George Buildings Purchase Team

If necessary, we will send an experienced, professional measurement service team to visit you in your home to assess the conditions and provide accurate measurements.

Additional fees will be charged accordingly.Also, you can solve the installation problem by yourself. We provide professional MEASUREMENT GUIDANCE.


Not sure what’s the right type of materials you should use for your building project? Don’t worry! Our resident experts at George Buildings will guide you through the selection and purchasing process to make sure that you buy only the right materials to fit your requirements, and also your budget.

Use Home for example to explain purchase steps below:

•  What you will need

Send us a basic drawing and products buying list

STEP 1: Make an appointment

Make an appointment to check the size to confirm the demand 

STEP 2 : Make a preliminary design plan 

Choose the decoration style . Make a preliminary design plan within 3 days

STEP 3 : The engineer manager accompany the selection materials

The main designer and engineer manager will accompany the selection materials.

Our enguneer and sales team has over 16 years of foreign trade experience. This valuable experience gives them a deep understanding of foreign trade procedures, from receiving orders to facilitating deliveries.

Knowing that the global market has different types of customers, we currently have ten sales teams serving different customer types: retail customers, commercial project contractors, and franchisers. In every sales team, we assign different sales representatives to different countries and regions. As experts in our respective fields, we work to meet the specific needs of different customers.

STEP 4 : Timing update progress in the production process

The sales team will update the timing progress in the production process everyweek .

We strive to regularly improve our sales team services, processes, and systems to empower our professional sales staff to find the best solutions for our customers.