18 Types of Windows for Every Budget and Aesthetic

Types of Windows

Windows are some of the most important fixtures in a home. Although they are not always the focal point in a home, it provides a lot of natural function and aesthetics if you choose the right type, design, and installation for your windows.

In this post, we shall look at some of the most common types of windows for every budget and aesthetic. If you are a homeowner who is in for some remodeling, renovation or want to make a statement out of your windows, read on.

18 Main Types of Windows

Contrary to what the ordinary homeowner may believe, there are more or less 30 types of windows. Nevertheless, they can be categorized into 18 main types and it would be the following.

1. Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

The single hung is the classic window design and is very common still among classic style residential as well as commercial settings. It basically comes with a sash for opening and closing it.

On the upside, these classic style windows are perfect for small living spaces, affordable, easy to install, energy-efficient and easily matches interiors. On the downside, ventilation may be limited and maintenance is regular.

2. Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

This is considered as the American window. It is popular among American homes because of its functionality and practicality. Unlike the single hung, it comes with an upper and lower sash. As such, you can choose to open one window at a time.

Thus, on the upside, it offers more liberal ventilation, easier to clean, energy-efficient, versatile style-wise, affordable and good for limited spaces too. Perhaps the only downside is that it is not as airtight as the other window types.

3. Arched Windows

Arched Windows

This is more popularly known as the cathedral style window. Just picture the standard church window and that is what you are looking at her, complete with those symmetrical sides and rounded types.

Standard arched windows cannot be opened; thus, it is typically installed as the second layer to a glass window, filtering light. Modern arched windows however, now come with encasements and can be opened.

4. Awning Windows

Awning Windows

This one is commonly likened to hopper windows because of its tilting nature. However, it only tilts outwards and never inwards. With this, it gives the illusion of a widened room. Other upsides include energy-efficiency, better insulation, and good for avoiding snow and water pile-up.

On the downside, it is expensive and challenging to clean, especially the outer part of the window pane.

5. Bay Windows

Bay Windows

This one has a unique hexagon shape making the window look embossed. They come in different types. As a matter of fact, the bow window is a variant of bay windows. Generally, it is a popular residential window type because of its unique appeal.

Other than this, its irregular shape both adds space to the room and offers a panoramic view of the outdoors. On the downside, they may potentially block outdoor space.Also, it could be very expensive in upfront cost, installation, and maintenance.

6. Bow Windows

Bow Windows

This one is actually a variant of a bay window. Instead of a hexagon shape, this one comes in a curved shape, hence, looking like a bow. It also makes it larger than standard bay windows.

On the upside, it adds more interior space, looks more elegant, offers more installation and natural light and also gives a panoramic outdoor view. On the downside, it is hard to maintain plus, it is expensive upfront.

7. Casement Windows

Out Swing casement windows
Image Credit: dkhardware

This is a well-loved window type because of its flexibility. It opens sideways and top-down. Since they are almost always made of glass, they offer a clear and unobstructed view. Casement windows are very popular and consistently listed as one of the best choices for residential and commercial windows.

On the downside, casement windows may be costly to install and hard to maintain. As a matter of fact, depending on the glass used for its production, it could be mid-tier to very expensive in cost.

8. Egress Windows

Egress Windows

When it comes to function and style, this one is a cutting-edge window type. They are usually installed in basements or function like a small fire exit door for emergencies. They offer superb insulation and are fairly low maintenance.

On the downside, they can be more expensive since installing them would require excavation. Some US states and countries even require building egress windows in home basements.

9. Garden Windows

Garden Windows
Image Credit: thiels

As the name implies, this one is usually used in gardens and greeneries. They are often glass, transparent, which are intended for capturing sunlight in four angles. If natural light is what you are going for, and lots of it for that matter, this is the best type of window for you.

On the downside, installation might be challenging since a durable architecture is needed. Also, when installed incorrectly, it might obstruct the outdoor view.

10. Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows

This one is a popular choice nowadays because of its functionality and aesthetics. These are basically frosted window panels, making the interior invisible from outside view. Thus, it filters unnecessary light while adding a layer of security and privacy to your home.

On the negative, they offer limited ventilation and may have the effect of distorted and scattered light.

11. Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows

This one is the prototype of tilting windows. It has a single stash casement and a hinged bottom, making it tilt inwards. Aesthetically, their horizontally rectangle look makes them perfect for modern and minimalist homes.

Other upsides include good insulation, high energy-efficiency and low maintenance. On the downside, it is not a good trapper of water during heavy downpours. It also limits privacy because of its inward tilting motion.

12. Jalousie Windows

Jalousie Windows

This one is a prime choice when it comes to ventilation. They are known for their wooden or acrylic louvres and parallel glasses. They are very easy to operate as they could be manually closed, opened and tilted using a central lever.

In terms of aesthetics, it matches all types of classic and Asian interiors. It offers a lot of airflow even in snowstorms and heavy downpours. This is also due to its slanting degree. On the downside, it is not the sturdiest nor the most secure.

13. Picture Windows

Picture Windows

If unique and high aesthetic value is what you are looking for, you should give picture windows a try. Once this one is installed, you can no longer change it. If you insist on changing it, nevertheless, you have to make substantial adjustments, which will cost you some bucks again.

In structure, its window pane is made of glass. The pane frames are installed to capture the outdoor scenery as if it was inside a picture frame. If you have vaulted ceilings, this is a good choice for you too. Function-wise, it offers high energy-efficiency and no window treatments are needed. On the downside, it does not give much ventilation.

14. Round Circle Windows

Round Circle Windows

If Goth and classic Victorian is your style, this window type never gets out of style. Contrary to what the name suggests, it does not only come in perfect round shape. There are also oval, half-round and elliptical variants.

If you are one who likes to make a statement out of their windows, this is a good choice. In terms of functions, it is sufficient for natural light and enough ventilation. You have to understand, however, that this door type cannot be opened or closed.

15. Skylight Windows

Skylight Windows

If egress window is to basements, skylights are for attic rooms. These are popular window types because of their very high energy-efficiency and lots of natural light. Most especially, they provide unobstructed sky views offering good daylight usage and romantic star and sky views at night.

They are perfect for cabin homes, and accent windows. On the negative, they can be challenging to install and maintain. Also, they can be quite expensive.

16. Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

These are very common in residential settings for all types of design and aesthetics. They come in single, double and three-panel sliders. Depending on the size of the home and width of the window space, you can choose freely from different types of sliding windows.

They are good for filtering light as some come tinted. However, they are not very good for ventilation and in stopping snow and rainwater from seeping in. They are low maintenance, however.

17. Storm Windows

Storm Windows

This one is perfect for insulation. When installed, it keeps the home warm during winter and cooler during summer. Its other upsides include easy installation, affordability, and high energy-efficiency.

On the downside, it is not applicable for wooden exteriors nor wooden frames. Its window layers produce moisture from condensation, damaging the wood if ever. It is also very high-maintenance.

18. Transom Windows

Transom Windows
Image Credit: bobvila

For statement windows with high aesthetic value, this is also the window type to go for. As a matter of fact, transom windows are the most common type of accent windows.

Classically, they first came out as fan-shaped but modern transom windows are flexible to any type of home interior and architectural designs. On the upside, they offer lots of ventilation, natural light and good insulation. On the downside, they may be installed expensively and are hard to clean.

There are other types of windows that are not mentioned here. If you want to explore more options, you can always search for the other window types not listed here.


Aside from these common types of windows, there are still other things that you should be aware of when it comes to types of windows. Particularly, this information points out the importance of choosing the best window type for every budget and aesthetic.

What is a Window?

We all know that a window is an important fixture in a home. Simply defined, it is a framed panel, now normally filled with glass, installed in a space devoted for insulation and ventilation in a home. In doing so, it allows airflow, natural light and the chance for people to see both outdoor and indoor views.

What are the major types of windows used in a building?

As have been mentioned, there are at least 30 types of windows. And when it comes to the major types of windows used in a building, the following are the most common types:

  • Skylights
  • Bay windows
  • Dormer windows
  • Corner windows
  • Metal and casement windows
  • Louvered windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Gable windows
  • Double-hung windows

What are the factors affecting the selection of windows?

There are significant factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best type of window for whatever purpose. While window choices are a case-to-case basis, the following are the main factors affecting window selection:

  • Room Location
  • Room Size
  • Climatic Conditions
  • Architectural Point of View
  • Room Use

What are the most common replacement windows installed?

Part of home maintenance is knowing when to replace windows. Speaking of window replacements, what would be the common replacement windows installed? For you to have heads-up, the following are the most common window replacements to install:

  • Picture windows
  • Bay windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Casement windows

How Much Do Windows Cost?

Like all others, the cost of windows varies due to various factors. But for you to have an idea, you should know that the national average for windows alone, excluding installation costs, are at $200-1200.

What factors affect the cost of new home windows?

You must also know the factors that affect the cost of new home windows for you to better project the overall cost in window installation. While there are a lot, the following factors are the most important to consider:

  • Window material
  • Window style
  • Window size
  • Window type
  • Window frame
  • Labor costs

What are the best windows for your home?

Given all the types of windows that we have covered, the answer to this is purely personal. As we have outlined, there are various factors to consider in choosing one. From climatic conditions, to function, aesthetics, and all, you have to square them out in terms of your need and preference. 

What are the best windows for soundproofing your home?

Soundproofing is not just denoising the home but it also helps in adding insulation to the entire household. Given these benefits, the best windows for soundproofing the home would be laminated types of windows.

Laminated windows are made of glass but in between the glass sheets are plastic to reduce noise and vibration which are normally transmitted through the glass material.

What are the best windows for plants?

There is no straightforward answer to this but the best windows for plants are those that filter light efficiently at noon and those that offer unbrushed natural light at peak daytime. A more specific window type for plants, however, would be those low glazed glass windows.

These windows are specifically designed to reduce heat during the day yet maintain said heat at night where the plants are engaged in intensive oxygen production.

What are the best windows for a sunroom?

The reason behind having a sunroom is to get more light and visibility at once. It being the case, the best windows for a sunroom are those with narrow frames and tall heights. If you are considering installing windows for a sunroom, the following window types should be your choices:

  • Casement windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Stationary windows

What are the best windows for insulation?

There is no denying that the best windows for insulation are fiberglass windows. The structure is stable, and its built-in internal cavities are filled with insulation. Its unique structure allows supreme thermal control compared to acrylic, glass or wood materials.

How to Find a Professional Window Manufacturer Online

Online purchasing even for windows has a lot of upsides. Aside from convenience, they also offer a lot of choices for homeowners like you. Here are some tips on how to find a professional window manufacturer online.

  • Experience: Those that come with a long line of experience in manufacturing, marketing and selling windows are good vouchers of reputation. Check online reviews and company profiles online to start the search.
  • Collaboration: You also need to know the collaboration work which the window manufacturer has collaborated with. Most importantly, know if they are working with direct contractors as you would benefit from this in the installation later on.
  • Reviews: It always pays to search for online reviews. The better rated they are online, the more that you could establish quality measures. Actual experience from real people tell a lot about their professionality and how they produce their window products generally.
  • Consultation and Customer Service: A professional online window manufacturer must always be available for consultation and customer service too. They should also be available for customization requests for your aesthetic concerns.

Overall, when talking about finding professional window manufacturers online, you must be wary of various factors again. While it may seem tedious, personal knowledge seals the deal for top notch windows especially if you want statement looks and high aesthetic appeal.

Types of Windows: The Conclusion

With everything that we have covered, we come to the conclusion that although a home fixture by default, window choice is a tough one to arrive at immediately given that there are different types out there.

When it comes to the type of windows, there is no generic choice. You have to base your choice in terms of various practical factors, specifically in terms of cost, budget, and overall aesthetics. Needless to say, you have to rethink the choice many times before making that final stop and the types of windows featured here should give you a heads-up.



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