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LED Track Light

LED Track Lights Supplier and Manufacturer

LED track lights are a great choice to accentuate focal points or objects in a room. They help you inject a sophisticated and modern look effortlessly. From museums to art studios to clothing shops, track lights are used in a variety of spaces. You can also install them in contemporary homes to elevate their decor and style.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer to get elegant and durable LED track lights, look no further. George Buildings is a reputed manufacturer of high-quality lighting solutions in China. With our extensive customization capabilities, we can design the perfect track lights to suit your purpose. Our LED track lights are very energy-efficient and can help you cut back on electricity costs.

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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of LED track lights supplier and manufacturer, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.


Lets Start: Intro

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution

Where used

Where They Used

Hot Selling Products

Hot Selling Products

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis

Why Choose Us

Why Choose George

One Stop Solution for Your House and Apartment

Drawing Analysis

We provide drawing analysis for properties and building products. You can get a single element of the property, such as the staircase, doors, and lighting system analyzed too. Our experts will review the feasibility of the project design,and offer recommendations for improvement.


Get your construction projects beautifully designed by us at a low price. We have a team of skilled designers who can create functional and modern designs based on your requirements. From sketchup drawings to 3D designs, we offer a range of services.

Project Quotation

We can help you set a reasonable budget for your construction project. You can send us a list of required building products or the project design to request a price quotation. We provide low-end, mid-end, and high-end cost proposals based on your budget.

Supply / Manufacturing

Why spend time searching for building materials in different places when you can get everything in one place! George Buildings offers a complete range of high-quality building products, from LED lights to tiles. It is convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving for you.

Logistics / Shipment

We have partnered with globally-recognized shipping service providers to deliver your order safely and on time. They are highly knowledgeable in international logistic arrangements and are equipped with the best resources to handle, distribute, and deliver large-scale orders efficiently.


Our LED track lights are easy to install and require less wiring work. We provide detailed instruction guides to help you assemble and install LED track lights easily in the desired location. You can also watch our demonstration videos for more guidance.

LED Track Lights: Where Can They Be Used?

LED track lights are primarily used for track and accent lighting purposes. They are a type of light fixture attached to a ceiling-mounted track/rod that supplies the electricity. Here’s where they come in handy.


Homes and Villas

LED track lights are often used in large residential spaces to complement ambient lighting. They are particularly great for highlighting ornamental objects, photographs, or any creative element in living rooms and hallways. LED track lights are also great for illuminating the cooking area in kitchens, study spaces, and other areas that demand optimum brightness.


Apartments and Hotels

As LED track lights are so versatile, they can be used anywhere. They also add character and enhance the architectural beauty of the hotel or apartment. You can use track lights in lobbies, sitting areas, dining areas, bedrooms, and anywhere else. LED track lights come in different color tones to help you create functional and decorative spaces.

Offices and Schools

Offices and Schools

Businesses, especially retail stores, need LED track lights to highlight their products on display. They are particularly great for large stores because you can attach track lights anywhere along the rod without having to do a lot of wiring work. You can also swivel and change the direction of LED track lights. Even in schools, they are useful for auditoriums, backstages, and art rooms.

Hospitals and Restaurants

Hospitals and Restaurants

Restaurants and other food-serving businesses use LED track lights to decorate their interior elegantly. They enhance the brightness of the room while being easy on the eyes. As you can rotate them, it’s possible to change the focal points from time to time. Hospitals need a variety of light fixtures to offer patients a comfortable stay. If you need additional lighting for specific areas, LED track lights are a good option.

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General Hot Selling Products

We have a wide range of LED track lights in different sizes, designs, and color temperatures. Take a look at our best sellers! We can also customize the track lights to suit your unique purposes!

LED Head Track Light

LED Track Head Lights

  • Modern and minimal design

  • Sturdy construction

  • Flexible rotation

  • Customizable

Our adjustable LED track headlights are perfect if you prefer to change the location of spotlights from time to time. You can mount them easily on a track and angle them towards specific areas. With high luminous efficacy, our LED track headlights offer impressive illumination. We can customize their design and size to fit your requirements.

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LED Strip Light Track

LED Strip Light Track

  • Stunning look

  • Easy installation

  • Very durable

  • Energy-efficient

Designed for accent lighting, our LED strip light tracks add visual appeal and creativity to any space. You can get straight tracks to shine light in a linear direction or angled tracks to shed light in a tilted direction. Our LED strip lights are also dimmable, so you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your purpose.

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Commercial LED Track Lighting

Commercial LED Track Lighting

  • Simple yet aesthetic

  • Long-lasting

  • Brightness adjustability

  • Versatile in application

Make your showroom or office space bright, attractive, and welcoming with LED track lights. Depending on the track type you choose, you can move the lights’ position along the rail or mount them in a fixed position. The lights can easily be angled in the direction of your preference. LED track lights are great for art galleries, photo studios, retail stores, and many more commercial spaces.

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Wanna dig deeper in LED track lights supplier and manufacturer

Wanna dig deeper in LED track lights supplier and manufacturer?

There are more than 300 items in this catalog. Get access to our latest LED track lights supplier and manufacturer catalogs for detailed specifications and customization.

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Estimated Cost Analysis for LED track lights

Here’s how much it will cost to import our LED track lights from China!

Per Square Meter Price

Price per Set


The prices of LED track lights depend on the design, size, luminous efficacy, and other features. Let us know the track light type you wish to purchase.

Shipping Fee

The Sea Freight Shipping Fee


The shipping cost is calculated based on your destination and order size. We offer competitive shipping rates for our customers.

Other Fees

Other Fees


Additional charges such as import taxes, customs duties, processing fees, and other costs involved in the order process are included here.

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Why Choose George LED Track Lights Manufacturer?

Advanced Technology

With cutting-edge technology and constant research, we remain at the forefront of offering innovative lighting solutions. As experts in the lighting industry, we can customize LED track lights to deliver the exact product you need.


All our LED track lights are made using premium-grade raw materials to give you the best quality product in the market. They are highly durable and sturdy in construction. They are ideal for prolonged use and will last for decades.


We have designed our LED track lights to comply with global safety standards. All the electric components in the fixtures are well-insulated to ensure optimum protection for the user. We have a thorough quality control system to ensure each unit is flawless and safe for use.


If the quantity of LED track lights you require doesn’t qualify for wholesale, don’t worry. Our MOQ is flexible and favorable for small businesses and independent contractors. You can carry out your construction project in confidence.

Factory-Directing Price

We offer the best possible price for LED track lights in the market. Our large manufacturing capabilities help us produce high-quality lights at a low price. We can help you lower the cost of your project with our amazing prices for track lights.

Easy Installation

Our LED track lights are super easy to assemble and install. The track or rail can easily be mounted onto the ceiling, and the headlights can easily be attached to it. We provide detailed instruction guides to help you with the installation.

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