5 Types of Bay Windows for Every Budget and Aesthetic

5 Types of Bay Windows for Every Budget and Aesthetic

The type of window you install in your home may either make or break the aesthetics of the home or the overall functionality of the window as a whole. A versatile type of window to consider are bay windows. It offers aesthetic value for the exterior and space-saving for the interior space.

For you to know more about bay windows, here are its types for every budget and aesthetic. Other information and FAQs about bay windows are also featured in this post for more heads-up.

Main Types of Bay Windows

As has been said, bay windows are very versatile and functional. In this section, we shall look at the five main types of bay windows. This is for you to square out the most applicable one for you should you consider installing one.

1. Oriel Bay Windows

Oriel Bay Windows

If you have a compact space, this is one of the best space-saving bay windows to consider. It projects from the upper storeys of the house. It is supported by corbels and brackets.

The best thing about Oriel windows is that they highly elevate both interior and exterior view. As such, it is perfect for terraced homes or those homes with scenic outdoor views.

2. Circle Bay Windows

Circle Bay Windows

If you have seen castles during your European tour, you have probably seen circle bay windows.They are generally considered as a variant of bow bay windows. It features adjoining windows that form a circular area. They are often installed in corners.

At present, circle bay windows are popularly installed in dining nooks, the master’s bedroom or in home interiors with a medieval or gothic style.

3. Bow Bay Windows

Bow Bay Windows

This one is popular among brownstone cottage style homes. It features a curved window sticking out of the wall. Functionally, this type of bay window allows a wider outdoor view through its projected nature. Thus, it gives you an all-access to your street view and a more aesthetic interior look from the outside.

4. Canted Bay Windows

Canted Bay Windows

This one has the most authentic shape for bay windows. They are named as such because of their distinct flat front and slanted sides.They are specifically designed for ground floors of residences and industrial buildings.

If you need a lot of natural light for the ground floor, this type of bay window must be highly considered. Generally, it features three or more windows.

5. Box Bay Windows

Box Bay Windows

This one has a distinct 90-degree angle, making it look like an embossed box. It is very functional as it features one large window with smaller windows on either side plus a sitting area or a storage in the middle.

It is considered as one the most economical window types. It is often installed in the kitchen for more light and more view. You can also incorporate a planter for a more sightly view.

Different Styles of Bay Windows

Be it historical or modern, bay windows can be installed using different styles depending on the type of aesthetics you are going for. The following are the most common bay window styles that you should check out.

1. Victorian Bay Windows

Victorian Bay Windows
Image Credit: haaslilienthalhouse

For the longest time, Oriel bay windows have long been associated with the Victorian style. As such, it is almost always incorporated as Victorian bay windows. But with the change of the building code in historical districts and after the 1800s, the canted bay window has become the standard for Victorian bay window style.

2. Tudor Bay Windows

Tudor Bay Windows

Tudor style homes are known for their columns, corbels and brackets. As such, small oriel bay windows are common to see amongst these homes. Nevertheless, in the modernizing Tudor architecture, grouped casement bay windows have become the best complement of Tudor homes.

3. Modern Bay Windows

Modern Bay Windows

This one is the more ornate and decorative style which a bay window would fit very well into. It features small frames with large glass panes.The glass panes are as it is, no grilles and all, to complete a modern look while maximizing the pouring of natural light.

For this, you can also consider circle bay windows with extra tall panes for a more unobstructed view and a more modern look.

4. Mid-Century Modern Bay Windows

Mid-Century Modern Bay Windows

This bay window style allows for a mainstream, clean and modern look. It usually incorporates casement windows and picture windows. As such, this power combination creates a split-level layout with a linear look, making a very rich, unobstructed outdoor view.

5. Craftsman Bay Windows

Craftsman Bay Windows

Bay windows are staple in craftsman style homes because of their space-saving ability which are very practical for more compact craftsman bungalows. Most often than not, the extra window space is transformed into added seating, display or storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from what we have already covered, there are also handy FAQs which you should know of before you finalize your bay window choice. Hence, here are some bay window FAQs which you should be aware of.

What Are Bay Windows?

The simplest definition of a bay window is that it is composed of two to three windows which angle out, projecting from the exterior wall. As such, it provides a lot of natural light while saving space. It is the best choice for homes with terraces or those with scenic outdoor views. It is also good for compact homes.

Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

Like all other types of windows, bay windows also have their fair share of pros and cons. To help you in making the final choice, here are the pros and cons of bay windows.

  • Allows a lot of natural light.
  • Space-saving.
  • Adds high aesthetic value to the home.
  • Unfiltered sunlight in the interior.
  • Angled window treatments are always custom-made.
  • Needs professional installation.

Bay Window Sizes

While you can have your bay window sizes customized, there is a standard dimension for bay windows. It usually ranges from 3 to 11-ft in width and 3-7-ft in height. Note that the standard sizes have less upfront cost. Nevertheless, this should not dissuade you from going for customized sizes.

Bay Window Glass

The best four types of glass used for bay windows are tempered, laminated, fiberglass, and insulated glass. Aside from being virtually durable, they also offer lots of insulation so that water leaks during winter or rainy days could not enter. At the same time, they also filter too much sunlight. As for bay window glass replacement, the best options would be laminated and tempered glass.

Bay Window Customization

They say that bay windows are already outdated but that is far from the truth. Bay windows can be customized. Be it the window panes or the type of glass, or the overall style and the type of bay window to be installed, you can find a local manufacturer to do the customization for you.

How Much Do Bay Windows Cost?

Depending on the type of bay window, the material used, the style and the glass installed, the cost of bay windows may vary. Nevertheless, as of 2022, according to Modernize, the average cost of bay window installation plus materials range from $1200-2500. 

Garden Windows vs. Bay Windows

Bay windows and garden windows are commonly confused as one and the same because they both extend out from the interior walls. The main difference between the two is the degree of how much they are extended.

Bay windows are often extended at a 25-45 degree while garden windows are at a 90-degree extension. In terms of functionality, bay windows allow you to create extra seating and display and storage. On the other hand, garden windows can give you space for your planters. As for natural light, you can benefit from both types of windows.

Nevertheless, bay windows are usually used to create a focal point in a dining room or living room while garden windows act as window roof and are usually installed in kitchens.

How to Find a Professional Bay Window Manufacturer Online

At the end of the day, one of the main considerations in opting for bay windows is if you can have a reliable manufacturer to supply it for you. If you are considering online manufacturers, here are some tips on how to find a professional bay window manufacturer.

  • Experience: This is one of the most important things to establish if you are considering buying bay windows online. Check their company profile. Look for when they were established, the countries they reach, the projects they have finished, and the shipping process. The more transparent they are, the more genuine they would be.
  • Collaboration: It is also paramount to know which brands they have worked with. You can check this on online platforms, web reviews, and forums regarding the online bay window manufacturer. You just have to be a diligent customer and do the research work.
  • Logistics: It matters that they offer hassle free service. Part of logistics is knowing that all your orders are intact. Ask their customer service about logistics information including online tracking service and more.

Types of Bay Windows: The Conclusion

When it comes to windows, you can truly benefit a lot from choosing bay windows. However, they come in different types and styles so you have to be knowledgeable enough to know the differences before making the final choice.



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