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    PVC is a common plastic used for a variety of products, including windows. With its unique characteristics, a PVC window is much lighter, less expensive, and offers a wide range of performance benefits.

    It’s no wonder a PVC window is a popular choice for home and buildings today. PVC is also resistant to abrasion, so a window made of this will be free from nicks and scratches.

    Benefits of PVC Window

    • Energy efficient
    • Cost-efficient
    • Easy to maintain
    • Long service life
    • 100% recyclable

    George Buildings is founded with our client’s needs in mind. Knowing many of you are looking for cheaper, but quality alternatives to standard materials. We are happy to bring you PVC windows to help make your dream home come true.



    uPVC Windows and Doors
    uPVC Windows and Doors
    6.uPVC Windows and Doors
    6.uPVC Windows and Doors

    Why Should You Choose PVC Windows ?

    uPVC Windows

    Good wind pressure resistance and impact resistance
    Wind pressure strength performance is the most important performance of building exterior windows, and it is related to the safety of building components.

    Good weather resistance and long service life
    Under normal environmental conditions, the service life of PVC plastic doors and windows can reach more than 50 years.
    Good thermal insulation performance and energy saving
    In heating buildings, rooms with PVC plastic windows can increase the indoor temperature by 4-512 in winter, which can save heating energy consumption by more than 30%, which is the best energy-saving window material.
    Good air tightness
    In buildings with air-conditioning and heating facilities, the indoor and outdoor air volume reduction due to window gaps can be minimized. This can give full play to the efficiency of the air conditioning and heating system and save energy.
     Fire resistance
    PVC finned doors and windows can be used in various types of buildings. Fire authorities also recognize their fire resistance. They are recognized internationally as excellent safe building materials.

    What Are the Types of LED PVC Windows ?

    George Buildings provides type of PVC windows .Such as PVC sliding windows, PVC single hung windows , double hung PVC windows, PVC awning windows, PVC bay windows, PVC bow windows, PVC casement windows , PVC hopper windows , PVC jalousie windows which can be used for construction projects

    What Factors Should You Consider When Buying PVC Window

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    Under the current market situation, the price of PVC windows are varies greatly. You may worry that the quality of low-priced plastic windows is unreliable. And high-priced PVC windows are afraid of being deceived.

    The most important thing to pay attention to is the hardware of doors and windows. Although the hardware is very small in the entire range of doors and windows. The details of the hardware can show you whether the product is good or bad.

    For glass, you should pay attention to the flatness of the glass surface. Good glass does not have water marks. Moreover, whether the doors and windows are pressure-resistant when they are normally closed, whether they are air tight or not waterproof.

    Only buy PVC windows with high thermal conductivity

    PVC windows should also provide you with effective sound insulation

    Remember to choose the color that suits your house decoration

    How to Purchase Doors and Windows from China: A Comprehensive Guide

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