Customer interview

Customer interview

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Abdullah  Kuwait

Project: School

Project Story: Kuwait ’s school project is for students, so customers have particularly high requirements for the quality of building materials. They need to be certified by SOSA. We assisted customers in purchasing 23 containers.

Customer Review:”We are now at Kuwait to control the construction . I believe that you will join us with family when we finish.We will invite you .Thank you Bou Ali Ken and Umm Ali Amy.”


Marcus  American

Project: 6 sets Villa

Project Story: Marcus is owner of a real estate company, he bought a second-hand house from the United States and resold it after renovation.

Customer Review: I am excited with the whole house that George designer Fei did for me . We were working 10 hours daily , he is capable of an intensive and hard cooperation

American Villa Project

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 Laura from America

“I love working with you.You are very good and efficient. Yes, to-morrow is a holiday . I should be coming to China in January with my husband”

 Hossam from Egypt

“Dear George I received the documents today all in order.Many thanks for your help that made shipping from Foshan a great expe-rience wishing you all the best”

 Nikola Sukova from Seychelles

Dear Mr Tarak

We will be happy to provide you with references. At the moment we have looked up the goods and negotiated prices. We can not rate the quality of the goods and delivery because the goods will be sent in July. But we can rate the quality of the communication, sourcing of the goods and negotiation of the prices.

Mr George has 10 year-long practise in this field. We were working 10 hours daily, he is capable of an intensive and hard cooperation. The method of pre-selection of the suppliers was really profesional. In cases where we did not come to an agreement, he had different alternatives immediately.

When it comes to the negotiation of the prices, we were a great team. Mr Huspeka escalated the situation and Mr George per-suaded the suppliers to agree. It was a really extraordinary and quality negotiation. The communication was really professional and fast. In spite of many changes we have solved everything to our satisfaction so far. We will see the final results, when we open the container.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further details.

Best regards,
Nikola Suková

 Chaz Y.Lazarian from America


How are you ?

I worked with George about 6 months ago and we got our first con-tainer (with another one coming shortly) from them about 2 weeks ago . Everything is great and love working with them.

I am in Hongkong right now heading to Foshan to meet with this af-ternoon (it is Saturday morning here).My wife is with me on this trip and we plan on working with them for 1 week on more purchases.

We live in Atlanta and I’ll be back on July 3rd if you want to call me to ask questions.

Chaz Y.Lazarian

 Abudallah from Kuwait

“We are now at Kuwait to control the construction . I believe that you will join us with family when we finish.We will invite you .Thank you Bou Ali Ken and Umm Ali Amy.”

 Spo from South Africa

“I have my company and no time to shopping everywhere. I am very satisfied with George buildings. It is very easy to find all building materials for my house from here.”