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    Double-glazed windows are an insulated glass unit combining a single-window system with several glass panes. Designed to provide a room with a better barrier from outside temperatures, this window style is perfect in places where you are worried about the weather.

    Today, double-glazed windows are the standard in both new construction and replacement windows. Besides better temperature protection, these windows can be customized too. You can have them engineered for the glass panes to be filled with inert gas for better insulation.

    Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

    • limited condensation
    • safety (it’s tough to crack)
    • sound insulation
    • energy efficient

    If you are looking for a tougher window, double-glazed windows make an excellent choice. George Buildings can supply you with high-quality windows to install to your dream home.


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    Materials of Double-glazed Windows

    uPVC Windows

    Frame Profile

    Profile thickness: 2.5 mm;

    Year of configuration file color: More than 10 years;

    Glass Type: 5 + 6A + 5mm toughened glass;

    Slide Rail

    Aluminum Alloy track;

    Driving smoothly and smoothly;

    Coasting wheel

    Ride smooth and steady

    The wheels are made of high strength polyamide;


    The handle is made of high strength polyamide;

    Types of  Double-glazed Windows

    George Buildings provides type of window such as Ordinary glass window , Float glass window ,Tempered glass window , Coated glass window,  Double-glazed window , Hollow glass window , Vacuum glass window

    How To Choose Good Quality Double-glazed Windows

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    Check if there is filler between the glass. Insulating glass is filled with desiccant or filled with inert gas. Generally, desiccant is placed in the majority, while double-layer glass does not;

    Check whether the section is sealed. There is useless sealant around the hollow glass, as shown in the figure above. It is generally black sealant. Double-layer glass is not sealed, so water vapor and dust are easy to enter;

    Look at the price. Ordinary double-layer glass is 10-20 USD/square meter higher than single-layer glass. But the price of insulating glass is higher, 40-60 USD/square meter. And large stores are even more than 100 USD per square meter.

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