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Pool Tile for Your Projects

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all things pool tile for your residential and commercial spaces, you should check us out at George. From customized to a wide range of pool tile styles, colors and finishes, you can find affordable and full product solutions with us.

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Pool tile

Glass pool tile

Available in a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and colors, glass pool tiles have become very popular in recent years. They provide excellent protection against heat, fires, and UV rays so you do not need to worry about damage. Glass tiles require little maintenance and can be subjected to many years of service.

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Pool tile

Mosaic pool tiles

Appreciated for the aesthetics they provide, mosaic pool tiles will take your breath away with their beautiful colors and patterns. Used in both commercial and private to bring forward a unique feel to the swimming pool, they are a great choice if you want to add some style to your backyard.

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Pool tile

Ceramic pool tile

A classic choice, ceramic pool tiles provide most of the physical properties needed to sustain a swimming pool. They are resistant to soaking, acid, alkali, and pressure. The last one is especially important for large pools. They have a naturally good adhesive viscosity and you can expect to not change them for a long time.

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Pool tile

Stone pool tile

As with ceramic, stone pool tiles are another stable option for your pool. They are usually preferred for creating a Mediterranean or classical look in your exotic backyard. Their textured feel fits well with any other natural decoration you may have.

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Pool tile

Blue pool tile

Undoubtedly the most popular choice for pool tiles of all time. Blue is so appreciated because it evokes the feeling of the sea or ocean in your backyard. Want to imagine yourself in Bora Bora drinking a cocktail? Blue pool tiles are the way to go.

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Pool tile

Black pool tile

A preference only for the boldest, black tile pools have been in the market for some time but are not generally considered by most. It is an elegant solution for those who may want any debris or dirt hidden from sight in their pool, but are rarely a choice for swimming pools.

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Pool tile

White pool tile

A modern option, white pool tiles will ensure that every inch of your pool is visible all the time. This makes it easier to clean and observe any debris in the water, plus it gives off a cozy vibe. Clearwater always brings a feeling of relaxation, so this option is viable for most homeowners.

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Pool tile

6×6 pool tile

Our 6×6 pool tiles are a great fit for any pool or spa. With their large size, they are ideal for raised walls. Many customization options are available, especially for this size since more can mean more intricate patterns and beautiful designs.

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Pool tile

Modern pool tile

No matter your tastes, you are sure to find a fit for you within our large stock of options. If you want to create a modern style for your pool, we have a variety of light-colored tiles and all sorts of designs. Whether you are looking for something simple or a more complicated pattern, feel free to inquire about it and we will take care of it.

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    Full Solutions from Pool Tile Manufacturer

    You might think that pool tiles may be no-brainer choices. With our full pool tile solutions from George Buildings, you may have to think again.

    Pool Tiles: Where Can They Be Used?


    Home and Apartments

    Our pool tiles are common sights in upscale homes and apartments. From the smallest pool spaces, remodeled pools, converted pools and more, we offer diverse pool tile patterns, styles and colors to suit your pool tile need and preference.


    Office and Schools

    In offices and schools, our pool tiles are also a major scene. From standard competition grade pools, common pools, office pools in the recreational space and more, it is easy to spruce up pool flooring with our pool tiles at George.


    Bar and Restaurants

    Our pool tiles are also commonly installed in al fresco or rooftop bars and restaurants featuring pools and other water features. Our edgy, modern, and geometric pool tiles are commonly installed in these settings.


    Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

    In hospital and healthcare facility pools, our ceramic and porcelain pool tiles remain a hit. The common blue and white pool tile colors are the most in demand for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

    Why Choose George Tiles ?

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    Doha Tower , Qatar

    Hospital in China

    Hospital , China

    Hotel ,Kuwait

    Hotel ,Kuwait

    90 Villas , Kuwait

    90 Villas , Kuwait

    Villa , USA

    Villa , USA

    Villa , Malaysia

    Villa , Malaysia

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    Swimming Pool Tile Buying Guide

    Your affordable pool tile supplier in China

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable wholesale pool tile suppliers in Foshan, China, manufacturing high-quality tiles at affordable prices. If you are interested in decorating your pool, we can help you at all steps of the project.

    Above are some of the options we have available, but you can always inquire to our agents about your needs and we will make sure to search our stock and come up with an appropriate solution.

    Contact us and we will take you through every step of the process, from manufacturing to transport so you can be sure you know right from the start what your options are and how much you are going to pay.

    Swimming pool tile for wholesale

    Why should you buy swimming pool tiles from George?

    We are one of the most trusted wholesale pool tiles vendors in China, known for high-quality manufacturing at affordable prices. We can guarantee the following:

    • All of our products are verified and certified by appropriate inspection bodies
    • A wild variety of pool tiles designs, colors, and sizes
    • Option to personalize your design
    • Wholesale prices so you can decorate the entirety of your pool
    • Support through every step of the buying process

    We are a fast-growing company with over 14 years of experience that has already received and fulfilled many orders from different customers (you can read more about our projects on our website). This is proof of the quality of our manufacturing technologies and products.

    You can rest assured that our agents will help you find what’s best for you and your project while keeping in mind your preferences. We will also make sure to help you balance your budget so that you are satisfied with the end-product you will receive.

    George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.

    Our partnership with various leading international suppliers around the world ensures a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge bands, and hardware for our comprehensive control system used for our multipurpose, high-quality products.

    You are free to take a look at our previous projects here and see what we have been doing these past years.

    Advantages and features of George swimming pool tiles

    We offer tiles for all parts of your swimming pool, those being:

    Waterline tiles – placed under the edge of the pool and used to mark the ideal water level.

    Coping – the edge of the pool that extends over the water level. Usually comprised of stone tiles, but you are free to add even mosaic glass tiles for a premium look

    Walls and Floor – self-explanatory. You can choose different mosaic tiles for the walls and floor to get a more unique look.

    Steps – adding different types of tiles to your steps can not only improve aspects but functionality as well. You can opt for iridescent tiles or glow in the dark tiles to help you around at night.

    Deck – the area around your pool. It is recommended to fit this area with anti-slip tiles or others that provide a good grip. You should strongly consider this, especially if you have children.

    Advantages of our swimming pool tiles

    You can expect the following qualities from our tiles:

    • Stain resistance
    • Wear resistance
    • Non-skip
    • Excellent finish
    • Strong construction
    • High strength
    • Long-lasting
    • High and low-temperature resistance
    • Excellent quality adherent which ensures the pieces don’t fall off
    • Washable
    • Dust-proof and lost lasting colors
    • Acid-proof
    • Alkali-proof

    Why should you choose tiles for your swimming pool?

    In the past, pool tiles have been regarded as a premium feature for swimming pools. However, since they have become more accessible and affordable, the main reasons people purchase them is because of aesthetics and functionality.

    In an aesthetic sense, they are much more beautiful than simple concrete and can vastly improve the overall looks of your backyard. On the other hand, they are extremely easy to clean, much more so than cement-based surfaces and they require less maintenance.

    Pool tile

    What type of tile is best for swimming pools?

    The ‘best’ tile for a specific swimming pool is dependent on what features you require the most and tastes. Let us look at some of the most popular choices:

    Swimming pool mosaic tiles

    This is one of the most, if not the most popular choice. Mosaic pool tiles perfectly combine aesthetics with practical needs.

    Firstly, they are extremely beautiful and will definitely improve the look and feel of your pool. They will make it look more interesting and inviting while allowing a fair view of the bottom of the pool which makes it easier to clean up any debris.

    Secondly, if we talk about ceramic mosaic tiles, they provide very good adherence to surfaces, assuring durability. This type of tile is usually rather small which can act as a non-slip effect. How so? This is because of the spaces and gaps between the tiles.
    Additionally, because of this small size, you can opt for intricate patterns and the designs can get more complicated the smaller the tiles are.

    Pool tile

    Blue glass pool tile

    Combining the beloved classic blue with a more premium option like glass will ensure a unique look. Generally, when it comes to selecting any product for areas with water, we are instinctively drawn to the color blue. It is familiar to us by association with the sky, the sea, and peace of mind. This is why blue glass tiles are an excellent choice for creating a cozy, relaxing, peaceful environment while adding some brilliance and color to your backyard that may otherwise look too dull.

    On contrary to popular belief, this type of glass is as durable as traditional porcelain tiles. However, blue glass piles provide even more luminosity by reflecting light, providing radiance and sparkle to the water, making it even more appealing. This shine combines with a touch of luxury can create an oasis in your backyard, a perfect place to relax after a long day.

    Pool tile

    Porcelain pool tiles

    Known for their durability and beauty, porcelain pool tiles are another popular choice for builders, designers, and homeowners. The versatility of porcelain pool tiles makes them ideal for both traditional and contemporary styles. They come in square and rectangular shapes and all kinds of colors, both blends and solid.

    You also have the option to order different kinds of mosaics. Some of the most popular designs include water species like dolphins, earthly colors for a desert look, and Japanese patterns like cherry blossoms. Do not forget about the finishes, where smooth, matte, and glossy are the most sought-after and are usually frost-proof and impervious to water.

    Pool tile

    What is the best color for a swimming pool?

    The most popular one is definitely blue, so let us take a look at some of its shades and other colors:

    Aquamarine – a fitting name for a pool tile color, wouldn’t you say? This is a turquoise color combined with a white shimmer and tiny black specks which can bring the Caribbean or Bora Bora right into your backyard.

    Sapphire blue – this is a more traditional choice comprised of a royal blue Gelcoat with a diamond shimmer that adds a bit of sparkle. This nuance reminds people of the large vastness of the Pacific ocean.

    Crystal blue – a light blue Gelcoat finish with a white shimmer to enhance the clarity of the water. A lighter shade than both aquamarine and sapphire, it gives off the same pristine, relaxing feeling of calm seas.

    Silver – here we include nuances like Sandstone, Portland, and Silver Grey. Choosing any of those will give your pool the look of a natural body of water such as a pond, lake, or river. They are the so-called ‘earthly’ tones, from the likeness to nature they present.

    Pool tile

    Is there a difference between pool tiles and regular tiles?

    Short answer: yes, there are quite some differences between the two and we would never recommend to try installing regular tiles in or around your pool. This is because the pool is a rather special environment and so, it requires that the tiles have special features. Let’s take a look at some of them:

    • Pool tiles need to withstand water pressure and be submerged in water on a daily basis. A different environment entirely from regular tiles.
    • They need to be especially durable since there will be temperature changes from day to night and therefore expansions and contractions in the material.
    • Stable chemical properties need to ensure that no harm is done to the body.
    • Pool tiles need to be water-resistant so the adhesive lasts and the tiles won’t just fall off after a short time.
    • The glaze of the tiles needs to be acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, it also needs to keep its color when subjected to prolonged exposure to the sun
    Pool tile

    Do you need special tiles for a pool?

    Yes, for the reasons mentioned above, special tiles are required for a pool, otherwise, any of the following will happen:

    • The glaze will not last long, will fall off, be corroded and eventually, the tile itself will fall off
    • The tile will be very difficult to clean and will get dirty easily. If any sort of debris or dirt penetrates into the glaze it will be very hard to get rid of and it will eventually lead to the degradation of the tile
    • Visible degradation will be observed after around half a year

    So, if you want to buy a tile for your swimming pool, make sure the tile can be used in such an environment. Consult with your supplier for more information.

    Pool tile

    Can you use porcelain tiles in a pool?

    Yes, porcelain tiles can definitely be used in a pool. However, a special glaze is usually applied for such uses, so in addition to the high-quality manufacturing required to make the tile durable enough, you must also check if such glaze is applied.

    Porcelain tiles meant for bathrooms may or may not be resistant enough to the pool environment, so we do not recommend using them there unless you’ve consulted a professional. The label swimming pool porcelain tile’ usually denotes the use of both glazing and high enough quality to withstand the pool environment.

    Pool tile

    How to buy cheap swimming pool tiles online

    As with most online shopping, everything starts with Google. You can just search for “cheap swimming pool tiles” + [your location] as in “cheap swimming pool tiles uk” and you have a good starting point. A good indicator of an affordable price is usually wholesaling where the supplier sells one or more products en masse at low prices. So, the best option would be to contact the manufacturer directly. This way you cut out the middle man and remove additional costs.

    A good aspect to keep in mind is that Chinese manufacturers usually sell products at wholesale prices, so you should definitely keep an eye out for them. Manufacturers, however, will generally ask you to make an inquire about what you want so they can give you an accurate price. You can check out George’s swimming pool tiles for a start.

    Pool tile

    How much do pool tiles cost?

    As much as we would like to give you a simple number here, we cannot do that. That is simply because the costs vary from project to project and country to country. Here are some factors which will affect the overall costs:

    • Size of the pool
    • Materials used
    • Finish
    • Shape of the pool (tiles may need to be adjusted)
    • Size of the tiles

    An average cost would be a few thousand dollars, but do be sure you receive the most accurate estimation, contact our agents so we can come up with a solution that fits you.

    Pool tile

    How long do pool tiles last?

    Generally, they should last from 5 to 10 years depending on your water chemistry and maintenance conducted. Glass tiles are more durable, so you can expect an even longer lifespan.

    How do you install ceramic tile in a swimming pool?

    Here are a few steps you should consider when installing ceramic tiles in a swimming pool. Keep in mind that we usually recommend our customers to hire a professional to install such tiles. This is because the process is rather complex and time-consuming.

    1. Appropriate selection

    Choose a tile that is impervious to water, meaning that it will not absorb water if the glaze cracks. These are usually the best option as they will only absorb 0.5% of all moisture they come in contact with.

    2. Cleaning and patching

    Take the time to ensure your pool is completely clean. Wash down the walls and floor using a pressure washer for best results. This is to remove any dirt or remnant chemicals that may be there. Patch any holes or cracks you can see and paint a waterproofing membrane for an additional layer of protection.

    3. Mortar & grout

    Use mortar designed for prolonged use in wet areas. The mortar should also be impervious to the chemicals and moisture it is going to be subjected to, over long periods of time. We recommend checking with the manufacturer or supplier to make sure it is the right type.
    Also, select a grout to apply to the ceramic tiles that do not contain any epoxy or Portland. These two can weaken in the presence of pool chemicals.

    4. Setting the tiles

    Install the tiles as you would in any other room of your home. Spread the mortar onto the pool floor and walls until it is of uniform depth. Use tile spacers if you need them, to help you maintain consistent grout joints. You should let the mortar cure for at least one day before grouting the tiles.

    Pool tiles ideas

    In terms of materials, you can choose from:

    • Ceramic
    • Porcelain
    • Glass
    • Stone
    • Brick

    As for colors, as we have seen, all sorts of nuances of blue are the most sought-after, and for good reason. It is a color that makes us all instinctively think about the ocean or sea, so it natural we have a tendency towards it. Saphire blue and aquamarine are amongst the most popular.

    Top tips for choosing the right pool tiles

    If we were to make any additional recommendation when browsing for the right pool tiles, we would say the following:

    • Prioritize durability
    • Go for low-maintenance pool tiles
    • Do not overlook safety, anti-slip tiles are a must especially if you have children
    • Glass tiles are the most durable and the color blue would fit them best
    • Ask others about your supplier, make sure you order from a brand that delivers
    • Hire an expert installer
    Pool tile

    Top pool tiles suppliers & manufacturers in China with wholesale prices

    If we are talking independent suppliers, and not the big retailers:

    We hope you found the guide helpful and do not forget, if you have any questions or you would like to receive an estimative price for your project, our agents are always happy to help.

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