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    Benefits of Buying Doors from China to Australia

    • Buy functional doors that double up for aesthetics from reliable Chinese door manufacturers to improve your property’s resale value.

    • Buy high-quality doors built to last and give you the best return on your investment.

    • Quality doors from China are sold at the most competitive prices – factory price guaranteed for bulk orders.

    • No wait time – make your order today and have the doors delivered to your doorstep as fast as possible.

    • Customized doors that match your architectural and structural designs.

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    Doors Products for Sale in Australia

    Aluminum Doors
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    Sliding doors
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    Bifold doors
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    Security doors
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    Modern interior doors
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    Wooden Doors
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    Custom Door and Window for Your Projects

    Door manufacturers can customize your doors to your specifications. They usually have experienced designers that will consider your every requirement in the design phase. These are the factors you can consider:

    Why Wholesale Doors and Windows in George Buildings?

    George Buildings is one of the top aluminum doors and windows manufacturers to consider when buying doors from China. We are an established manufacturer and supplier of building materials. Whether you need sliding doors, residential doors, entrance doors, fireproof doors, or other options, we offer the best option. We are at the top because of the following:

    How to Order and Import Doors from China to Australia?

    Global Project Agent Recruiting


    Make a Query


    Talk to Us


    Confirm Your Order


    Pay Deposit and Producing


    Shipping from China to Australia


    Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order  to be Delivered

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    Top Project Cases from George Buildings

    Hotel Projects

    Ethiopia: Mado Hotel Projects Cases

    Apartments Projects

    Saidi Arabia: Apartment Projects Cases

    Villa Projects

    Kuwait: 90 Villa & House Projects Cases

    Office Tower Projects

    Qatar: Office Tower Projects Cases

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    Import Doors from China to Australia : Buying Guide 

    If you are looking for interior doors Australia or entrance doors, source them from China. Aluminum doors and windows manufacturers in China have quality products. However, many people are still in the dark about medal door suppliers in China. Importing them into Australia can also be a daunting task for newcomers. Use this guide as an eye-opener into the door importation business.

    Where Should You Buy Doors in Bulk?

    If you have decided to buy doors in bulk from steel door manufacturers in China, make up your mind about where and how to get them. You still have other factors to consider, including the following:

    Manufacturer or Retailer?

    In many cases, manufacturers are the best door suppliers for bulk orders. The only reason to consider a retailer is if a few pieces are needed for a renovation project. Without even stating the advantages of steed door manufacturers, you can visualize the benefits on your own. Save time and money by sourcing your products from global metal door suppliers.

    Online or Offline?

    Traveling to China is, undoubtedly, expensive and time-consuming. If you need fire doors Australia, go online and send inquiries to different aluminum doors and windows manufacturers. It’s more convenient and time-saving. You also access a broad catalog of windows for your project.

    Things To Consider When Buying Doors in Bulk

    Most steel door manufacturers are ready to supply any quantity you need for your project. But how do you single out just one out of the many options? Consider the following factors to narrow down your search for reliable steel door manufacturers:

    Product Quantity

    Product quantity is the actual number of residential doors or entrance doors you need for your project or business. You also need to determine whether you will have subsequent orders or not. Use your figures to choose from the door suppliers on the list. It should meet your supply demands.

    Product Quality

    Spend all your time verifying the quality of doors you want to buy. Do it, even if it means flying to China from Australia or using an agent in China. Your construction project deserves the best, and you can only get it when you work for it. Ask for product samples or quality certification to help you in the evaluation.

    Turnaround Time

    Choose a door manufacturer with the shortest turnaround time among the available options. You can get this information from the company’s website or ask the sales team. Also, consider reading the customer reviews because that is where you will find the truth.

    Supplementary Products

    Supplementary products are any building materials that you also need apart from doors. They can be windows, sanitary ware, tiles, etc. It can help you narrow your search for a reputable door manufacturer in China.

    How to Make Wholesale Doors Orders on George Buildings

    George Buildings has a simplified ordering process. It will take you the following steps:

    Step 1: Make a Query

    Initiate the process by contacting us through the email address or WhatsApp. Our standby sales team will respond to it almost instantly.

    Step 2: Talk to Us

    We will review your order requirements and ask for any additional information if required. Our team will then present the quote, which you can negotiate.

    Step 3: Confirm your Order

    Once we reach an agreement, you can confirm your order for the processing to begin immediately. We will commence with the process once your payment is received.

    Step 4: Sit Back, Relax and Wait for your Order to be Delivered

    Just sit back and wait for your order to be processed by us. We have different departments to handle every aspect of your order. And through coordination, your doors will be delivered to you in record time.

    How Much Cost of Doors in Australia?

    We can only provide an estimate and not actual figures since the pricing depends on many factors. For an MDF honeycomb door, you can expect to pay from $27 to $118. That is for a standard-size door. So, you can expect the wooden door price to be different. You can only get the exact price after submitting your specifications regarding material, size, style, and finish type.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are China doors suppliers cheaper than those in other countries?

    Yes. Doors from China are very affordable compared to many countries. Whether aluminum doors, soundproof doors, entrance doors, or others, you can save when you source them from China.

    How long will it take for my order to be processed and delivered?

    It takes about 15-45 days for George Buildings to process and deliver your order. That is the average time, but we can also consider urgent orders.

    Is there a minimum order of Doors for wholesale orders?

    Yes. We have set minimum order requirements for doors and other building materials. Fortunately, we have the lowest MOQ compared to other door suppliers. Contact us for more information.

    How to book containers and shipping from China to Australia

    It is the work of our clearing and forwarding team to book shipping containers on behalf of our customers. It is nothing to worry about if you choose George Buildings as your supplier.

    What kind of warranty do you offer?  

    Our doors and other products are protected by a limited-time warranty that ranges from 1-5 years. Reach out for specific information on your order.

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