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    What are Standard Window Sizes ?

    Can’t figure out the standard window sizes? No worries, we have a guide to help you with that. With manufacturers having simplified the window sizing process, it is now much easier to choose the correct window sizes for your new home. Here is a guide to help you with that:

    • Double-hung windows – 24-48 inches width; 36-72 inches height
    • Picture windows – 2-feet to 8-feet width; 1-foot to 8-feet height
    • Bay windows – 3-feet, 6-inches to 10-feet, six-inches width; 3-feet to 6-feet, 6-inches height
    • Sliding windows – 36-inches to 84-inches width; 24-inches to 60-inches height
    • Awning windows – 2-inches to 3-feet, ten 1/8-inches width; 1-foot, 8-inches to 7-feet, eight 7/8-inches height

    George Buildings provide all these window sizes and more!

    George Buildings will suit all hardware and accessories regardless of color, shape, style, size, and materials. You can be confident that your windows can be customized in line with your budget.

    Window Manufacturers
    uPVC Windows and Doors
    Double-glazed Windows
    36 x 72 Windows

    Szie of windows

    uPVC Windows
    • Double Hung Width: 24″ min  to 48″ max
    • Double Hung Height: 36″ min to 72″ max
    • Picture Window Width:  24″ min to 96″ max
    • Picture Window Height: 12″ min to 96″ max
    • Sliding Window Width:  36″ min to 84″ max
    • Sliding Window Height: 24″ min to 60″ max
    • Bay Window Width: 3’6”min to 10’6” max
    • Bay Window Height: From 3’ min to 6’6” max.
    • Casement Width: 1’ 2” min. to 2’11.5” max.
    • Casement Height: 2’5.5” min. – 6’5.5” max.
    • Awning Window Width: 2′” min to 3’10 1/8″
    • Awning Window Height: 1’8” min to 7’8 7/8″ high

    Types of  Windows

    George Buildings provides type of window such as triple glazed windows, double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, transom window ,slider windows, stationary windows, glass windows which can be used for construction projects.

    How To Choose Good Quality Windows

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    First of all, You need to understand that there are many types of windows, such as sliding windows and fixed windows. Casement windows open outward or inward, such as top-hung windows, middle-hung windows, and bottom-hung windows. And so on, are divided according to the opening method.

      If divided according to the material of the window, there are mainly wooden windows, or aluminum alloy windows, plastic steel windows, aluminum windows, aluminum plastic windows and so on.

      Divided according to the size of the window, the bathroom is relatively small, the normal size is 600×900 or 900×1400 mm, and the size of the bedroom is basically between 1200×1500 or 1500×1800mm.

    How to Purchase Doors and Windows from China: A Comprehensive Guide

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