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Rustic Tiles for Your Projects

Rustic tiles have a timeless appeal. They can be applied in farmhouse, contemporary or shabby chic themes. Thus, if you are looking for a full on, affordable, one-stop-shop for your tile needs, be it for residential or commercial applications, you can check us at George Buildings.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic floor tiles

What about adding some finishing to your floors? Rustic floor tiles are there to help you get the best feeling for your floor. From the variety of available finishes, you can be sure to get the best for you. Additionally, you can use rustic floor tiles to improve the aesthetic value of your property.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic wall tiles

Rustic tiles are not only for floors but also walls. They are commonly used as decorative elements on the interior walls. Given their curb appeal, it is not possible to omit them in home interior decoration. Rustic wall tiles have many different color options and patterns to choose from.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic kitchen tiles

Rustic tiles have no boundaries or limits to where they can be installed. If you need a modern kitchen, then considering rustic kitchen tiles for the floor or wall may be the best option. If you choose the best pattern and finish of rustic kitchen tiles, then your kitchen will turn to be your favorite room.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic metro tiles

Rustic metro tiles have helped man property owners to turn their dull walls into ornamental features. They are the best way of adding character to the walls of any room in your house. Whether you need bathroom tiles or hallway floor tiles, rustic metro tiles are the best choice. They can help you all the way in transforming your home.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic brick tiles

Red rustic brick tiles are some of the common ways of adding character to the walls. Rustic brick tiles are available in a variety of colors for creating a classical illusion of your liking. Usually, rustic brick tiles are used for exterior walls, given their resistance to environmental factors. However, they may also be used to decorate interior walls.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic bathroom tile

The interior finishing of your bathroom can tell all the differences in bathroom design. Customize your bathroom to your liking by choosing the best rustic bathroom tiles from the best manufacturer. What you should keep in mind if you need these tiles for the floor is their anti-slip property.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic slate floor tiles

Rustic slate floor tiles are commonly used for outdoor features such as patios, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. If you need moisture-resistance tiles, then think of rustic slate floor tiles. These tiles will not only serve the purpose but also add immense beauty.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic terracotta tiles

Rustic tiles are commonly handcrafted using clay and other natural products. Due to their rustic appearance, terracotta tiles are used to add beauty and improve property value. One unique feature of these tiles is the uniform color that comes with them, and that is why they are so popular in outdoor designs.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic white tile

White is pure and is also a sign of cleanliness. White rustic tiles are commonly used in finishing interior walls of both residential and commercial properties. Their extraordinary look is just one of a kind that makes them multipurpose. If you want to transform your office or your bedroom, or any other room, then rustic white tiles offer you the best choice.

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Rustic tiles

Rustic wood effect floor tiles

Wooden chips or tiles are commonly used in flooring and have gained popularity over the past decades. If you want the same effect, then rustic wood effect floor tiles offer you nothing less than that. These are designed to replicate the appearance of natural wood. These tiles also come in different finishes to choose from according to your taste.

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    Full Solutions from Rustic Tile Manufacturer

    There is no limit to what you can choose when it comes to rustic tiles. To know more about your rustic tile options, here are our full solutions from George.

    Rustic Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    The most popular application for our rustic tiles is in residential units like homes and apartments. They are perfect for cabin, farmhouse, contemporary, industrial and chic style homes and apartments.


    Office and Schools

    Rustic tiles are also a good choice for office pantries, sleeping quarters, and bathroom wall and flooring. If you want to have more character in your offices and in school settings, installing rustic tiles could do the drill.


    Bar and Restaurants

    Rustic tiles are also go-to choices in tavern style or outback vibe bars. They also fare well in retro or country style diners and restaurants. You can never really go wrong with rustic tiles.


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals and healthcare facilities also benefit well from the appeal of rustic tiles. They are good hospital floorings since they offer extra traction and break the monotony of white and off-white tones in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

    Why Choose George Tiles ?

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    Doha Tower , Qatar

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    Villa , Malaysia

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    Rustic Tiles Buying Guide

    Your Wholesale Rustic Tiles Supplier in China

    So, where can you get all these rustic tile types in China? Is there that one manufacturer who can supply all the rustic tile types on wholesale? If you have been asking yourself these questions, then George Buildings is your answer.

    George Buildings is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality rustic tile. The company is based in Foshan, China, and manufactures an unlimited quantity of tiles for various applications. If you need quality rustic tile at the best price, then George Buildings is your one-stop-shop for all that you need.

    Rustic tile for wholesale

    Why buy Rustic tile from George

    Are you a retailer for different rustic tile? You can source any quantity of these tiles from Georges Buildings on wholesale at discounted prices. This is the leading rustic tile manufacturer in Foshan, China. With our tiles, you get the following:

    • Different designs and finishes for all applications.
    • Affordability is our other name. Get quality tiles at the best price from us.
    • If you are a wholesale or a retailer who is looking to please customers, then we guarantee that since our rustic tiles are of unrivaled quality.
    • Add a personalized touch to your walls and floors by choosing rustic tiles from George Buildings.
    • Certified and licensed manufacturer of first grade rustic tiles.
    • Customized services are available.

    George Rustic tile Features & Advantage

    What makes us stand out in a competitive market of rustic tile manufacturing? We have served clients from China and abroad who are all satisfied by the quality of our services. Additionally, we offer a discount to our new customers and loyal customers. Our rustic tile are engineered to offer the best for the purpose. They are durable, anti-slip, and fade resistant.

    That means you can install them on any part of your property, whether it is the exterior, interior, or high-traffic areas. George Buildings is an all-in-one manufacturer of high-quality rustic tile of all designs. Apart from the standard design, we also offer tailor-made services. Just reach out to place your order for rustic tile that you need.

    What is a rustic tile?

    Rustic tile can be loosely described as glaze decorative tiles in their unfinished form. Since they are mainly used for decorative purposes, they come in many different designs and colors to make it easier to use them in interior and exterior designing.

    Rustic design is one of the common trends in interior and exterior design. That has given rustic tile an ever-growing market across different countries. If you need rustic walls or floors, then rustic tile offer the most reliable means of realizing it.

    Rustic tiles

    Benefits of George Rustic Tiles

    • Rustic tile are very rich in aesthetic value, just as their names suggest. With many different patterns, they can appeal almost to everyone.

    • Rustic tile are slip-resistant to ensure your safety even when the surface is wet.

    • Rustic tile come in many different patterns that make them ideal for many applications.

    • Very durable and antifouling, making them ideal for paving damp sites or any other place of dirt.

    The history and cultural connotation of Rustic Tile

    Rustic tile are of European origin, having borrowed a lot from the European glazed tiles. Rustic was the European word for antique tiles, which were commonly referred to as classical or retro tiles by Taiwan. In Europe, rustic tile served as the missing link between ancient architecture and modern architecture.

    As a result, these tiles found applications in entertainment areas where live music concerts were held regularly. The rustic tile were also adopted for home decorations where they could be installed on the floors and walls.

    Rustic tiles

    What are the Pros and Cons of rustic tile?

    Regardless of where you found your inspiration from, using rustic tile is one of the best decoration ideas for your property. But what are the pros of these tile types? Are they 100% good? Let us find out!


    • Perfect for decoration purposes
    • Improves the property value
    • Are moisture-resistance and slip-resistant
    • Available in many different finishes for use in many projects
    • Rich in colors
    • Glazing and antifouling property.


    • Not ideal for some applications
    • More expensive than polished tiles
    • Are application-specific – specific rustic tiles are designed on purpose.
    Rustic tiles

    Where can Rustic Tiles be used?

    Rustic tile have a wide range of applications that cannot be listed all. Some applications of these tiles are yet to be discovered as they are designed to serve specific purposes. In summary, you can use rustic tile for the following applications:

    • Bathroom wall tiles
    • Kitchen tiles
    • Patio floor tiles
    • Hallway tiles
    • Bedroom wall tiles
    • Driveway tiles
    • Pathway tiles
    • Exterior wall tiles, etc.
    Rustic tiles

    The Manufacturing process for Rustic Tile

    Rustic tile have been so popularly that you may ask how these decorative tiles are processed in a factory. It is a common question that people ask about what they are interested in. So, if you are the curious fellow, then this question must have come across in your mind for sure.

    Though there has been an improvement in the manufacturing process to reduce cost and enhance quality and safety, the principle has remained nearly the same. We are not going into the technical details of how the raw materials are turned into attractive rustic tiles.

    However, what you needed to know is that rustic tile are made from naturally-occurring raw materials. Additional processes may be involved to add the desired type of finish required.

    Rustic tiles

    The differences between the polished tile and rustic tile

    Polished and rustic tile have many differences between them. It is these differences that will make you choose one over the other. Here are the main differences that we can point out:

    The hardness and water absorption

    Polished stone tiles have higher water absorption and are also harder than rustic tile. That clearly explains where you would install rustic tile and not polished tiles, and vice versa.

    The color patterns

    Rustic tiles have more color options than polished tiles. That feature makes rustic tile the main decorative tiles used in giving walls and floors more personalized characters.


    Rustic tile are more slip-resistant than polished tiles. That explains why rustic tile are widely used in pavement and wet-room floors. Polished tiles, on the other hand, are ideal for use on walls and other dry areas.

    The price

    Different tile types are priced differently depending on all that goes into the processing. In this case, rustic tile are more expensive than polished tiles.

    The size

    Polished tiles tend to be larger than the rustic tile, whose size has been becoming smaller and smaller recently.


    Polished tiles have nearly matched colors, making them very easy to lay or install. Rustic tile are not that easy to install since they have different color variations and are used for decorative purposes.

    Rustic tiles

    What is the difference between porcelain tile and rustic tile?

    Porcelain tiles are good examples of polished tiles. Others include the mosaic and natural stone tiles. You can revisit the section where we elaborately discussed the differences between rustic and polished tiles for more information. Porcelain tiles have all the properties of polished tiles.

    Rustic tiles

    How much do rustic tile cost?

    The cost of rustic tile varies greatly depending on the style and pattern you have chosen. You can have one costing as low as $5 per square meter and others costing as high as hundreds of dollars per square meter. Sincerely speaking, you will need to know the rustic tile type that you want before you can go about looking for the prices.

    Another thing that will determine the cost of the tiles for your application is the budget. The fat your pocket is, the more likely you will go for expensive rustic tiles. The extra cost you will spend per square meter of a tile is repaid by the additional curb appeal that rustic tiles bring to your home.

    The cost of rustic tile also depends on your chosen supplier. So, to get an exact quote for your project, contact a specific supplier.

    Rustic tiles

    How to find rustic tile suppliers & manufacturers in China?

    It is not difficult to find a reliable rustic tile manufacturer and supplier in China. But the quality of the products that you get is all that tells the difference between different manufactures.

    If you are looking for a rustic tile manufacturer and supplier in China, then look no further than George Buildings. George Buildings is a leading manufacturer of all tile types and can meet all your demands. You are just a click away from getting the best tiles for your customers.

    Whether you are a wholesaler or a construction company sourcing rustic tile on behalf of your clients, you will get what you need from George Buildings.

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    Top 10 tile manufacturers in China

    TOP 5 TIPS for choosing and buying rustic tile

    What do you need to know when you are faced with the task of sourcing rustic tile? Thus far, we are right to assume that you already have the hint. To rehearse your mind, here is a list of top 5 things that you need to consider when buying rustic tiles:

    • Rustic tile application
    • Rustic tile anti-slip property
    • Size of the individual tiles
    • Color or finishing of the tiles
    • Cost of the rustic tile
    Rustic tiles

    Why choose George’s rustic tile?

    Choosing George Building as your all-time manufacturer and supplier of all types of tiles. Whether you need rustic tile or polished tiles, you will find them all under one roof. You don’t have to move to the next door to find any tile design.

    What has made George Buildings to stand out as the leading rustic tile manufacturer and supplier in Foshan, China, is their devotion to meet customer expectations. For quality rustic tile at the best price, visit our warehouse or contact our customer representatives directly.

    We are a company that guarantees you quality products delivered to you on time. We value every customer and care much about their businesses!

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