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Wood Effect Tiles for Your Projects

Solid wood flooring can be very expensive and as such, wood effect tiles have become popular alternatives. If you are looking for reliable, affordable and quality wholesale wood effect tiles check us out at George Buildings.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect floor tiles

As the name suggests, those tiles have a similar appearance to wood with the differences that they do not rot or warp when getting when and are very easy to maintain and live with.

A wide variety of sizes and styles are available, from classic elegance to modern, so pick your favorite and contact us.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect wall tiles

The beauty and convenience of faux wood tiles do not stop at floors. You can also use them for walls if you want to embrace the natural texture of wood in your décor. They are guaranteed to bring a stunning look to your walls, whether you choose lighter or darker shades.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect porcelain tiles

Inspired by the natural appearance and texture of wood, porcelain tiles can be configured to look exactly like real wood. This way, you get to keep that stunning beauty and take advantage of the qualities of porcelain.

You won’t have to worry about maintenance and rotting anymore.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect ceramic tiles

Tired of seeing your floor getting damaged by furniture of sharp objects, but you love the look of natural wood? Ceramic tiles are one of the best options for you, if so.

Due to their natural durability, wood effect ceramic tiles will ensure your room looks cozy and inviting while not giving you too much trouble.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Grey wood effect tiles

Are you looking for something to complement your modern architecture but real wood is simply not the fit for you? Grey wood effect tiles will blend splendidly in most modern-styled rooms, where neutral colors are the focus. Combine them with black furniture and you’ll achieve a futuristic look that is sure to remain in the memory of your guests.

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Wood Effect Tiles

White wood effect tiles

This beautiful tile will not only bring the visual appeal of light-colored wood but also add a bit of depth of wood grain textures, making it almost indistinguishable from real wood. This tile is ideal for a contemporary-styled home and blends really well with other architectural elements belonging to this style.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Dark wood effect tiles

Are you looking to complement the light colors of your furniture with something darker to create a stunning contrast? Dark wood effect tiles may be the answer. Fitting all sorts of style, this tile has the benefits of wood when it comes to visual appearance, and the functionality of the material it is made of (usually ceramics).

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Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect bathroom tiles

If you are tired of the flat and bland look of normal bathroom tiles, you might want to add a unique feel to this room using wood effect bathroom tiles. Bring the coziness and natural beauty of wood to your bathroom and forget about rotting or warping.

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Wood Effect Tiles

Kitchen floor tiles wood effect

Have you always wanted to add more life to your kitchen but you were always worried the materials will not last long in that environment? Kitchen floor tiles with a wooden effect are the best way to bring nature a bit closer to you while you cook.

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    Full Solutions from Wood Effect Tile Manufacturer

    For you to know more about what we can offer, here are our full product solutions for wood effect tiles and more.

    Wood Effect Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    Wood effect tiles are mostly installed in rustic, industrial, contemporary and industrial homes and apartments. They can be anything from polished to textured so they can be applied in any space in the home.


    Office and Schools

    In offices and schools, wood effect tiles are good for hallways, in office flooring and for pantry walls. They are also installed in classroom flooring and other high traffic spaces to hide dirt.


    Bar and Restaurants

    The solid and often dark color of wood effect tiles are also practical for bars and restaurants to hide dirt. They also serve as good backsplash walls and flooring especially for tavern style bars and pubs as well as in wood themed, rustic diners.


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

     In hospitals and healthcare facilities, wood effect tiles are also installed in areas with high foot traffic. This is for maintenance and cleaning purposes. They are also good in hallway floorings and in accentuating monochrome walls.

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    Wood Effect Tiles Buying Guide

    What are wood effect tiles?

    As the name suggests, those tiles are made to look and feel like wood. Depending on the quality of work, the texture of the wood can also be reproduced. They are an excellent alternative to hardwood tiles if you are constrained by your budget.

    Unlike real wood, however, those tiles can deal with water and changes in temperature well with the addition of durability and a long-lasting lifecycle.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    Your wholesale wood look tile supplier in China

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable wholesale wood look tile suppliers in Foshan, China, manufacturing high-quality tiles at affordable prices. If you want to renovate multiple rooms but you are worried about the price, you will be happy to know that our wholesale prices can make that happen.  To know for sure what options you have, we recommend inquiring about your projects to get a better estimation.

    Contact us and we will take you through every step of the process, from manufacturing to transport so you can be sure you know right from the start what your options are and how much you are going to pay.

    We are aware some of our customers might be reluctant to order from such a long-distance overseas, but you may be surprised about how easy it is to actually do it.

    Wood effect tile for wholesale

    Below, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. We hope it will help you decide on your order.

    Why should you buy wholesale wood look tiles from George?

    We are one of the most trusted wholesale wood look tiles vendors in China, known for high-quality manufacturing at affordable prices. We can guarantee the following:

    • All of our products are verified and certified by appropriate inspection bodies
    • A wild variety of pool tiles designs, colors, and sizes
    • Option to personalize your design
    • Wholesale prices so you can decorate the entirety of your pool
    • Support through every step of the buying process

    Our company is a one-stop building materials supplier, meaning any and all of your project needs can be met without visiting multiple suppliers. We are the ultimate source for all building materials for both small and large construction or renovation projects. With our custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed as you have envisioned them.

    Our partnership with various leading international suppliers around the world ensures a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge bands, and hardware for our comprehensive control system used for our multipurpose, high-quality products.

    We are a fast-growing company with over 14 years of experience that has worked with and for clients both within China and overseas (you can read more about our projects on our website).

    Our agents will be sure to help find the best option for you while taking into account your preferences. We will help you balance your budget so that you are satisfied with the quality of the products you receive.

    You are free to take a look at our previous projects here and see what we have been doing these past years.

    Advantages and features of George wood effect tiles

    Do not keep your dream of installing wood tiles in your home on hold. Settle for our wood look tiles and renovate any part of your house, including the kitchen and bathroom. Of course, some special characteristics will be necessary if you wish to have them in those rooms, but we have already thought of that, so you only need to choose the one that best suits your tastes.

    You can expect the following qualities from our tiles:

    • Stain resistance
    • Wear resistance
    • Non-skip
    • Excellent finish
    • Strong construction
    • High strength
    • Long-lasting
    • High and low-temperature resistance
    • Washable
    • Dust-proof and lost lasting colors
    • Not easily scratched
    • Very easy to maintain

    Pros and Cons of Wood effect tiles


    • Extremely realistic
    • Virtually waterproof
    • Very easy to maintain
    • Eco-friendly
    • Perfect to use with underfloor heating
    • Highly versatile
    • Many options to choose from
    • Durable


    • Difficult to install
    • They are usually cold, especially in the winter (ceramics and porcelain)
    Wood Effect Tiles

    What type of wood effect tiles is the most popular?

    Naturally, some are more preferred than others, let us take a look at some of the most popular choices:

    Rustic wood effect tiles

    Those usually have the aspect of old wood that has withstood the test of time. It would not be out of place to combine different nuances of brown and gray to achieve that rustic look. A good option if you want to recreate that ranch feel.

    Wood effect porcelain tiles

    A popular choice for those who do not want to spend too much time maintaining the tiles, but enjoy the natural beauty that wood brings. They are also fairly resistant to damage and are durable. Porcelain tiles do not rot or warp, so you can expect them to remain unmoved in the same spot for years.

    Wood effect ceramic tiles

    Quite similar to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles have the added advantage that they can be installed unglaze, providing a more natural feel. This also cuts the costs, making this option quite affordable. Because of this, however, they are not as water-resistant as porcelain tiles. Special variants meant for bathrooms, however, do not have this downside.

    Herringbone wood effect tiles

    Named like this because of the resemblance to the bones of a fish such as herring, this style is popular for living spaces for the unique look it provides. The tiles are usually rectangles or parallelograms either parallel to the boundary or rotated 45°. A multitude of colors and finishes are available for this style.

    Polished wood effect tiles

    Providing a realistic wood graining and realistic wood texture, the polished woof effect tiles are smooth and shiny. This type of tile is highly appreciated in modern and contemporary-styled homes.

    Oak wood effect tiles

    Arguably the most popular wood-effect and perhaps what most people have in mind when thinking of wood tiles. These tiles have a light brown color that provides a familiar and welcoming atmosphere to the room. Preferred in traditional homes.

    Walnut wood effect tiles

    With a darker shade than oak, walnut wood effect tiles are preferred for more modern décors. They blend in well with modern and contemporary furniture and since they are darker, you will usually see them paired with light-colored architectural elements.

    High gloss wood effect tiles

    This type of tile is almost exclusive to modern styles and commercial purposes. It features a very smooth, clear, and shiny surface that evokes elegance and professionalism. The high gloss wood effect tile is usually gray, as the gloss is most visible and looks best this way.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    What colors can wood effect tiles have?

    Naturally, any colors wood might have. Here are some of the most sought-after options:

    • Gray – highly popular in contemporary and modern homes, it brings a feeling of elegance and sleekness to the room.
    • White – perhaps the most futuristic of the options, white makes the room feel more spacious and might make you feel like you are in a studio.
    • Dark shades – these can fit both traditional and modern styles, as they are usually paired with lighter shades of furniture to create a strong and unique contrast.
    • Light brown – preferred for their similarity to oak wood, tiles of this color create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.
    Wood Effect Tiles

    Where should you use wood effect tiles?

    There is no doubt that wood effect tile can fit well in any living space such as the bedroom and living room, but they are not limited to that.
    You can also use them in bathrooms. This option is preferred by people who feel their bathroom is too sterile and bland to liven it up. Adding floor wood effect tile will make it seem cozier and more inviting while installing wall tiles will make your bathroom look like an old cabin or a sauna.

    A kitchen is also a place where you can install wood look tiles. The same natural and friendly feel can be brought here, especially if you decide to buy wooden furniture. This is, however, not mandatory to make the kitchen look stunning, as simple PVC furniture can also pair well with those tiles.

    Lastly, you can install wood look tiles outdoors, on your patio, or any external space that might be linked with the interior. This will ensure that your guests step into an inviting and welcoming atmosphere right from the beginning.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    What sizes of wood effect tiles do you offer?

    Besides the multitude of designs available, you can also choose from a variety of sizes. These are the sizes our tiles come in:

    • 150 x 600 mm
    • 150 x 800 mm
    • 150 x 900 mm
    • 200 x 900 mm
    • 200 x 1000 mm
    • 200 x 1200 mm

    For more information on what size would best fit your project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    Are wood effect tiles out of style?

    No, and we do not expect it to go out of style anytime soon. Hardwood floors have been around for centuries and it is still a popular option for many homeowners. Naturally, because wood-like tiles mimic this design, they are expected to still be popular in the years to come.

    As technology has advanced so much, a return to neutral colors has been on the rise recently, bringing out a ‘cold’ design style. If wood is known for one thing, that’s warmth, and since contemporary styles can also come off as cold, wood-like tiles can act as the rustic element that softens the modern space. Plus, their versatility is unmatched.

    We have already talked about how you can install wood-like tiles in any room of the house and still benefit from their advantages.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    Are wood effect tiles expensive?

    Wood effect tile are one of the most affordable options when it comes to floor and wall decorations. We can not give you a precise value since costs differ from project to project. Here are some factors that will affect prices:

    • Size of the floor/wall
    • Materials used
    • Finish
    • Size of the tiles

    In addition to this, do not forget to consider installation costs. We generally recommend hiring a professional to install those tiles since any mistakes during the process may lead to additional costs in the long run.
    We offer wood effect tile at wholesale prices as an affordable option to decorate your entire home, if you want to.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    How to buy Cheap wood tile online

    As with most online shopping, everything starts with Google. You can just search for “cheap wood effect tiles” + [your location] as in “cheap wood effect tiles in China” and you have a good starting point. Look for suppliers who offer wholesale prices. They are usually specializing in the manufacturing and selling of one specific product and so are generally more trusted.

    A good aspect to keep in mind is that Chinese manufacturers usually sell products at wholesale prices, so you should definitely keep an eye out for them. Manufacturers, however, will generally ask you to make an inquire about what you want so they can give you an accurate price. You can check out George’s wood effect tiles for a better general idea.

    Wood Effect Tiles

    Where to buy wholesale wood look tile?

    Keep in mind that word of mouth is still the best review a company can receive, so keep an ear out for any recommendations from people close to you. Otherwise, you can check any of those retailers and manufacturers, online:

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    How do you install wood effect tile?

    We strongly recommend hiring a professional for this process, since you can incur additional costs if anything goes wrong. If, however, you want to proceed, here are some general steps that will help you install wood effect tile.

    Step 1 – Preparation

    Remove any existing flooring, like vinyl or other types of tiles. A scraper and adhesive remover will help you remove vinyl glue.

    Step 2 – Check the subfloor

    Make sure the subfloor is in good condition. That means it is uniform and level as well as clean and dry.

    Step 3 – Thickness

    Check the subfloor thickness. Depending on the manufacturer’s requirements you may need up to a centimeter (or more).

    Step 4 – Double-check

    Check again if the subfloor is uniform. This is a critical requirement to ensure that the tiles are properly installed. You can clean and vacuum it now, but make sure you give it enough time to dry. You can install another subfloor if the other one was too damaged or uneven.

    Step 5 – Mortar

    Apply mortar to the subfloor. Mix the cement mortar according to the instructions and spread it with a trowel.

    Step 6 – Install the tiles

    Lay the tiles. This may be the most challenging part as you need to visualize how they would look in the end. It is good practice to start laying your tiles along an outside wall because those are usually straight. Go slow and cut the tiles at corners so they can fit.

    Step 7 – Grout

    Apply the grout in the joints. Make sure you choose a color similar to your tiles so it blends in. Once you are done, wait for the grout to try and go back with a sponge and clean water to rinse the stains.

    Wood effect tiles Ideas

    As you may have already noticed, there are many options to choose from, both regarding materials and designs. We recommend doing extensive research before deciding on your wood effect tile, to make sure you know what your choices are.
    Check out the video below to see what some of those options are.

    Top tips for choosing the right wood tile

    If we were to make any recommendation while browsing for the right wood tile for your home, we would say the following:

    • Prioritize durability
    • Go for low-maintenance wood effect tiles
    • Do not overlook safety, anti-sip tiles should be considered if we are talking about the bathroom
    • Natural oak wood texture and color is the most popular choice for traditional designs while gray wood effect tiles are preferred for modern and contemporary décors
    • Ask others about your supplier, make sure you order from a brand that delivers. If you don’t know anyone personally who has ordered from there before, check online for reviews.
    • Hire an expert installer

    We hope you found the guide helpful and do not forget, if you have any questions or you would like to receive an estimative price for your project, our agents are always happy to help, so send your inquiry today.

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