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    If it’s a door built for quality, a wooden door is always at the top of choices. It’s abundant, resilient, reusable, and workable. Of course, let’s not forget how timber doors look luxurious. We at George Buildings certainly recommend this if beauty, insulation, and lots of other advantages are what you need.

    Benefits of Installing a Wooden Door

    • Repels outside heat, but keeps warmth inside
    • Safe from electric shock
    • Rust-free and weather-resistant
    • Cheap and easy to maintain
    • Durable
    • Long life expectancy
    • Easily modified for your ideal design
    • Elegant look

    With all these benefits, what more do you need? Come shop at George Buildings for the wooden door to install in your home.



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    Wooden Door

    Type of Wooden Door

    Wood Door

    Wooden Door divided into three categories: solid wood doors classified by wooden doors, composite doors classified by wooden doors, and molded wooden doors classified by wooden doors

    The types of wooden doors include solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors, and molded wooden doors. The solid wood composite door is made by high temperature hot pressing. Then use solid wood lines to seal the edges; solid wood doors are not easy to deform, corrosion resistant, good heat insulation, and fresh wood grain texture.

    High-grade solid wood doors do a good job in the dehydration process. The molded wooden door is made of two high-density fiberboards with shapes and simulated wood grain, and the door panels are hollow.

    Wooden Door Color Choice

    There are many kinds of colors for your choices.

    How to Buy Wooden Door

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    -Hand feeling;
    Good wooden door panels, door frames and corners, are smooth and smooth like piano paint, not afraid of wooden thorns.
    The poor wooden door is not polished and painted finely, it feels pitted, there are color differences and small bubbles, and there may be wooden thorns in the hands, which is very dangerous for the elderly and children.

    Everyone knows that in addition to wooden door panels, wooden doors also need hardware items such as door locks, hinges, sealing strips, door handles, door stops, and sliding rails. Good wooden door hardware is better, and can last longer than cheap wooden doors.

    Cheap wooden doors are poor in noise isolation and durability. Because of the low-quality materials used, they are even hollow. The door closed and opened with a loud bang.
    A good wooden door has a very good sound insulation effect, and it will not disturb the neighbors while being comfortable.

    Wooden Door Manufacturer Producing Details

    Features of Wooden Door



    Noise Prevention: Expect less noise with its smooth opening and closing mechanism and sound insulation range at 28 DB.


    Stable and Sturdy


    Stable and Sturdy : All ball bearing are made of steel for utmost durability and stability, added with super fine clearance, stunning appearance, and 3mm thick fillet design.

    door effect



    Effect: Doors are incredibly flame retardant, moisture and mildew proof and provides excellent heat insulation effect.

    Wooden Door Projects Case

    George Buildings have accomplished more than 1000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide

    American Villa Project

    America Villa Projects


    Singapore House

    Singapore House 



    Ethiopia Apartments



    Saudi Arabia Villa


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