms of operation. For this reason, the following are the classification of doors when it comes to operation:

  • Swinging doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Revolving doors
  • Rolling doors
  • Folding doors
  • Collapsible doors

There are all other classifications of doors but in so far as main classification is concerned, it all ends with door classification in terms of operation.

Which type of doors are best for my home?

It depends. There are specific factors to consider in finalizing the answer to the question of which type of door is best for your home. If you are into space-saving techniques, you can choose from sliding doors, barn doors, jib doors, and others.

If you are the more traditional kind of homeowner, you can go for Louvered doors, bypass doors, double doors, and the like. Ultimately, you also have to consider the interior’s size, the shape of the room or space, cost, installation, door design and more.

How Much Does an Interior Door Cost?

The range of interior door costs depends mainly on the design of the door to be installed. Depending on the type, an interior door can cost at a range of $50-500, excluding installation and labor costs. The material used for the construction of the interior door are also important determinants of the overall cost of the interior door to be installed.

How do I choose an internal door?

When it comes to choosing an internal door, there are eight key points to consider and it would be the following:

  • Material: For this determinant, the most popular types would be wood, MDF, PVC, aluminum, steel, and glass.
  • Core: There are two choices to this: either solid core or hollow core. Hollow core has a base range of $30 while solid core starts at $50.
  • Color: This is basically preferential. You know more about what color to incorporate in your interior door.
  • Panel layout: This one has something to do with the overall view and the amount of natural light and ventilation that would seep into the room.
  • Hardware Specifications: This is connected to the ease of installation as well as maintenance. Those with pre-drilled hardware specifications can be installed DIY. The others must be installed by professionals.
  • Function: This one is about how they will be closed or opened and how they generally function. Some interior doors can be customized such that they can also work as bookcases, transition doors, or shelved ones. In terms of operation, the easier to open and close, and the more space-saving it is, the better.
  • Style: Speaking of customization, your interior door style may be determined by you. The most common styles however, are skewed to the more traditional ones. Paneled styles also never get old. More modern styles are also very much available.It just all depends on the overall aesthetic of your interiors and of course your individual preference.
  • Budget: The upfront cost which includes material, finish, and the build of the interior door, is not the only thing that you must consider. The installation costs, labor, hardware specification may also add up to the cost.

How to Find a Professional Interior Doors Manufacturer Online

If you want greater convenience when it comes to your interior door supply, you may resort to online manufacturers. But if this is the case, how do you find a professional interior door manufacturer online? Here are some tips to consider.

  • Experience: The length of time that they have been into business can be checked through their company profile. While years of service is not the ultimate determinant, networks of clients and quality service can be measured through years of experience.

In this case, you need to thoroughly go through the accreditations, available services, showrooms and manufacturing capacity of the online manufacturer.

  • Collaboration: The more brands they have worked with through the years, the more commendable an online interior door manufacturer would be. The caliber of the brands and shops they have collaborated with as well as the number of projects they have finished through the years are also indicative of their quality as an online interior door manufacturer.
  • Manufacturing Capacity: By this, you must also take into consideration the number of orders they can complete in a certain time frame. Aside from this, how high is their minimum order quantity, do they take customization projects, and of course, how many units of demand can they meet in a given year. If you can check all of these in your favor, then highly consider such online manufacturers.
  • Logistics: It pays to have an online manufacturer with good logistics service. This should also be transparent in their company profile. And if you feel like you would rather go for an independent logistics partner, you may also do so. This would ensure that your orders are packed and shipped at a precise time and shall be received in pristine condition.

Types of Interior Doors: The Conclusion

As have been mentioned, interior doors do a lot of wonders in sprucing up a home. Whatever the design and style you go for or material to choose, it is entirely up to your need and preference. Nevertheless, you have to consider important factors before coming up with the final choice. Aside from upfront costs, there are other things to be decided on. But ultimately, interior doors are a good investment and are always worth considering.



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