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Stones and marbles are widely used in many construction applications. However, the uses have shifted from pure flooring and walls to decoration. By choosing the right marble design, you can add color and charm to your spaces.

Whether you need stones and marbles for kitchen countertops or flooring, we have the best factory-made products. We are a reliable and reputable supplier of quality products for every application. Also, our prices are competitive, allowing you to save on your finishing projects.

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Popular Application: Stone Products

There are many types of natural stones used in various applications. Granite, quartz, marble, limestone, and travertine are some of the most popular ones you will come across in many areas. You can use stones in almost every part of your property, including the following: background, kitchen, bathroom, stair, pool, floor, and etc.

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Why Choose George Buildings Stone

Natural stones from the George Buildings are designed and customized to meet your specific needs. Choosing our brand comes with many advantages to you as the end-user. The following are some of the things you will gain by choosing to build with our stones:

Quality Assurance
on-time delivery
Reasonable Price
Quick in-time Online Service

FAQ Guide on Stone and Marble:

Stones, as the name says, are formed through natural processes. That has made the sites where you can source high-quality stones scatter all over the world. Different countries have varying sources of natural stones. Some of these natural stones display superiority over others regarding appearance, hardness, and other desirable qualities.

Natural stones are quarried in almost every continent. Some of these quarrying sites have since established, making it more economical to import than to start a new quarrying site within the country. Buying heavy machinery and setting up processing plants are way much expensive. It is this financial advantage that makes many suppliers in China import stones.

Natural stones are quarried, sized, and shaped as appropriate. There is a standard for doing this. That is the only reason why you will have to consider the industry standards when placing an order for any stone. Also, the sizes vary depending on the application.

The following are some of the common sizes you can find in the market:

Standard stone tile sizes include squares of 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 18”, and 24”.

The standard thickness for 12” square tiles is 3/8”.

Standard thickness for 16”-24” square tiles varies from 0.5” – 0.75”.

Slab sizes vary from 104”x70” to 125”x80”.

Please note that you can get smaller or larger tiles upon request. However, customized sizes can be a bit expensive compared to pre-made or standard sizes. Also, slates and quartz may not come in the exact size provided. The dimensions quoted for these types of natural stones are approximations or nominal.

This question bothers many customers, and they often complain of receiving what they did not order for. The color variation between the picture and the actual product is attributed to the monitor resolutions. The screen resolution of the gadget used in viewing the photograph is to be blamed.

Usually, the variation is not that much. Some people who are not keen may not realize the difference. But if you do, then it is because of the display resolution mentioned earlier.

The natural process never replicates, as is the case in laboratories and factories. The conditions that led to the formation of a particular stone in Asia can never be the same as the conditions that led to the stone formation in America. Also, the chemical composition of the earth’s crust varies from region to region.

The variation in stone qualities in different regions has also resulted in different applications. That is why you will find that some countries focus more on limestone than granite. The differences in size, color, and hardness depend on geological formation, which can never be the same.

Yes. We can supply samples to give you a true picture of the quality and sizes of our stones. This will help us eliminate the confusion brought about by differences in display resolutions. If you need a stone sample, just contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

George Buildings factory is located in Yunfu, China. We encourage all our clients to visit our factory. If you are interested in visiting us, contact us to book your reservations. A tour guide will be assigned to you to show you our processes and any other thing you are entitled to know. Feel free and talk to us.

We usually process orders within 24 hours. However, delivery can take 10-15 days, depending on the shipping company and your country. We know the distance and clearance time by customs officers vary from one country to the other. On our part, the stones will be packed and dispatched in about 24 hours, 48 hours latest, if we had some emergencies.

The prices of stones are derived from the quarrying and processing times. Natural stones that are difficult to quarry and require time to process will be more expensive than others that can be quarried using simple methods. The more expensive these processes are, the more you will pay for the natural stone materials.

The distance that the quarried stones have to be transported to the processing company also contributes to the price variations.

This is self-explanatory. The bigger the stone, the more expensive it is to handle during packaging and transportation. Big stones are also likely to break in the process leading to more wastes. In the end, it is you, the end-user, who bears all cost implications.

Yes, but not that much. You will indeed have some benefits of scale when you buy in large quantities, but it is not a very significant figure. The availability of the stone in question is the major contributor to the price. Also, you can buy stone products on promotion to save on the cost.

We offer a flexible payment plan to our customers according to their financial ability. Contact us if you want to know more about our specific payment plan and the best way to help you. Our representatives are on standby to provide you with any information you need.

Stone tiles are delicate. We account for that when packaging. The packaged products are forwarded to your shipping company or agent for delivery. We use quality packaging material to ensure all the products reach you without breakages.

George Buildings is a highly reputable company in China that operates according to international quality standards. We also have a quality control team that continuously checks the procedures and ensure they meet the threshold. At any given time, this team is on a high alert. There can never be a substandard product leaving our production line.

Some stone surfaces do not live up to the reputation because of the problems made during the installation. They include forgetting to seal the stone tiles, use of incorrect adhesive, and poor surface preparation. We suggest that you order a few more squares for special situations. Also, all of our products are guaranteed, our after-sales team will sort out reasons and you will be properly compensated.

In addition, you can avoid these problems from occurring when you have skills in installing stone tiles. If you are not experienced, then you should hire a professional. It is better to incur the installation cost and have a good job done than making regrettable mistakes.

The secret to a long service life of natural stone is proper installation and maintenance. They should be installed and sealed to make them water-tight. This will avoid damping that can reduce their lifespan.

Once your stones are beautifully laid down, you need to care for them to maintain their elegance. You do so by cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents. Fortunately, the stone surfaces can be easily cleaned with warm water or mild liquid soap.

Never use acid-based cleaners or any other acidic solution because they will instantly react with the stone. Most natural stones can react with these chemicals, leading to a dull surface. Always use recommended cleaners. Contact us if you are not sure of the right cleaner to use.


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