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    Oak Doors, Affordable Luxury, Pros and Cons

    Do you plan to buy oak doors ? When looking for the perfect style of door, it’s easy to get confused given there are so many options. One of them is the oak doors, a popular choice for its solid build, great appearance, and long life expectancy. George Buildings carry oak doors in our store, bringing to our customers a long list of benefits.

    Benefits of Oak Doors

    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Traps heat, making it energy efficient
    • Competitive price compared to other wooden doors
    • Fit well with other furnishings
    • Can reduce noise

    Oak doors are ideal interior or exterior doors. They can add value to your home and increase security. Get yours from George Buildings today!



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    Pons and Cons of Oak Doors

    Wood Door

    What are the advantages of oak wood door
    -It has a sharp mountain-shaped wood grain, and the surface touches the texture very well.
    -The toughness is very good, so it can be processed into various shapes as needed, which is very beautiful.
    -Sturdy texture, long service life, used in many ancient door and window grilles.
    -It seems that it is very high-grade, looks particularly thick, with mahogany furniture dignified and stable, but the price is lower than mahogany furniture.
    -The oak has a fine texture, and there are more intrusions in the pipe hole, which is not easy to absorb water, is corrosion resistant, and has high strength. European and American countries use it to store red wine.


    -Due to the hard and heavy oak texture, it is more difficult to completely remove the water. However, the finished product made without water removal may begin to deform or shrink and crack after a year or a half.
    -The phenomenon of replacing oak with rubber wood is common in the market. If customers lack professional knowledge, it will directly affect the interests of consumers.
    -Oak sapwood is soft and vulnerable to insect attack.

    Oak Doors Color Choice

    There are many kinds of colors for your oak doors

    How to Buy Oak Doors

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    -First look at whether the wood is fine and clean
    The wood of oak is relatively thick, so if you want to make a wooden door, it will be painted dark. Therefore, when buying a dark-painted oak door, you must be careful.

    -See if the wood grain is clear and beautiful
    The oak door has a unique wood grain, and the clearer the wood grain, the higher the value.

    -Observe whether the wood color is pure
    The best choice for wooden doors is “natural color”, because this manufacturing method best reflects the characteristics of the oak background.

    -Is the wood dry?
    Because the oak texture is very hard and heavy, it is difficult to remove the moisture. The wooden door made of wood whose moisture has not been removed did not begin to deform until a year or a half. At this time, it may be more difficult for consumers to get compensation for losses.

    -Is the wood straight?
    In the dehydration process, oak is prone to “smoke”. However, because oak wood is more expensive, many manufacturers still use this deformed wood to make furniture.

    -Is the weight heavy?
    The weight of oak doors is quite heavy, the heavier the better when the wood is dry.

    -Is the production exquisite
    At present, the production level of oak doors on the market varies greatly, some are quite beautiful, and some are rough. Whether the production is exquisite, it is also one of the references for identifying oak doors.

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    Oak Doors Manufacturer Producing Details

    Features of Oak Doors



    Noise Prevention: Expect less noise with its smooth opening and closing mechanism and sound insulation range at 28 DB.


    Stable and Sturdy


    Stable and Sturdy : All ball bearing are made of steel for utmost durability and stability, added with super fine clearance, stunning appearance, and 3mm thick fillet design.

    door effect



    Effect: Doors are incredibly flame retardant, moisture and mildew proof and provides excellent heat insulation effect.

    Oak Doors Projects Case

    George Buildings have accomplished more than 1000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide

    American Villa Project

    America Villa Projects


    Singapore House

    Singapore House 



    Ethiopia Apartments



    Saudi Arabia Villa


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