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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

For reliable and affordable wholesale kitchen cabinets, we at George Buildings offer quality products for a wide range of installations. Sprucing up your apartments, homes, villas and restaurants would be a breeze with our wholesale kitchen cabinets at George.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets China

If you wish to purchase a large quantity of kitchen cabinets at wholesale price from China, know that you’re making the right choice. Not only are they easily affordable, they’re a recommended way to start a business as Statistica expects the annual revenue from this sector to grow from $16.36 billion to $17.2 billion.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Not all kitchen cabinets are made equal. If you desire high quality cabinetry in your home or business, then opt for items in this category. These cabinets are constructed with durable materials like oak, Cherry, birch, walnut, Maple, etc. But keep in mind that they’re very pricy and will require a relatively large budget.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Assembled Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Most cabinets come in pieces that you have to assemble like a puzzle, but assembled kitchen cabinets come fully coupled and ready to install. While their price usually depends on the manufacturer and the material used to forge them, they’re usually very affordable and require a simple budget.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

All-Wood Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Some kitchen cabinets come with extra materials like glass, plastic, metal, and other components. But if you want to go traditional and purchase one composed of nothing else but wood, then consider getting an all-wood kitchen cabinet. These style of kitchen cabinet are relatively affordable and are composed of sturdy materials.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Cabinets in this category share a creamy, pale appearance, and just like maple, its tones are often coupled with a natural or clear finish. While this furniture type is a must-have, it is very expensive to acquire; nevertheless, it is a recommended choice for both custom and semi-custom products.

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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

The majority of Rustic kitchen cabinets possess a warm toffee color, and if you have an eye for products made with a dark wood finish, consider picking an item form this category. They’re bound to work well with your home to give it a smooth and hypnotic design.

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    Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabinets

    Custom flexible kitchen cabinets are our product turf. As such, we offer various product solutions for every kitchen cabinet need of yours.

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    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Buying guide

    George Buildings – Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    Unlike single cabinets that you can buy online or at the nearest store, wholesale cabinets are sold at a warehouse or directly from the factory. A substantial bonus that accompanies Buying directly from the source is that you get then at wholesale prices.

    However, finding a reliable warehouse or manufacturer is tricky since the possibility of then selling you a defective product is high. Fortunately, George Buildings is a brand that you can trust as they can Provide various cabinets of different color, material, size, style, and shape.

    Additionally, George buildings can customize your order according to yur budget, so you won’t have to spend excessively to get your hands on high-quality kitchen cabinets.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Features & Advantage


    Kitchen Cabinets come with various features – depending on your order/request. The most essential component is the material used in manufacturing the item. The common option for composing the body of the cabinet include oak, Cherry, birch, walnut, Maple, etc. These types of wood are visually appealing and strong enough to resist the elements and heavy impact.

    Other factor include the type of finish used in the cabinet, and the popular options include Acrylic, PVC, laminates, thermofoil, melamine, wood veneer, and many more. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect color that compliments your kitchen’s design


    There are two primary advantages of buying kitchen cabinets at wholesale, and these are:

    ●    Reduction in Price

    Buying products at large amounts from a warehouse or directly from the manufacturer will come with a deduction in cost compared to buying the same quantity from a retailer. This benefit allows you to save money on your purchase and invest it into other items that will beautify your kitchen.

    ●    No Limit to Quantity

    Unlike a retail store that can disappoint you due to their limited inventory, manufacturers will process your order Irrespective of how much items you need. Keep in mind that an excessively massive order will take time to produce; nevertheless, they will fulfil it.

    Where Can I Find Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers For The Best Price?

    GEORGE analyzes every step required to craft your kitchen cabinet, ensuring that the final product is one of quality, built with the best raw materials. Also, we provide the best service and offer options like a custom design, material supply, cost estimate, and delivery.

    Wilson Fink prepares its kitchen cabinets and drawers with a great attention to detail and passion, using some of the best wood available. If you desire to complete your kitchen with cabinets that come with an intelligent touch of innovation, consider contacting this brand.

    You can find your desired Kitchen Cabinet, fronts, and drawer for an affordable price at Topdoors. They’re primarily located in the UK with their main store in Leeds

    If you desire custom made kitchen cabinets & drawers to fit your projected design, you can rely on eKitchens to deliver your request. Their cabinets are made by using the mortise and tenon construction method, making them easy to assemble and highly durable.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    What are The Options for Buying Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets?

    Wood Color and Type

    Every individual has a favorite type and colors of wood – whether consciously or unconsciously. Some people opt for radiant colors when choosing their cabinets, while others prefer darker shades. However, kitchen cabinets come with a vast variety of colors and memorizing them might be a heavy task. For this reason, we recommend visiting a designer and ask for their opinion.


    After choosing your preferred color, you have to factor the function into the equation, and you have a lot of choices at your disposal. One example is swapping the shelves underneath the Countertop for drawers. Once you’ve chosen the style and Function of the cabinet, you can include textured or decorative glass doors to add personality to your kitchen. Ultimately, the primary aims should be to purchase cabinets that are easy to open and close and fairly spacious.

    Cabinet Door Profile

    While it’s important to have a kitchen cabinet that’s visually appealing all over, the doors (front cover) should be your top priority. This part is important because it’s the first thing people will see when approaching the item. For this reason, make sure you think carefully about the door’s profile (design and color) before ordering. You can opt for a cabinet door that comes with a traditional feel or one with a modern style.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets


    The more space you have in your kitchen, the better, because it gives you the liberty to install bar stools and other accessories. Therefore, consider the measurement of your room and see if you can factor the size into the dimensions of the cabinets you wish to purchase.

    Narrow Choices

    Lastly, you need to narrow down your choices and choose your style based on your budget. You can do this by either visiting the manufacturer’s website to check out samples or go to their warehouse/workshop to get a vivid picture of what you need.

    What Are Some Good Tips for Ordering Kitchen Cabinets Online?

    If the idea of visiting a manufacturer to purchase a large quantity of kitchen cabinets seems impossible due to your busy schedule, you opt for companies that distribute via the internet. However, there are some factors you need to take into account before committing your hard-earned money to the web.

    1. Pick the right style

    Fundamentally, there are two types of kitchen cabinet style which are: Framed and Frameless (also known as European Kitchen Cabinet). Both styles are visually appealing and will suit any interior design when installed. The primary difference between both types is size, durability, and space – but by a small margin.

    2. Function and Beauty

    The next phase is to consider the function of the cabinets, and this will depend on your preference and the requirements. These can include color, design, storage space and size. Ensure you make a decision before making a purchase online.

    3. Purchasing

    If you don’t plan to build a cabinet from scratch but order an already-made one, you need to thoroughly check the item’s details before buying. One important factor is the item’s dimension – size, length, height, etc. – as this action will save you the hassle of ordering a large quantity of kitchen cabinets and returning them if hey don’t meet your requirements.

    What can you suggest for buying wholesale kitchen cabinet?

    1. Structure of a Cabinet

    The first factor to consider when choosing a cabinet is the structural components which are the shelves, drawers, and box. Also, the product’s build and general assembly comes in three forms which are custom, semi-installed, and boxed. After sorting out these factors, proceed to choosing the door and drawer style that will pair nicely with your kitchen’s aesthetics. Memorizing these tips regarding structure will make cabinet planning a hassle-free task.

    2. The Material of The Cabinet

    When constructing a kitchen cabinet, the most popular options manufacturers tend to use are Maple, cherry, oak, and hickory. However, if you want a more economic option, go for Veneers or plywood. Wood isn’t the only option available for making kitchen cabinets; manufacturers use materials like stainless steel and industrial metal to create products that will give your kitchen a modern vibe.

    3. Cabinet Door Options

    As previously stated, the door of your cabinet plays an important role since it’s the first thing people will see when gazing at your cabinet. Fortunately, there are nunerous option to choose from and these doors include Shaker, Frameless, Louvered, Inset, etc.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    Why Should One Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinets?


    Unlike already-made furniture, custom cabinets are tailored precisely to fit your kitchen needs and customize your space. So you can create room for your excess pots, containers, and cups without having to buy one too many cabinets.

    Compatibility With Floorplans

    Some houses have unique floor plans that are almost impossible to pair with already-made kitchen cabinets. However, with custom kitchen cabinet, you’ll be able to modify the design and build to perfectly suit your interior design and floor plans.


    Although modern stock cabinets are durable, custom cabinets tend to last longer because they’re assembled by professionals who aim to provide nothing but high-quality products to their clients. Ultimately, if you need cabinets that are bound to last for a long time, consider building one according to your taste.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    What is The Most Popular Color Choice for Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets?

    Besides material, color is the next essential factor that most homeowners consider when buying a cabinet for their kitchen. Traditionally, you need to pick a color scheme that works with your interior decoration style and is also visually appealing to your guests. While these two task may seem difficult, you can achieve them with one – or a combination – of the shades below:

    • White
    • Barnwood
    • Cherry
    • Grays
    • Natural Wood
    • Dark Brown

    These commonly selected colors are sufficient to bend the light to your favor and provide your guests with a hypnotic feeling upon entering your kitchen.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    Pros and Cons of wholesale Kitchen Cabinets


    • Cheap:

    Generally, items being sold in bulk – wholesale – will come cheap when bought individually. Fortunately, kitchen cabinets aren’t an exception to this law as buying wholesale will reduce the cost of acquisition substantially.

    • Fast:

    If you’re buying stock cabinets from a manufacturer with a large inventory, you won’t have to wait for a long while for your purchase to arrive at your door. If the conditions are favorable, you may receive your order the same day you chose them.

    • Easy comparison of products

    There are numerous wholesalers available on the internet, and choosing to patronize one via the web gives you an advantage. You get to compare the cabinet’s price against other manufacturers to see which one is more favorable to your budget.


    • Transportation

    While some companies have a system for transporting your order to your doorstep, others require you to handle that factor yourself. For this reason, you should inquire about shipping costs and responsibilities before committing your money.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    How Much Does it Cost to Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets?

    While the price for the cabinet will depend on the manufacturer and the material used in in the production, the average stock cabinet should cost between $1,842 and $5,393. At the same time, semi-custom and fully custom range from $23,00 to $5,000 or more. As previously stated, the price depends on the material, accessories, and manufacturer. So ask for a quote from multiple wholesalers before before drawing a budget.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    Where Can I Find An Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers In china?


    Consider visiting Alibaba to purchase some of china’s most reliable kitchen cabinet wholesalers for a reasonable price. This platform is China’s biggest hub of manufacturers, with over 1,000,000 businesses listed on the website.

     Made In China

    Here’s another recommended platform with several thousand wholesalers of  Kitchen Cabinets at your beck and call. The platform is reliable as it uses its rating system to reveal which vendor will provide the best service.

    Global Sources

    Global resources are similar to Alibaba, connecting you to china’s top wholesalers with the mere push of a button. Navigating this platform is easy as they also available on iOS and Android app stores, making the site more accessible.

    You can also take a look at our Top 10 kitchen cabinet suppliers in China, if you are interested in this region.


    5 Tips for Buying Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

    Before driving to the nearest manufacturer/wholesaler, you need to consider some crucial factors. These points are essential if you want to enjoy your purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse.

    1. Identify Floor Plan

    You can’t hurriedly pay the first wholesaler of Kitchen Cabinet that you see, you need first to consider how the purchase will match with your floor plan. You can do this by taking a picture of your home and showing the vendor, or asking for the opinion of an interior decorator.

    2. Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    Cabinets aren’t backdrops meant to only beautify the kitchen, but essential units for storing items. For this reason, you need to spend time researching the products you’ve selected and the amount needed to acquire them.

    3. Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    This factor depends on what look you’re trying to give your kitchen and other rooms that require cabinets. Most of these items cabinets are made with different wood material, and each of them can affect the price of the item. Take this element into consideration while drawing a budget.

    4. Confirm Design

    Once you’ve chosen the design you want your Kitchen Cabinet to possess (if choosing Custom), confirm it with the manufacturer and see if it’s both aesthetically and financially reasonable.

    5. Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Immediately after the manufacturer has confirmed your design and suggestions, proceed to pay part of the cost and begin production. This part shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve taken the cost of production into account.

    Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets


    So there you have it; a comprehensive article on all. You need to know regarding wholesale kitchen cabinets. People order kitchen cabinets in bulk for nunerous reasons which might be to start a business or finish multiple rooms/homes.

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    Irrespective of your reason, this article has addressed the primary factors that you need to know before committing your hard-earned money to a supplier. If you apply the information correctly, yore bound to purchase precisely what you need.

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