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    Benefits of Sliding Sash Windows

    • Durable:There is no part of sliding sash windows that will break making it durable. They only have a few parts and do not have pulleys and strings.

    • Energy-efficient. The modern design of sliding sash windows makes you feel warm during the winter. Sliding sash windows can be opened wide during the summer to bring fresh air inside the room. This allows you to save money on your power bills.

    • Safe and secure:Sliding sash window come with secure locking systems and bars. These windows can also be fitted with child safety systems. The distance in which the windows can open is limited due to their locking systems.

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    Sliding sash windows

    UPVC Sliding Sash Window

    Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) Sliding Sash Window is the way to go if you want to use sliding sash window but do not know what material is the best for you. They are high-performing, attractive, and are great enhancements for your home.

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    Sliding sash windows

    Aluminum Sliding Sash Windows

    Aluminum Sliding Sash Windows are durable, strong, and highly resistant to corrosion and rust. They come with a less visible frame and have slimmer lines leaving more space for the glass. Aluminum sliding sash windows are long-lasting and maintenance-free

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    Sliding sash windows

    Sliding Box Sash Windows

    Sliding Box Sash Windows consist of weights and pulleys installed on a piece of sash cord. The weights and pulleys will counteract the sash cord making it move easily on the window.

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    Sliding sash windows

    Sliding Sash Timber Windows

    Sliding Sash Timber Windows can make your home energy efficient because of its heat retention properties in the winter and increased ventilation during the summer.

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    Sliding sash windows

    Horizontal Sliding Sash Window

    The Horizontal Sliding Sash Window come with two sashes. These sashes slide sideways to open. It is easier to open and close sliding sash window because they slide open without sticking out. These sash windows have stainless-steel ball bearing rollers running on a plastic track for smooth operation.

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    Sliding sash windows

    UPVC Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

    The UPVC vertical sliding sash window features sliding lower and upper window panes. The window panes can be tilted for easy cleaning from inside your home.  These sash windows feature an anti-jemmy bar, draft proofing, and reinforced hardware for maximum security.

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    Sliding sash windows

    Grey UPVC Sash Windows

    The Grey UPVC sash windows are durable and robust. They are stylish and innovative and will give your home a lot of style while providing maximum functionality.

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    Sliding sash windows

    UPVC Double Glazed Sash Windows

    UPVC Double Glazed Sash Windows consist of two planes of glass sandwich into a framework. A vacuum pocket trapping a layer of gas separates the two sheets of thick glaze. The vacuum pocket serves as a natural insulator making your home energy efficient.

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    Sliding sash windows
    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Sliding Sash Windows for Sale

    Benefits of sliding sash window

    Sliding sash window, also known as sliders or gliders. They come with these benefits:

    • Durable: There is no part of sliding sash windows that will break making it durable. They only have a few parts and do not have pulleys and strings.
    • Energy-efficient: The modern design of sliding sash windows makes you feel warm during the winter. Sliding sash windows can be opened wide during the summer to bring fresh air inside the room. This allows you to save money on your power bills.
    • Easy to use: Sliding sash window easily glide through their frames. They are easy to open and close because of their lightweight construction. Opening and closing only require the release of the slide and latch.
    • Safe and secure: Sliding sash window come with secure locking systems and bars. These windows can also be fitted with child safety systems. The distance in which the windows can open is limited due to their locking systems.
    • Functional: They are the best alternative to casement windows and can provide reliable operation for long years.
    • Versatile: They are an ideal solution to any window upgrade.
    • Low in maintenance: Fewer parts mean fewer parts to clean and maintain.

    What is a sliding sash window?

    A sash is the part of the window that moves. Vertical and horizontal frames hold the glass. Sash windows are built from one or two movable panels called sashes. Glazing bars hold the panels together.  Traditionally, the individual panels are paned windows. Modern sash windows contain one sheet of glass or in the case of double glazing, sheets of glass.


    Sliding Sash Window Components

    A sash window is made up of many parts so it will work the way it should – open and close.  These parts give the window its unique appearance and make sure is energy efficient.

    • Hardware

    A sliding sash window hardware is important to enhance the aesthetic value and function of the sash window. A sash window’s hardware consists of a sash weight, sash balances, sash fasteners, sash cord and chains, sash pullet, trickle vents, and a locking system.

    • Color

    White is the most popular color of sliding sash windows. However, today, many homeowners prefer gray, black, green, cream, and other colors.

    • Glass

    Sliding window sashes often come with double glazing. There are other glass options you can use such as safety glass and acoustic glass.

    • Frame

    The frame that holds the glass is the sash. A typical window will usually have a top and bottom sash.

    • Locks

    Sliding sash window provides good security with a lock that is well-maintained and properly placed. The locks of a sliding sash window are placed on the vertical sliding and work to keep the windows closed. The locks are

    • Hinges

    The hinges keep the frame and the entire window in place.

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    Sliding Sash Windows Buying guide

    Why choose sliding sash windows

    There are many types of windows available. Window frames come in a wide range of sizes and shapes making them easy to match with the rest of your space. Sliding sash windows are one of the best options you have for your window. They are energy efficient, safe, durable, and stylish.

    What is the sash part of the window?

    The frame is what is fixed to the walls of the house and the sash is the portion of the window that site inside the frame.

    Sliding sash windows

    Pros and Cons of sliding sash windows


    • Provides Charm and Elegance

    There is no denying that sash windows can enhance the aesthetic value of your home. The charm and elegance sash windows provide envelopes the “eyes of your façade”- your windows! Sash windows combine the traditional with a modern look.

    • Offers Durability and Security

    Sash windows can be installed with locks to make your windows safe and secure. To strengthen the security, sash windows are available in hard-to-break and durable double-glazed designs. If you want to go for maximum strength and security, you can have triple-glazed sash windows.

    • Provides Comfort

    When you used double-glazed windows, sash windows can reduce noise up to 40 decibels. The noise reduction feature of sash windows can provide your home with a quieter and calmer environment.

    • Provides Better Insulation and Ventilation

    Sash windows retain heat well providing insulation for your home during the cold days of winter creating a cozy and warm environment for your home. During summer, sash windows provide good ventilation allowing air to freely enter the room.

    • Saves Money

    Sash windows can help you save money because they can help cut down your energy consumption.

    • Easy to Maintain

    Sash windows can easily be tilted upward and can be lowered making it easy to clean. This will make the sash windows look new longer.

    Sliding sash windows


    • Tricky to Clean

    Sash windows slide and not swing thus, some portions of the glass can be difficult to reach.

    Are UPVC Sash Windows More Expensive?

    These sash windows are available in a wide range of materials and UPVC is the cheapest. UPVC sash windows are cheaper than wooden window frames and lower in maintenance

    Are Sash Windows Easy to Break Into?

    Sash windows are fitted with reinforced glazing, impact resistant glass, or safety glazing. Several thick layers of glass make it difficult to break-in. Burglars will need to hot one spot of the glass several times to break it.

    Are sash windows safe?

    In these times, it is important to make sure that your home is safe and secure. Most people focus on keeping their door locked leaving windows vulnerable.

    Sash windows are safe and secure. It will remain safe as long as the components of like the locks and glass on the windows are in good working condition. Impact-resistant glass and locks on the sash windows will keep your home safe from intruders.

    Sliding sash windows

    What type of Sash Windows?

    There are three main types of sash windows.

    • Single Hung Sash Windows

    This is the oldest sash window design that dates back to the Georgian times. This type of sash windows comes with one moving section with a single glass pane.

    • Double Hung Sash Windows

    Developed by the Georgians, the double-hung sash was made part of the architecture of the Edwardian and Victorian era. Both sections of the window sash style open and close.

    • Horizontal Sliding Sash Window

    The horizontal sliding sash comes with two sashes. The sashes slide sideways instead of up and down.

    • Vertical Sliding Sash Window

    The sashes slide up and down instead of sideways. This type of sash window is more popular than the horizontal type.

    Each of the three sash window styles is variations of the designs during the past eras. Architects tweaked these designs to come up with the single-hung sash windows and the double-hung sash windows as well as other forms.

    Sliding sash windows

    What is the difference between casement and sash windows?

    Casement and sash windows are two of the most popular window styles. How do these two window styles differ from one another?

    • Appearance

    Casement windows are narrow and tall. They vertically swing out. They consist of a panel of glass. Casement windows provide an uninterrupted view of the exterior of your home. Sash windows consist of two panels of glass. They slide open from side to side or up and down.

    • Ventilation

    Casement windows optimize airflow and allowing it to enter your home. Casement windows open from top to bottom allowing the free flow of air inside your home. Sash windows, even when opened all the way do not allow unimpeded air to enter your home because of the glass covering.

    • Energy-Efficiency

    A casement window offers maximum energy efficiency when closed and locked because it is tightly installed on the frame. It does not have any gaps that can allow air to escape making it an ideal choice for hot and cold climates. Sash windows can easily let air in or out of your home making you have higher electricity consumption. You need to make sure that the sashes are held tight to prevent the leakage of air.

    Sliding sash windows

    How much do sliding sash window cost?

    Normal price is $200 to $350 per set .

    The cost of sliding sash window depends on these variables:

    • Materials
    • Size of the window
    • Type of frame
    • Number of sashes
    • Glass type and glazing options
    • Color and surface finish
    Sliding sash windows

    What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Sliding Sash Window?

    There will come a time when you will need to replace your old windows. When you are planning to buy new windows for your home, sash windows are a great option. What do you need to consider when buying sliding sash window?

    • Materials

    Sliding sash windows are made from either timber and UPVC timber. Timber such as softwood or hardwood can be engineered to make sure it does not twist or warp. uPVC, on the other hand, come wrapped in wood finish and usually with a satin-white finish. Modern timber sliding sash windows come with a spring balance while traditional sash windows come either with cords and weights.

    • Quality

    Make sure the tilt arms are durable so they will not easily break. When the tilt arms will give way, the glass may break. It is best for the tilt arms to be made of steel. There should also be a pretension spring balance to allow the smooth opening and closing of the windows.

    • Movability

    The movability of the windows panes is often left out. The sash window should tilt and not just slide for easy cleaning. The sash windows should also be stable, strong, and include an efficient thermal conservation system.

    • Energy Efficiency

    Make it a point to check if the sash windows come with thermal conservers. This will allow your home to be warm during the cold weather. Once you have made sure all the above features are present, select the style and size of the sash windows. The best windows for your home offer a unique look while being durable and allow a smooth operation.

    Sliding sash windows

    Why Choose George windows?

    George windows are one of the best in the market. They are strong, durable, work the way they need to work, and come with stylish designs that can enhance the aesthetics of your home.


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