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Custom Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Grey shaker kitchen cabinets have a brooding aesthetic and streamline look. If you want a statement yet affordable wholesale gray shaker kitchen cabinets for your homes, apartments, villas and commercial spaces, you can check us out at George Buildings.

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Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Grey

Grey Shaker kitchen cabinet are one of the world’s most popular style and colour of cabinet doors. They’re usually characterized by a five-piece door that comes with a recessed centre panel. The beauty of this furniture is that it’s visually appealing and goes well with almost any decoration colour.

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Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

If you’re looking for the best colour shade to give your kitchen a comfortable feel, consider opting for the Light Grey Shaker Kitchen cabinet. It offers a grand touch of elegance and style that’s compatible with a range of kitchen designs. Besides the shade, you can guarantee that your purchase will possess the traditional Shaker decoration.

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Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are suitable for individuals that desire a more bold and edgy painting on their Shaker cabinet. These style of kitchen cabinets require very little maintenance compared to other shades since they hide most stains and fingerprint smudges. Also, they’re suitable for a variety of interior colouring like brown, cream, and white

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Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

Rustic Shaker Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Contemplating purchasing a rustic shaker cabinet with a touch of Grey? Know that this combination is a wise choice as it gives your kitchen a feeling of warmth and class. But besides being visually appealing, Rustic Shaker Grey Kitchen Cabinet are no hassle to clean as their sophisticated surface masks stains and grease almost perfectly.

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Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Grey Island

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Grey Island design are often a pleasant combination of both classic and modern aesthetics. When installed, it gives your kitchen a more modern appeal as the colour and build appear forever clean and sharp. The beautiful thing about this style is that it works well with most interior kitchen decorations.

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Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

More kitchen enthusiasts are ditching the standard black, white, or brown Shaker Kitchen cabinet, and going for a rich Grey colour. This trend isn’t surprising as Grey offers the perfect balance of neutrality and warmth, unlike other schemes. It also works well in any kitchen size and decoration.

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    Custom Flexible Kitchen Cabinets

    Aside from gray shaker kitchen cabinets, we also offer customized and flexible kitchen cabinet designs using the following product solutions.

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    Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Buying guide

    What Are Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

    First of all, Shaker kitchen doors, cabinets, and drawers are a style of essential kitchen furniture that comes with a flat centre panel, square edges, and minimal detailing. Most of these cabinet designs are symmetrical and possess little to no extravagant carvings and ornamentation.

    The popular choice of colour a few years ago was white, brown, and black; however, modern families are gravitating to the more visually appealing Grey scheme which gives the kitchen a unique look and blends perfectly with most interior decorations.

    Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Features & Advantage

    Besides being a sight for sore eyes due to their classic style, Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet possess numerous benefits for your cooking space. These include:

    Easily Available

    When it comes to remodelling your kitchen, the task is tough since you need to spend time selecting the perfect style for your cabinets. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend too much time contemplating since Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet are easy to find in the market. All you need to do is have a vivid picture of your kitchen’s interior decoration and find the style of Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet that works well with the design.


    Besides availability, price is also a factor that you must consider when purchasing a kitchen cabinet. However, the cost of acquiring a Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet is very minimal compared to its counterparts.

    Easy to Remodel

    If you plan to change your interior decoration without having to buy another kitchen cabinet, the Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets is right for you. This is because styling the furniture is a hassle-free process, unlike other types of cabinets.

    Easy Maintenance

    Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet are suitable for you if you lead a busy life and won’t be able to clean the item frequently. Thanks to their plain surface, these cabinets are no hassle to clean as there are no lines and gaps. You can get it sparkling with a wet cloth.

    Are Grey Kitchen Cabinets A Good Idea?

    As previously stated, grey kitchen cabinets work perfectly with almost any kitchen decoration. The colour provides a feeling of warmth and relaxing neutrality since it’s a combination of black and white. However, each shade of grey gives the viewer a different feeling.

    Ultimately, grey is the perfect colour for your kitchen, Irrespective of whether you want to contrast brighter hues on your floor or fabric, create an exciting and relaxing space, or create textured variations on your kitchen space.

    In fact, more homeowners are discarding the traditional black, brown, and white kitchen cabinet style and trying out kitchen cabinets that are painted, Grey.

    Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

    Why Choose Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

    Grey shaker kitchen cabinet are an undeniably versatile and stylish option for any kitchen decoration. The straightforward and elegant nature of these cabinets makes them a perfect fit for most kitchen style. Since Grey is a popular colour with a positive look when applied to furniture, the combined form is a must-have for any kitchen enthusiast.

    Pros and Cons of Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets


    Timeless Beauty

    The elegant design of Grey Shaker kitchen cabinet ensures that they survive the influx of trends as time progresses, making them a recommended option for your kitchen remodelling. Additionally, if you change your mind on colour preference over the years, you can always repaint your Shaker cabinet without the need to replace it.

    Low Maintenance

    If you have a fast-paced lifestyle and can’t dedicate time to cleaning your kitchen cabinet, you will appreciate owning a Grey Shaker kitchen cabinet since they’re easy to clean. This low maintenance cost is due to the squared edges that retain little to no grease or debris, unlike other types of cabinets.

    A Recommended Favorite

    The fact that Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet are affordable, possess a timeless appeal, and come in styles ranging from rustic to the Ultra-modern, makes them a piece of furniture that will add value to your kitchen and your home in general.


    Too Classic For High-end Kitchens

    While Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are visually appealing, you will rarely find them in the high-end kitchen. This exclusion is because they’re too classic or traditional, and are incompatible with the image that accompanies cook rooms of high quality.

    Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

    What Color Flooring Looks Best With Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

    Natural Hardwood

    Irrespective of the type of hardwood floor you choose – Walnut, oak, or Maple –  they all pair perfectly well with a Grey Shaker kitchen cabinets. The reason for this compatibility is that both items radiate a traditional feeling, making them a perfect match.

    Light Hardwood

    Alternatively, you can opt for a light hardwood floor which brightens up your Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet, especially if you chose the darker shade. This colour option is guaranteed to gives your kitchen a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    Gray Hardwood

    If you want to try something different and create a feast for your audiences’ eyes, consider pairing your Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets With Grey Hardwood. This combination will give your kitchen a hypnotic monochrome look that’s sure to keep your guests dazzled.

    Natural-toned, Wood-patterned Laminates

    Laminates have been a common part of both traditional and modern kitchens for decades, and today, it looks just as beautiful as hardwood. The material is soft, adorable, and pairs perfectly with Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – as long as you use a neutral-toned, wood-patterned laminate.


    If you don’t fancy having wood in your kitchen, you can always opt for slate tiles. The dark stone combines smoothly with grey kitchen cabinets and works well in both modern and traditional kitchens.

    Concrete Floors

    Although the colour of your concrete floor depends on a few factors, it will pair nicely with Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – Irrespective of the shade. This style is best suited for a contemporary space since a concrete floor will add an industrial flair to your kitchen.

    Grey shaker kitchen cabinets

    Where Can I Find Grey Shaker Kitchen cabinet For The Best Price?

    1. Wilson Fink Kitchens Interior

    Wilson Fink Kitchens Interior prepares its Shaker cabinets with passion and great attention to detail, using the best materials available. If you desire to complete your cook room with cabinets that come with an intelligent touch of innovation, consider contacting this brand.

    2. Topdoors

    You can find your desired Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet, fronts, and drawer for an affordable price at Topdoors. They’re primarily located in the UK with their main store in Leeds.

    3. E-Kitchens

    If you desire custom made kitchen cabinets & drawers to fit your projected design, you can rely on eKitchens to deliver your request. Their cabinets are made by using the mortise and tenon construction method, making them easy to assemble and highly durable.

    Anyway , the best price grey shaker kithch cabinets are from China . George Buildings is one of the best kitchen cabinet supplier .

    You can also take a look at our Top 10 kitchen cabinet suppliers in China, if you are interested in this region.


    How Much Does It Cost To Acquire Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

    In most cases, Shaker Kitchen Cabinets tend to cost less than other types, consisting of other styles and designs. Nevertheless, the price of most cabinets depends on a few factors, such as construction, wood species, colour, etc. However, a Shaker Kitchen Cabinet often has a price range of $500 to $2000 – or more.

    Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

    1.   Grey Kitchen Cabinet With White Countertops

    It might be difficult to believe, but Glossy white countertops combined with grey shaker cabinets are an exquisite match. This pair is a perfect mix of both colours, which are soothing to the eyes and give your kitchen a modern look.

    2.   Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Countertops

    You can try light grey cabinets, complemented by a large black island countertop in your kitchen. Although it might be tempting to match grey cabinetry with a Grey countertop, black is a better choice that pays off in terms of visual appeal. Unlike white countertops, Dark ones absorb more light and bring drama and depth to the surface.

    3.   Gray Cabinets With Matching Gray Kitchen Island

    Most kitchen enthusiasts prefer their kitchen island to possess a different colour from their cabinets, making it stand out. However, matching the colour of these two items can create a striking visual effect. The result of this combination is an elegant kitchen, highlighted by the gorgeous Grey colour of the cabinets.

    Types of Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets accessories?

    1.   Carcase Material

    The Carcase of most Shaker Kitchen cabinets are made from wood or wood-based materials, and these include Plywood, Wood veneer, hardwood, medium-density fiberboard, and particleboard.

    2.   Door

    What makes a Shaker Kitchen Cabinet unique is the five-piece doors with a recessed centre panel. These doors range in visual appeal, some being suitable for modern interior designs, while others for a classic look.

    kitchen cabinet doors

    3.   Colour

    Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinets come in different shades of Grey such as Sherwin Williams Pussywillow, Sherwin Williams Pavestone,  Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray, Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and many more.

    4.   Countertop

    Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet come with a variety of Countertops to choose from, but the most popular are Marble, Quartz, and concrete. These options are durable and are the most recommended in terms of aesthetics.

    5.   Hardware

    To get the timeless vibe that’s commonly associated with owning a Shaker Kitchen Cabinet, you need the appropriate hardware. These include knobs (ceramic, glass, or brass/Nickel), Pulls (bin pulls, tubular bar pulls, and Flat Bar Pulls), and latches.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    Factors To Consider When Buying  Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

    Before running to the store or placing an order from the first online vendor of Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet, there are some factors that you need to consider. These points are essential if you want to enjoy your purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse.

    1.   Identify Floor Plan

    While you have a particular shade of Grey in mind, you need first to consider how they will match with your floor plan. You can do this by taking a picture of your home and showing the vendor, or by buying from a company that pairs your cook room and cabinets using computerized imagery.

    2.   Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    Cabinets aren’t mere backdrops to beautify your kitchen, but essential chambers for storing items. For this reason, you need to spend time researching the product and the amount needed to acquire it.

    3.   Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    This factor depends on what look you’re trying to give your kitchen. Most Shaker cabinets are made with different wood material and square design, and each of them can change the entire look of the room. Take this element into consideration while drawing a budget.

    4.   Confirm Design

    once you’ve chosen the design you want your Shaker Kitchen Cabinet to possess, confirm it with the manufacturer and see if it’s both aesthetically and financially reasonable.

    5.   Warranty

    Before committing your hard-earned money to such a large investment, ensure that both the installer and the manufacturer are certain of their work by providing a warranty. If they don’t, proceed with caution or try a different vendor.

    6.   Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Immediately after the manufacturer has confirmed your design and suggestions, proceed to pay part of the cost and begin production. This part shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve taken the cost of production into account.

    Pros and Cons of kitchen Cabinets

    Why choose George Kitchen cabinet?

    GEORGE analyzes every step required to craft your kitchen cabinet, ensuring that the final product is one of quality, built with the best raw materials.


    Also, we provide the best service and offer options like a custom design, material supply, cost estimate, and delivery. Ultimately, if you desire high-quality Shaker cabinets, tailored to suit your kitchen design requirements, GEORGE is the manufacturer to visit.

    High Production Capacity & Flexibility


    In conclusion, purchasing Grey Shaker kitchen cabinets is a worthwhile choice for your kitchen since the colour is a combination of black (bold) and white (airy), giving your kitchen a “laid back and exciting” feeling.

    One-stop Shop kitchen cabinets

    Besides, the elegant design of Grey Shaker kitchen cabinets ensures that they survive the influx of trends as time progresses, making them a timeless option for your kitchen remodelling. Before investing your money into acquiring these cabinets, make sure you do your research to avoid buyer’s remorse or overpaying for a product that’s worthless.

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