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Custom Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are a top trend in kitchen design today. Navy blue is a practical color that is easy to match. Navy blue is also a color that will last for years. Navy blue kitchen cabinets look simple, yet they are able to bring elegance to your kitchen design.

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Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets at George Buildings China

Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue Kitchen

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue and White Kitchen

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue and Pink Kitchen

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue Shaker Style Kitchen

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue and White Kitchen Cabinets

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue and Wood Kitchen

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Grey and Navy Blue Kitchen

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

Modern Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

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Navy blue kitchen cabinets

White Kitchen with Navy Blue Island

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Benefits of Choosing Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking of incorporating navy blue into your kitchen design, you should not discount navy blue kitchen cabinets. Navy blue works with any kitchen cabinet design and can offer your kitchen a lot of benefits.

  • Beautiful and versatile

Navy blue is not only gorgeous, it is a color that is easy to use, too. navy blue kitchen cabinet can match any kitchen design. They can look good with white floors and walls as well as with gray, natural wood, and even stainless steel.

  • Luxurious and High-end

Navy blue kitchen cabinets have calming and soothing qualities. These kitchen cabinets are not only used to create these moods for your kitchen but to also give it a luxurious and high-end feel.

  • Stylish and Long-lasting

Navy blue kitchen cabinets are not just a trend that will be here this season and gone in a flash. These stylish kitchen cabinets will not be out of fashion soon because navy is a timeless color. Available in a wide range of styles, navy cabinets can match whatever type of cabinetry you choose and will remain in demand for many years to come.

  • Practical

Navy blue is a practical, classic, and timeless color. It will remain stylish for many years, thus investing in navy blue kitchen cabinets is a worthwhile choice that will add to the resale value of your home. Additionally, navy blue kitchen cabinet can withstand the marks caused by all the splashing in the kitchen and hide them, as well to keep your cabinets looking pristine.

  • Easy to Coordinate

One of the best parts of having navy blue kitchens work beautifully with all trends in kitchen design. Navy blue kitchen cabinet with gold hardware, you can choose any color scheme for your kitchen and your kitchen design will go a long way.


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    When it comes to a timeless and high-end color choice for kitchen cabinets, there’s no better option than elegant navy blue. It will add a bold and interesting character to your home or office. Navy blue also hides stains and scratches well, making it a reliable low-maintenance cabinetry option.

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    Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets: Buyer’s Guide

    1. What is the Most Popular Color Choice for Kitchen Cabinets?

    White continues to remain the most popular kitchen cabinet color. However, many homeowners have started to be bolder and go for other kitchen cabinet colors that offer similar benefits as white in terms of appearance and appeal.

    -Black is excellent if a lot of natural light enters your kitchen. Black kitchen cabinets create an ultra-modern look.

    -Gray kitchen cabinets are great if you want to have something different but not a drastic change.

    -Navy blue kitchen cabinet are a fun choice. Navy blue may not be as neutral as white, black, or gray by many measures, but it can be considered as a neutral color because it can be paired with almost all bright and light colors.

    Navy blue kitchen cabinets

    2. Is Blue a Good Color for a Kitchen?

    Navy blue is definitely a good color to work with for trendy kitchen designs. It is one of the most popular color kitchen cabinets, second only to white. Navy blue kitchen cabinet provide a clean and crisp look especially when highlighted with white, gray, and other neutral colors to keep it from being too dark and intense.

    Navy blue kitchen cabinets

    3. What Colors go with Navy Blue Kitchen?

    Navy blue is an elegant color and elicits strength and solidarity. It is a masculine color but when contrasted with bright colors, light, neutrals, and vibrant colors such as pink, red, yellow, or green, navy blue can look vivacious and modern. Gold is a brilliant match for navy blue. Gold, as well the other bright, light, vibrant, and neutral hues can ward off the dark look of navy blue.

    Navy blue kitchen cabinets

    4. Pros and Cons of Navy Kitchen Cabinets

    A navy blue kitchen is a uniquely American trend that comes with many advantages and some downsides:


    • Versatile, modern, and trendy
    • Gives your kitchen a lot of personalities
    • Chic and rich look
    • Easy to match with other colors and elements in the kitchen
    • Works well with white
    • Creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere
    • Can be used in many kitchen designs


    • Does not reflect light
    • Can affect appetite and mood when not contrasted with light and bright colors.
    Navy blue kitchen cabinets

    5. Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Options

    When used in kitchen cabinets, navy blue brings luxury, space, and tranquility to your kitchen. It can also be a stress reducer.

    • Carcase Material

    The carcass material of navy-blue kitchen cabinet is often in plywood, particle boards, and medium-density fiberboards (MDFs).

    • Door

    Doors are important components of kitchen cabinets. Doors can be in flat panels with the center panel flat and with raised outer edges. This type of kitchen cabinet door offers a sleek, modern, and clean look.

    Kitchen cabinet doors are also available in raised panels. Raised-panel cabinet doors come with a raised center surrounded by a contour or profile.

    Kitchen cabinet doors are available in many wood species depending on your design.

    kitchen cabinet doors
    • Color

    Kitchen cabinets can be painted either in Latex or Oil-based paints, although latex paint is the best choice for kitchen cabinets. Oil-based paints are easy to apply and provide a long-lasting finish, but latex paint is quick to dry and has lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs) finishes.

    • Countertop

    If you are opting for navy blue kitchen cabinet, a light gray countertop is a perfect pair. Gray contrasts navy blue very well and will not overshadow it as the centerpiece of your kitchen. Navy blue kitchen cabinet also work well with white, yellow, cream countertops.

    • Hardware

    Hardware provides the finishing touch to your navy blue kitchen cabinet. They may be a small element of the cabinets, but nevertheless are important in terms of function and appearance. Hardware adds sparkle to the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Gold or brushed nickel hardware works well and gives navy blue kitchen cabinet a cozy and ultra-modern look.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    6. How Much does it Cost to Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet?

    The cost of navy blue kitchen cabinet depends on the scope of work that is to be done.

    – Painting is freshening up the existing color of your kitchen cabinets or changing the color of the cabinets.

    – Refacing means changing the front-facing parts of the kitchen cabinets (drawers and doors) but maintaining the rest of the cabinet in place. You can then paint your refaced kitchen cabinets in navy blue.

    – Replacing your kitchen cabinets is a bigger project but needs to be done if your existing cabinets have seen a lot of wear and tear and if you want to change or update your kitchen design.

    If you want to get new cabinets, navy blue kitchen cabinet are priced per lineal foot. The price range depends on the materials and size of the cabinets as well as the type of kitchen cabinet you are buying.

    Kitchen cabinets come in three categories: stock, semi-custom, and customized. Stock cabinets are what you will get “off the rack.” They are available in set measurements and do not have options for modifications. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets come in set measurements but have some options for modifications.

    Customized navy blue kitchen cabinet are the costliest option. The manufacturer will build your kitchen cabinets based on your unique specifications in terms of measurements, materials, and design.

    Navy blue kitchen cabinets

    7. Where can I Find Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers for the Best Price?

    In China : George Buildings

    In London: Tinyurl

    In the UK : Topdoors

    In Perth: Ekitchens

    In Winnipeg: Winipegcowry

    In South Florida: Primecarpentry

    Navy blue kitchen cabinets

    8. Where can I Find a Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Supplier in China

    • Alibaba
    • Made In China
    • Global Sources

    You can also take a look at our Top 10 kitchen cabinet suppliers in China, if you are interested in this region.


    9. 5 Tips for Buying Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements of your kitchen. Much care should, therefore, be given during the choosing and ordering process.

    • Identify Floor Plan

    It is always important to start with a concrete and accurate plan. You need to make sure you have the exact measurements of your kitchen and the space where you will be installing the navy kitchen cabinets.

    You will also need to have the layout of your kitchen so it will be easy to match the kitchen cabinets.

    High Production Capacity & Flexibility
    • Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    Determine the function of your kitchen cabinets. You also need to determine the scope of work. Are you going for a stock, semi-custom, or customized kitchen cabinets? In every home renovation project or new construction, budget is always a prime consideration. So, look around and research on how much.

    • Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    After you have decided on the design of your blue kitchen cabinets, choose the materials for the carcass and hardware. With these details, your prospective suppliers should be able to draw up a quotation.

    • Confirm Design

    If you have already chosen your supplier, confirm your final design. Your supplier should be able to provide you with a perspective of your kitchen cabinets complete with all the specifications.

    • Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    With everything in order, you can now make a deposit with your supplier based on the terms and conditions stipulated in the fine print. Your supplier will then start production and commit to a delivery date.

    Navy blue kitchen cabinets will be a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

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