Top 10 Interior Design Company in China: The Definitive Guide

Top 10 Interior Design Company in China-The Definitive Guide

Have you ever been annoyed where to find interior design company to custom your home designs?

Are you troubled by finding an affordable interior design company?

In today’s guide, we’ve gathered 10 of the best Chinese interior design company so that you can have complete confidence when it comes to selecting your perfect interior design company in China.

top 10 design companies in China

10 Best Interior Design Company in China: 2020 List













Eric Tai Design Co., Ltd


Hong Kong & Shanghai

Hong Kong









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  • Headquarter: Hong Kong & Shanghai

Steve Leung Design Group (SLD Group) was established in 1997 by internationally acclaimed architect and interior designer, Steve Leung. SLD Group is recognized by the Interior Design Top 100 Giants as the top residential design firm for four consecutive years (2016-2020). This design firm ranks 20th in 2020’s global ranking.

SLD also works with international brands in designing products and furniture. Due to technological advances, Steve Leung no longer sees any boundaries when it comes to design. SLD is recognized as one of the largest interior design firms in Asia.

1. about SLD design company
  • Scope of Services

SLD Group offers a wide scope of services including luxury private residences, serviced apartments, hotels, restaurants/bars, retail stores, shopping malls, office spaces, schools, and healthcare clinics among many others. The company has partnerships with international brands in creating specialized product designs.

  • Types of Built Projects

SLD Group prides itself on its diverse projects such as residential, clubhouse, hospitality, commercial, and sales office among many others.

  • Project Cases

SLD Group prides itself on its diverse projects such as residential, clubhouse, hospitality, commercial, and sales office among many others.


1. SLD - office design1
1. SLD - office design3
1. SLD - office design4


1. SLD - residential design1
1. SLD - residential design3
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Exploration of ideas

②Presentation of design and materials

③Preparation of quotations

④Installation and deliveries

Recommended Reason

SLD Group is an award-winning interior design services company that provides interior decorating and product furnishing. The company’s unique approach to designing without limits along with its global recognition and awards makes it one of China’s top interior design companies.

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  • Headquarter: Hong Kong

Cheng Chung Design (CCD) is founded by Joe Cheng who served as the jury chair for interior design in CTBUH. The company’s design concepts merge Eastern influences with Western culture. CCD has partnered with many high-end international hotel chains making it a top choice in the hospitality industry. It combines design services and design solutions for clients while implementing fresh and new concepts to create a unique brand identity.

2. office design from CCD design company
  • Scope of Services

CCD specializes in the hospitality industry including luxury international hotels. With its diverse background and expertise, the company continues to remain current with its innovative ideas and modern technological design concepts.

  • Types of Built Projects

CCD has created creative and artistic designs for office spaces, villas, corporate offices, and buildings.

  • Project Cases

CCD has worked with international hotel chains such as Conrad Bangkok, Mandarin Oriental Beijing, and Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport to name a few.

? Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan

2. CCD - hotel design1
2. CCD - hotel design2
2. CCD - hotel design3

? C Future City Experience Center

2. CCD - villa design1
2. CCD - villa design2
2. CCD - villa design3
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Setting requirements

②Presentation of design


④Project implementation


Recommended Reason

CCD is renowned for its unique approach to hospitality design and has an extensive background in working with international brands. The design team is composed of highly skilled experts armed with a comprehensive background in interior design. With a highly skilled team of experts, CCD is known for its extensive experience, excellent management skills, and top-notch services. Their past clients include top hotels such as Accor, InterContinental, Hilton, Raffles, Marriott, and Wyndham which can attest to the design firm’s reputable background.

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  • Headquarter: Foshan

George Building Material Co. LTD. is a world-class industry leader and solution provider for one-stop building projects in China. The company has an extensive collection of building materials for all types of construction projects.

  • Scope of Services

George Building Material specializes as a one-stop-shop for construction materials. The company is also an established one-stop solutions provider that offers design, construction, customization, installation, and project management among many others.

George Building offers a wide range of products to match their design projects. They manufacture high-quality items that complement their design aesthetics. The product category includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen cabinets, lighting, flooring, and metal glass. The company’s showroom is located in Foshan and displays thousands of building materials for construction and decoration.

  • Types of Built Projects

George Building Material has built various international projects for schools, offices, hotels, homes, and villas.

  • Project Cases

Singapore house, Seychelles island hotel, and Kuwait school are just some of the international clients served by George Building Material.


3. George Buildings - office design3
3. George Buildings - office design1


3. George Buildings - hotel design1
3. George Buildings - hotel design3
3. George Buildings - hotel design2


3. George Buildings - villa design3
3. George Buildings - villa design1
3. George Buildings - villa design2
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Make an appointment to discuss the project requirements

②Choose a design style

③Prepare a design plan within three days

④Contract signing and payment deposit

⑤Revisions in the design plan within one week

⑥Selection and purchase of materials

⑦Status update

⑧Three-stage installation and supervision guidance

⑨24/7 customer assistance

Recommended Reason

As a one-stop source of building materials, George Building Material makes it simple, easy, and convenient for consumers by offering a wide range of products for their construction needs in one place. With George Building Material, the entire design and construction process becomes more simplified because you have everything you need under one roof.

You don’t have to waste your time, energy, and money when it comes to sourcing different suppliers. Hence, this design company is ideal for clients who prefer comfort and convenience without having to sacrifice quality and design.

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  • Headquarter: Suzhou

Gold Mantis was founded in 1993 and with two more than 20 years of experience, the company has become one of the leading firms in the decoration segment. With operations local and abroad, Gold Mantis has expanded its business into becoming a full-service design and construction company. Their design focuses on green and environmental concepts.

4. Gold Mantis design company
  • Scope of Services

The company positions itself as a one-stop-shop for interior decoration, landscape, furniture, and curtain wall.

  • Types of Built Projects

Gold Mantis works on a wide range of projects including state guesthouses, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, office spaces, and housing.

  • Project Cases

Some of the major projects under Gold Mantis are Suzhou Park Hyatt Hotel, JiNing Art Museum, and Wuxi Alian Water City.

? Qingdao Hisense Cullinan:

4. Gold mantis - Villa deisgn1
4. Gold mantis - Villa deisgn2
4. Gold mantis - Villa deisgn3

? Suzhou Park Hyatt:

4. Goldmantis - hotel design1
4. Goldmantis - hotel design2
4. Goldmantis - hotel design3
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Discussion of project requirements

②Design proposal

③Signing of the agreement

④Alterations in the design plan

⑤Purchase of materials

⑥Installation process

Recommended Reason

Apart from the company’s strong design aesthetic, Gold Mantis is it’s well-known in the interior decoration industry for its efficient management system making it a respected firm in the industry.

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  • Headquarter: Shenzhen

In 2010, Matrix Design was established as a high-end design services firm. With a decade of development, Matrix Design has become a design company that caters to modern Chinese culture and industrial influences.

  • Scope of Services

Matrix Design offers integrated services in interior design, decoration, and finishing. In addition, the company has also expanded its business to architecture, landscape, lighting, manufacturing design, and household products. Matrix also offers photography and promotional services for projects completed.

  • Types of Built Projects

Matrix has developed designs for various projects including hotels, apartments, and sales centers among many others.

  • Project Cases

Some of the projects Matrix has worked on include Dali Dragon Niche Hotel, Chongqing Yingli Financial Street apartment model room, and Nanjing Jindi Fenghuahe Southwest Sales Center.

? Dali dragon niche Hotel:

5.Dali dragon niche Hotel1
5.Dali dragon niche Hotel2

? Zhongshan Wanke City Villa:

5. Matrix –Zhongshan Wanke City Villa1
5. Matrix –Zhongshan Wanke City Villa2
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Preliminary discussion of requirements and timeline

②Conceptualization of design

③Identify materials needed

④Signing off on the design

⑤Specification details


⑦Site inspection

Recommended Reason

Matrix Design is known for its expertise on integrating Chinese culture and influence in modern designs. At the same time, the company is committed to working on sustainability to improve the environmental, cultural, and social aspects based on design.

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  • Headquarter: Shanghai

Trendzone is established as an integrated system and solution services for the decoration industry. The primary business of the company is focused on residential decoration and design. In addition, Trendzone also offers building designs and manufacturing furniture.

6. Trendzone
  • Scope of Services

Trendzone specializes in various segments including design consultation, façade and curtain wall system, project implementation, building technology, and furnishing.

  • Types of Built Projects

Trendzone has built a variety of projects including residential homes, villas, office spaces, clubhouses, and hotels.

  • Project Cases

Some of the projects developed by Trendzone include the award-winning Shanghai Quanzhou Building, Shanghai Shenshan Golf, and Wuhan Aerospace Capital to name a few.

? Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor:

6. Trendzone-Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor1
6. Trendzone-Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor3
6. Trendzone-Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor2

? Residential Design – Xiamen:

6. Trendzone - Xiamen home design2
6. Trendzone - Xiamen home design3
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Initial dicussion

②Development of layout/design

③Approval of design/budget

④Signing of contract

⑤Sourcing materials


Recommended Reason

Trendzone prides itself as being the only domestic company with the biggest scale R&D system. Through its innovative design and construction capabilities, Trendzone has established itself as a reputable and reliable design firm.

7. Eric Tai Design Co.

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  • Headquarters: Shenzhen

Eric Tai Design Co. was founded by Eric Tai, a renowned Chinese interior designer. The company focuses on interior design and decorative furnishings based on unique influences and current design trends. Their design principle centers on original elegance and noble taste.

7. Eric Tai
  • Scope of Services

Eric Tai Design specializes in creating unique interior designs as well as building decorative furniture for various clients and industries.

  • Types of Built Projects

Some of the projects developed by Eric Tai Design include hotels, clubs, villas, shopping malls, and promotion centers.

  • Project Cases

Eric Tai Design has developed designs for many residential units including Zhengzhou Kangqiao Yuerongyuan Oriental Courtyard Villa and Shenzhen Portofino Pure Waterfront Residences to name a few.


7. Eric Tai - office design1
7. Eric Tai - office design2
7. Eric Tai - office design3

? Residential Interior Design – Huizhou:

7. Eric Tai - Residential design1
7. Eric Tai - Residential design3.jpg
7. Eric Tai - Residential design2
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Meeting and discussion of the project

②Development of concept and design

③Choosing a layout

④Approval of budget

⑤Building materials/sourcing materials


Recommended Reason

In 2009, Eric Tai was recognized as one of the top 10 designers in China and received an award for World Outstanding Interior Designers. He is the first Shenzhen-based interior designer to be recognized globally. The company’s design aesthetics are based on innovative designs integrated with the unique approach of Eric Tai.

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  • Headquarters: Shanghai

Jemo Design was founded in 2010 and specializes in interior design and construction. The company’s main designers are from different parts of the world making the design firm’s ideas and design concepts unique, fresh, and diverse. This interior design firm also builds its own furniture products while providing consulting and branding services to clients to help them build their identity. This professional design firm specializes in mid to high-end spaces with customized design.

With 10 years of experience, Jemo has over a thousand projects under its name. Jemo operates all over China including Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan with its main designers from France, Germany, Spain, and China.

8. JEMO deisgn
  • Scope of Services

As a professional design firm, Jemo Design offers residential and commercial space design and branding, landscape design, and construction.

  • Types of Built Projects

Jemo Design focuses on residential and commercial projects. Some of their projects include apartments, villas, restaurants, bars, retail shops, clubs, office spaces, and hotels.

  • Project Cases

The company’s projects include La Mirada, Royal Phoenix & Dragon, and INWE to mention a few.

? Resturant Design – Shanghai:

8. JEMO deisgn - commercial design1
8. JEMO deisgn - commercial design2

? Luxury Interior Design – Shanghai:

8. JEMO deisgn - House design1
8. JEMO deisgn - House design2
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Discussion of requirements

②Presentation of two to three layout proposals and mood boards for client approval

③Concept design and development

④Quotation based on budget and expectations

⑤Implementation based on high-standards and deadlines

Recommended Reason

One of the strengths of Jemo Design lies in the talent of its international design team. The company provides high-quality solutions for indoor or outdoor space, construction both for residential and commercial facilities.

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  • Headquarter: Shanghai

As a multi-award winning company, Dariel Studio is known for completing projects with the highest standards. The company was founded in 2006 by Thomas Dariel, a French designer. Their unique approach to interior design enabled the company to develop strong project management and provide clients high-quality service from start to finish. They also have an internationally diverse team of designers that complements the company’s diverse and innovative concepts.

9. darielstudio
  • Scope of Services

Dariel Studio offers interior design services mainly on residential, commercial and hospitality segments.

  • Types of Built Projects

Dariel Studio has developed designs for different industries such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, retail stores, offices, and apartments.

  • Project Cases

With its wide client base, Dariel Studio has worked on big projects including Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Office, Vanke Showroom Shanghai, and Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel.

? Shenzhen Penthouse:

9. darielstudio - Residential interior design1
9. darielstudio - Residential interior design3
9. darielstudio - Residential interior design2

? Mazarine Asia Pacific – Shanghai Office:

9. Dariel Studio - Office design4
9. Dariel Studio - Office design5
9. Dariel Studio - Office design6
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Discuss the project specifications

②Choose a design/layout

③Prepare a design plan/layout

④Signing of contract

⑤Layout revisions

⑥Selection of materials

⑦Installation process

⑧Customer service

Recommended Reason

With the company’s customized approach on handling clients, Dariel Studio has been able to expand its customer base to accommodate private clients, entrepreneurs, corporations, and luxury brands. The design firm can handle large scale domestic and international projects.

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  • Headquarters: All around the world

Aedas is uniquely positioned as the only local and global architecture firm in the world that is driven by a global network of knowledge, research, and practice. The design company has studios across different countries which allows it to develop diverse concepts and deep cultural understanding among international clients.

  • Scope of Services

Aedas specializes in interior design while providing clients design consultancy services including design concepts and documentation. The design company also offers services on architecture, landscaping, retail design, urban design and planning.

  • Types of Built Projects

Aedas has developed numerous big projects across different industries in hospitality, retail, lifestyle, corporate, and residential.

  • Project Cases

With its multicultural team of talents and international locations, Aedas has launched successful partnerships with local and international companies including the Commercial Bank Headquarters in Taiwan, DAMAC Heights in Dubai, and Shenzhen Airport Satellite Concourse to mention a few.

? Langham Palace Hotel – Datong:

10. Aedas - Hotel Room Design1
10. Aedas - Hotel Room Design2
10. Aedas - Hotel Room Design3

? Jumeirah Residences – Malaysia:

10. Aedas - Residential Interior Design1
10. Aedas - Residential Interior Design2
10. Aedas - Residential Interior Design3
  • Step-by-Step Service Process

①Set an appointment to discuss the requirements

②Present a design concept

③Select a design

④Identify the materials needed

⑤Prepare budget

⑥Approval of pricing and signing of agreement

⑦Make necessary changes in the design

⑧Execution and installation

Recommended Reason

Aedas is a world-renowned design company known for providing first-class service and solutions. This design firm is able to understand the requirements of domestic and international clients thanks to its diverse group of talents. Aedas offers a comprehensive range of interior design services customized to fit the needs of clients.

Three More Affordable Interior Design Companies Recommended

We have highlighted the top 10 interior design companies in China. Three companies below that are close to making our list are:

  • SHBK

The company was recognized as one of Wenzhou’s top 10 decoration enterprises. The designs are known for using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials in their designs.

The company has been at the forefront in promoting environmental and sustainable déccor and furniture. Their designs are ideal for clients who are into green living.

AB Concept is an interior design company that focuses on high-end lifestyle. As an international firm, AB Concept has worked with notable brands across various industries including residential, commercial, and hospitality companies.

Interior Design Ideas/ Inspirations —— Residential Projects

You have check top 10 list on interior design company in China. Those are the best projects and interior design firms. Now you also have the great chance to view more amazing residential projects designed by the extraordinary interior designers.

Interior Design Ideas/ Inspirations —— Commercial Projects

These are a photo gallary on the commercial projects, including apartment interior design, hotel room design, office design, cafe interior design, and etc.

As a result, you can easily get inspirations in how your building looks like with a great amount of project cases viewing.


When it comes to global interior design and trends, Chinese interior design is considered as one of the most straightforward of all.

The top 10 design companies mentioned above each deserve their place as the most creative and groundbreaking design companies we need to watch out for. These design firms have already made a huge mark in the interior design world both in the residential and commercial space. They have set a high bar when it comes to quality, service, design, construction, and after-sales.

These design studios have been selected for their expertise and professionalism along with a proven record of their capabilities through their past projects. We can expect these trailblazers to continue to come up with more exciting concepts and projects in the future and you will easily be satisfied with the design.

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