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    A French window is a timeless classic when you want to add personality to your home. Using advanced frame materials, we at George Buildings make sure you can have a French-style window that is more than just beautiful.

    The difference between French windows and other styles of windows is it has full-length hinged double sashes. Also, this type of windows opens inwardly with large glass panels and no-impost system.

    Thanks to the last feature, a French pane window lets more light get inside. With that, you can have more fresh air in your home. All these benefits make French windows a favourite choice for our customers in George Buildings.

    George Buildings uPVC windows will suit all hardware and accessories regardless of colour, shape, style, size, and materials. You can be confident that your French window can be customized in line with your budget.

    In order to offer more choices, we’ve also prepared the definitive guide: top ten window brands to offer you all the information you may need.

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    Why Should You Choose French Window ?

    uPVC Windows
    • Beautifully designed, perfectly functional
    • Very good sound insulation and noise reduction performance
    • Super airtight, watertight, wind pressure resistance performance
    • Strong heat preservation and energy-saving performance
    • Super convenient operation performance
    • High-end architectural art
    • High-end architectural taste

    What Are the Types of French Window ?

    George Buildings provides type of  french windows. Such as  french sliding windows, french single hung windows , double hung french windows, french awning windows, french bay windows, french bow windows, french casement windows , french hopper windows , french jalousie windows which can be used for construction projects

    What Factors Should You Consider When Buying  French Window

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    Line of sight: Please cooperate with your designer or general contractor to enjoy the interior view, comfortable passage, and sunlight and wind in the best position.

    Clearance: Before choosing french style windows, make sure that they have enough space to open completely, whether they are open or closed.

    Glass type: A transom or sidelights can augment the impact. . Textured or frosted panes increase privacy; in a hurricane zone, look for a design pressure rating that meets local building codes.

    Screen options: Hinged screens require floor space, while sliders mean another track; translucent materials (such as fiberglass mesh cloth) are less noticeable. The best solution may be a retractable screen, sometimes sold with the door, which rolls up into a door frame and becomes invisible until needed.

    Consider more when importing the right French windows for your new building or planning for a rennovation.

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