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    uPVC is a form of plastic. uPVC windows offers excellent performance and durability, making it long lasting and requiring little maintenance. By providing thermal efficiency and sound insulation, uPVC doors and windows provide excellent value for your money.

    Here are benefits of UPVC windows and doors for your home:







    Fire retardant

    Low Maintenance

    uPVC Windows
    Glass Windows
    Stainless steel windows
    aluminum windows

    Why Should You Choose uPVC Windows ?

    uPVC Windows

    1.Good thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity of the plastic in the aluminum-plastic composite profile is low, and the thermal insulation effect is 1250 times better than that of aluminum. In addition, it has good airtightness. In cold areas, although the outdoor is tens of degrees below zero, the indoor is another world.
    2.Good sound insulation: Its structure is carefully designed.The joints are tight, and the test result is 30db sound insulation.Which meets the relevant standards.
    3.uPVC windows impact resistance: As the outer surface of the aluminum-plastic composite profile is made of aluminum .Its impact resistance is much stronger than that of the plastic-steel window profile.
    4. Good air-tightness: Each gap of the aluminum-plastic composite window is equipped with multiple sealing tops or rubber strips. And the air-tightness is level one, which can give full play to the air-conditioning effect and save 50% of energy.
    5. Good water tightness: The doors and windows are designed with rain-proof structure to completely isolate rainwater from the outdoors. And the water tightness meets the relevant national standards.
    6. Good fire resistance: Plastic-steel doors and windows are made of UPVC materials, which do not spontaneously combust or support combustion.
    7. Good anti-theft: Aluminum-plastic composite windows, which equipped with excellent hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, make thieves helpless

    What Are the Types of uPVC windows ?

    George Buildings provides type of uPVC windows such as uPVC double-hung windows, uPVC  casement windows, uPVC awning windows, uPVC transom window ,uPVC slider windows, uPVC stationary windows, uPVC glass windows which can be used for construction projects

    What Factors Should You Consider When Buying uPVC windows ?

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    uPVC  windows purchase tips:

    1. Don’t buy cheap uPVC  windows

    Good uPVC windows are high in plastic quality, lining rigid quality.And hardware quality, and their life span can reach more than ten years. The profile used in cheap uPVC  windows contains more than 50% calcium carbonate, and additives contain lead salt.Which is poor in stability and affects human health. The service life is only two or three years.

    2. Pay attention to surface quality

    The color of the uPVC profiles on the surface of the doors and windows is bluish white or ivory white. The surface of the windows of good quality should have a protective film. The user should tear off the protective film before using it.

    3. Pay attention to glass and hardware

    The glass should be flat and free of water marks. The glass and the plastic profile are not in direct contact, and there is a sealing bead close to the gap. The hardware is complete, the position is correct, the installation is firm, and the use is flexible.

    4. Choose a big brand with better after-sales service.

    How to Purchase Doors and Windows from China: A Comprehensive Guide

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    George uPVC Windows Projects Case

    American Villa Project

    America Villa Projects

    Customer: Marcus

    Category: 89 Sets Home villa

    Style: Mountain style

    Area: 89 Sets Villa

    Singapore House

    Singapore House 

    Customer: Francis Cheong

    Category: Home improvement villa

    Style: Modern

    Area: One floor of 120㎡, 3 floors


    Ethiopia Apartments

    Customer: Metro Real Estate PLC

    Category: Luxury Apartments

    Style: Westview Standard

    Area: 270 Rooms


    Saudi Arabia Villa

    Customer: Dr AbuAli

    Category: Home improvement villa

    Style: Simple European style

    Area: 450㎡ one floor, 2 floors

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