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George Buildings specializes in manufacturing high-quality sanitaryware products and fittings. We offer readymade and customized bathroom vanities, sinks, washbasins, bathtubs, toilets, shower stalls, storage shelves, bathroom accessories, and many more. You can get them in custom sizes to suit your bathroom spaces. Our sanitaryware can make your bathroom look modern, elegant, and super functional.


Our elegant sanitary ware mainly comes in ceramic or porcelain. Our bathroom vanities are available in solid wood and other wood-based materials. They are highly durable materials with excellent water resistance. Bathroom fittings like taps come in stainless steel or copper. We can help you choose the ideal material based on your budget and other preferences.


George Buildings offers the latest and trendy sanitary ware designs that pair well with modern interiors. We have various color, shape, and style options for you. Our experts can recommend the best design based on the bathroom size and style. If you have a specific design in mind, you can get it customized from us.


A bathroom is an important unit in your house. You would want to design it as a relaxing space with a theme color of your choice. We can customize the color of your sanitaryware based on your preferences. Whether you prefer sleek white or a shade as bold as black, we have got you covered.

George Sanitary Ware: Where Can They Be Used?

Homes and Villas

Furnish your bathroom stylishly with our modern range of sanitary ware products. Everything from our bathtub to the brush holders is designed exceptionally. We offer a wide range of designs to choose from.

Apartments and Hotels

Make the bathroom an attractive space for your guests. We have sleek and premium sanitary ware options that will help them indulge in a relaxing time during their stay.

Offices and Schools

With our sanitary ware products, you can keep the bathrooms spotlessly clean and hygienic all the time. They are also hardwearing and won’t chip, crack, or discolor easily.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

You need very durable, low-maintenance sanitary ware products for hospitals because they are subject to frequent use. We can supply them at a lower rate for you.

Why Choose George?

Certified Manufacturing and Quality Control

We use cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship to manufacture all our sanitaryware products. Our superior production process is endorsed by globally-recognized certifications. We also have an extensive quality control system to eliminate any flaws in the process and provide you with exceptional quality products.

Factory-Directing Price

You can get high-quality sanitary ware products at amazingly low prices from us. We pass the cost-benefit of our large-scale production to our customers. You don’t have to bear any mediator charges either. Design bathrooms at a lower cost with our products.


If you don’t qualify for the MOQ imposed by wholesale sanitary ware suppliers, don’t worry. We undertake smaller-sized orders too. Whether you are a small business or a customer looking to purchase sanitary ware products for a personal construction project, we can help you.

Free Sample

We understand that some of our customers prefer to examine the quality of our products firsthand before placing an order. You can now request free samples of our sanitary ware material. It will boost your confidence and strengthen our relationship.

1000+ Project Case

We have supplied sanitary ware products for different bathroom design and renovation projects worldwide. Our products are being used everywhere, from hospitals to schools. Our products are renowned for their outstanding quality and longevity. Take a look at our latest projects!

Logistics, Inventory, and Shipment Solutions

Starting a sanitary ware business is a huge step. We can help you lower expenses. With our ready made stocks and custom labeling service, you no longer have to worry about inventory management. Our shipping partners will ensure they deliver the goods right on time!

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