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    Did you know that a single toilet flush can waste 6 gallons of water? Eco-friendly toilets are not a luxury. They are the future. And for some, they are the NOW.

    George fully supports the rising movement towards investing in an eco toilet. Convenient to use and safe for the planet, these modern furnishings enable every household to save on water consumption by using different types of flushing systems.

    An eco toilet exists in two major types: a low-flow and a dual flush system. Regardless of shape, size, and type, the main idea behind eco-friendly toilets is to reduce water wastage from 6 gallons to about 1.6 gallons per flush. Quite a huge difference, isn’t it?

    Through this approach, an entire community can save an enormous amount of water, which can positively impact the environment.

    Do you want to increase efficiency in your home by converting to eco toilets? Let George point you to the right direction!

    George Buildings will suit all bathroom accessories regardless of color, shape, style, size, and materials. You can be confident that your wall mounted cabinet can be customized in line with your budget.

    Hotel Bathroom Accessories
    bidet shower
    12.High end bathroom vanities
    marble shower

    Types of Bathroom Fittings

    bathroom tile
    What are the types of bathroom fittings?
    1. Toilet: It can be divided into two categories: flushing and siphoning. Can be divided into two types according to shape and split. The eco toilet is also equipped with insulation and bidet functions.
    2. Washbasin: Divided into three types: hanging, column, desktop.
    3. Shower room: It consists of door panel and bottom basin. Shower room door panel is divided into PS board, FRP board and tempered glass according to materials.
    4. Hardware accessories: The pattern is different. In addition to the above-mentioned sanitary ware accessories, it also includes various water nozzles, glass brackets, towel rack (ring) soap tanks, toilet paper tanks, shower curtains, anti-fog mirrors and so on.
    5. Bathtub: a variety of shapes. According to the way, there are sitz bath and lying bath.

    Types of Bathroom Fittings

    George Buildings provides type of bathroom fittings such as eco toilet, faucet, wash basin, shower stall and bathtub and other fixtures like bidet, dressing cabinet, storage shelves etc.  which can be used for construction projects

    How To Choose Good Quality Sanitary Ware

    Bathroom Fitting idea

    As with any product, you usually rate the quality of sanitary wares based on the quality of raw materials that they are made of. This directly affects the product’s lifespan or how long you can use it. Also, you measure quality based on the benefits or features of these products. Here are a few:

    • Easy to clean
    • Durability
    • Cost
    • Beauty
    • Thicker glaze
    • Thicker color
    • Water-efficient
    • Designs and sizes
    • Eco

    1000+Happy Clients

    George Bathroom Fittings Manufacturer Producing and Packing

    Bathroom Fitting packing is a wooden pallets for outside, and padded with formed plastic for inner

    Bathroom factory

    Bathroom Fittings Producing

    Bathroom Fitting manufacturer
    Toilet placed one by one
     Padded with formed plastic for inner
    Plastic to protect the corner and edge
    Bathroom factory

    Bathroom Fittings Inspection

    Check quality one by one
    Tie the wooden pallet with tape
    Wooden tray fumigated
     Pallets can mature gravity
    Bathroom factory

    Loading & Delivery

    Using a forklift to load
    Professional loading avoid collisions
    Use wooden bars to fix pallet
    Rugged for long distance transportation

    Porjects Case

    George Buildings have accomplished more than 1000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide

    American Villa Project

    America Villa Projects

    Customer: Marcus

    Category: 89 Sets Home villa

    Style: Mountain style

    Area: 89 Sets Villa

    Singapore House

    Singapore House 

    Customer: Francis Cheong

    Category: Home improvement villa

    Style: Modern

    Area: One floor of 120㎡, 3 floors


    Ethiopia Apartments

    Customer: Metro Real Estate PLC

    Category: Luxury Apartments

    Style: Westview Standard

    Area: 270 Rooms


    Saudi Arabia Villa

    Customer: Dr AbuAli

    Category: Home improvement villa

    Style: Simple European style

    Area: 450㎡ one floor, 2 floors


    One-stop Solution

    From design, materials selection, delivery, installation, to warranty. George Buildings give you a dream home and save your time & budget.

    George Factory

    Boasting 7 manufacturing bases and  has established a comprehensive control system for all processes to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials.

    Abundant Product Lines

    All the categories are consisting of kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, door and window, stone and marble, bathroom fitting, wood flooring, lighting, tiles, curtain.

    Service and Warranty

    Team of 200 people working in design, sales, warranty, and other engineering details to serve our customer’s varying needs. Once your George products have any problems, contact us directly.


    We will email you within 24 hours. If your project is urgent, please feel free to call or whatsapp: +86 13392205270 




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