Sales Team

Design Team

Quality Control Team

After Sales Service Team

Experienced Sales Team

With more than 16 years of foreign trade experiences, our sales teams are familiar with foreign trade procedures, from receiving the order to delivery.

We have 3 sales teams respectively serving retail customers, commercial project contractors and franchisers. Inside each team, different sales representatives are responsible for different countries and regions. We are experts in our respective fields in order to meet different type customers’ needs. 3 sales teams come together in a collaborative effort to provide an excellent experience for our customer.

While we make it look easy, our staffs of professionals work with an impassioned quest for finding solutions daily. Such knowledge has been patiently acquired and zealously maintained so that we continuously improve our systems and services.


With more than 10 years foreign trade experiences


We have 3 sales teams respectively serving retail customers

Professional Design Team

Chinese Top design team

George has been collaborating with Italy designers and suppliers so as to enhance its global competency. We combine the updated aesthetic with functionality, in order to create exciting space tailored to customers’ wishes, and bring the lasting living pleasure.

Headquarter design team

George headquarters design team has ample design experience, regularly researches and learns design styles, concepts from different countries and regions, always pays close attention to and follows international trends, and is committed to providing customers with integrated home consulting services.

Professional design tool

Professional design tools are adopted to assist for perfect art effect, including 2020, CAD, 3D MAX, KD MAX, etc.

Strict Quality Control Team

Striving for perfection is Goerge quality control team’s philosophy.
George has established a complete set of quality standards that align with its European counterparts, and a complex quality management system that keeps the standards on track. We oversee every process that affects quality, such as:

Supplier selection and assessment
Inspection of raw materials, spare parts and finished products
Product design and development
Shipment and installation
Documentation management

Every year, George conducts more than 500 tests in its well-equipped test labs and the third party testing bodies Documentation management.

After Sales Service Team

George always attaches the most important to the satisfaction of the customers. We have a bridle-wise professional after sales service team to provide worldwide service. Quick response, right solution and efficient on-site disposal are our tenets. Our service team will help with all your after sales service we work closely with our distributor service agents throughout the world.

How the service team can help:

Installation guidance
Preventative product maintenance
Equipment commissioning
Trouble shooting
Provide spares
Note: Some additional fees will be charged accordingly. If you have any questions or comments about our services and products, please send us an email.