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    Benefits of Casement Picture Windows

    • Very beautiful design

    • Excellent view of a specific element outside

    • Family-friendly

    • High-quality manufacturing supplied by our international partners

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    Casement Picture Windows

    Casement windows with picture window

    A great design comprised of casement windows and a picture window. The fixed nature of picture windows is perfectly complemented by casement windows on each side resulting in a classic design. Preferred for backyard windows for the outstanding view and feel they provide.

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    Casement Picture Windows

    Casement-picture windows combination

    One of the best advantages of this type of window is that it can be paired with most window types, resulting in a unique look. You can combine them with casement windows or double-hung windows to make up for the lack of ventilation and expand the viewing area of your windows.

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    Casement Picture Windows

    Kitchen casement-picture windows

    Make sure you get large amounts of natural light in your kitchen and great ventilation with this combination. Perfect for mid-sized kitchen to make them look more spacious and give off a familiar, friendly feeling. They are easy to clean and you can get a small shelf space behind the picture window.

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    Casement Picture Windows

    Double casement picture windows

    The most popular option to pair up with picture windows. They compliment each other perfectly, you get more glass area and ventilation provided by the casement window and the cozy, friendly design that come with picture windows. You can choose either in-swing or outswing casement windows.

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    Casement Picture Windows

    Vinyl casement-picture windows

    One of the most appreciated choices by our customers, vinyl has quickly become more and more prevalent in the windows industry because of its affordability and comparable performance to aluminum. Great view and ventilation, high energy efficiency, and durability are among the qualities you can expect.

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    George Buildings: Your affordable Casement Picture Windows Supplier

    George Buildings is one of the most reliable casement picture windows suppliers in Foshan China , manufacturing high quality windows at affordable casement picture windows prices.

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    Casement Picture Windows

    Casement picture window features & details

    The combination of quality, style, and energy efficiency results in the most durable, sleek, and convenient windows available. You can expect custom craftsmanship for each of our projects. Casement picture windows are no exception, there are different features and designs you can choose from.


    Little hardware options are available for picture windows since they are fixed, besides installation elements. You can, however, opt for various hardware options for the casement windows accompanying them.

    Handles – usually made of aluminum or zinc alloys with appropriate painting to fit your frame, the most popular choices are cockspur handles, cremone handles, and double-sided pulls.

    Hinges – usually, 2-leaf hinges for standard windows and 3-leaf hinges for the heavier ones are used.

    Locks – multipoint locks or Euro tilt and turn systems are the most common.


    The most common is, without a doubt, white. It is known for the timeless look it provides and it can fit all styles of homes and windows. Natural timber color is also often seen in those homes with wooden windows, however, they are more specific to the rustic style. Gray or silver is specific to aluminum windows and for more modern styles. Other options for the rustic or traditional styles focus on darker shades such as dark brown, dark red, or simply black.


    Depending on the supplier, a wide variety of decorative glass is available for every type of project. Laminated glazing, obscure, rainy, sandblasted, with tints, aqualite and more! Be sure to make quotations and ask your supplier which type of glass they have available. High-quality manufacturing is also something you should look out for.


    Some of the popular choices for frames include:

    • Wood – warm look, highly versatile, good insulation, looks beautiful and can be used for both interior and exterior windows;
    • Aluminum – highly durable, strong, low maintenance required, elegant look and a multitude of finishes available;
    • uPVC – good insulation, sleek look, secure and little maintenance required. Cheaper than aluminum, but not as strong.

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    Casement Picture Windows Buying Guide

    What is a casement picture window?

    A picture window is a tightly-sealed window with great weather-proof and insulation capabilities. Any water leaks will be prevented and the temperature will remain roughly the same in the room where it is installed. They are usually large and offer an unobstructed view of the outside environment.

    A casement window is attached to a frame by one or more hinges at the sides and can either be opened inward or outward. This type provides ventilation and, depending on the frame material and number of glazes, a certain degree of insulation. Talking about a casement picture windows refers to a system comprised of both types of windows.

    This is done because picture windows are rarely seen on their own, instead, people prefer to have them complimented by another type of window to make up for the lacking functionalities.

    Casement Picture Windows

    Pros and Cons of casement-picture windows


    • They provide more natural light because of the large windows
    • Outstanding insulation and weatherproofing because of the tight seals around the edges
    • Very easy to clean, no moving parts to worry about (for picture windows)
    • Beautiful views provided by large glass area
    • Unique aesthetics
    • Affordable


    • Lack of ventilation, if the casement windows are rather small
    • Heat gained via natural light may be unwanted
    • Due to the large areas, they are more susceptible to breakage. This is usually fixed by fitting them with shatterproof glass
    • May be challenging to clean the outside parts
    Casement Picture Windows

    What materials are best for casement picture windows

    The traditional choice for this type of window is wood, but it is a rather expensive option and is susceptible to rot, so make sure you consider your climate before deciding on this.

    Vinyl has become a rather popular choice lately due to its versatility and balanced proprieties. Long-lasting, comparable energy efficiency with wood and a rather affordable option are the main selling points. You can also expect it to be rather durable and to require little maintenance.

    Aluminium is highly durable and strong. It is long-lasting and protects well against the elements. For energy efficiency, however, thermal brakes would need to be installed, since aluminium is a natural conductor of heat. More expensive than the other options, but still considered a mid-range price option, it is usually a long-term investment.

    Casement Picture Windows

    What is the difference between a casement window and a picture window?

    The main difference is that picture windows are fixed and cannot be opened, while the casement windows have hinges that allow for easy operations.

    Picture windows get their name from the large glass areas that provide a good view outside, like a big picture frame. Meanwhile, various sizes are available for casement windows, usually much smaller than the other due to its opening and closing mechanism.

    Another big difference is ventilation capability. This is the reason picture windows are usually paired with casement windows, so airflow within the room can be assured.

    Casement Picture Windows

    What is the difference between a fixed and a picture window?

    The difference lays in the frame size. Picture windows are much larger than fixed windows, giving the appearance of a picture frame. Fixed windows are usually found on their own with the sole purpose of allowing light in, while picture windows are usually a part of a system, together with other, openable windows (like casement or hung).

    Casement Picture Windows

    Picture window sizes

    A variety of sizes are available, depending on what your pair them with. If you plan on installing them together with single or double-hung windows, then you may want to consider 28 to 36 inches wide and 52 to 74 inches tall, as reference values. For casement windows, 20 to 24 inches wide and 24 to 48 inches tall are amongst the usual choices.

    Both dimensions can reach over a meter in some cases. Keep in mind that picture windows are usually custom-made so you can have your ideal size, depending on the available wall area.

    Casement Picture Windows

    How much does a casement picture window cost?

    As a general idea to keep in mind, prices range from $250 to $580 depending on materials and size.

    • The quality of the windows. This refers to the general manufacturing quality your supplier provides both to the frame and glass itself.
    • The side of the windows. Picture windows usually have large, uninterrupted glass panels, but due to the lack of complex mechanisms, they are usually rather affordable.
    • Quantity of windows. You can opt for how many you need.

    In addition to this, you must also consider installation costs. This is highly dependent on your supplier. Some will choose to give you a discount if you buy the window from them, others will give you astronomical installation costs. You also have the possibility of hiring a handyman to handle this task, but remember that depending on the quality of his work, you might actually increase your costs, if the handyman does not do a great job.

    The option of installing them yourself is also available, but we do not generally recommend this, since if you are not experienced, you are more prone to make mistakes and increase your overall costs.

    Casement Picture Windows

    What factors should you consider when buying picture windows

    We recommend doing extensive research before deciding on a window. Additionally, remember that every situation is unique, so you should always consider your needs first.

    Frame materials

    Do you want to go for the natural feel of wood, but you live in an area where it rains often? Then you may be better off with uPVC or aluminium. Vinyl has lately become the most popular choice because of its durability, performance and costs.


    You can opt for two or three panes of glass for additional insulation if this is a big concern for you. While this may be more expensive in the short term, in the long term, you would definitely save on energy bills.

    White is the most common choice, because of its versatility. It can fit in all styles of homes and it generally does not add too much to the costs since it is considered by many the ‘default’ option. The gray color of aluminum is also common, but you can choose to paint yours in a variety of colors.


    Arguably the most important part, the budget is the most restrictive factor in many cases. What is most important in your case? Can you choose a more energy-efficient option, sacrificing security, for example? A balance between all other factors will bring you close to a definitive decision.

    Casement Picture Windows

    How to install casement picture windows

    Ideally, a professional would handle this part, because you would need to install both the casement and picture windows. This professional could either be provided by your supplier or a handyman hired by you. If, however, those options are not available, you can take a look at the video below. Your windows should also have come with an installation manual, so it is worth to read that first, before beginning the installation.

    Where to buy casement picture windows in China?

    You will find most Chinese suppliers in one of those 3 regions: Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong

    You can take a look at our guide for more information on this matter. For a quick look, you can check one of the following:

    Do you want to import windows from China?

    Do you plan to purchase door and windows from China.We ensure that traditional design and perfect modern functionality awaits you, in our casement picture windows.

    • Security glass that will ensure your property is protected from the weather and assailers to a certain degree
    • Official quotation for your project
    • Highest quality building materials supply offered by our international partners
    • Various materials to choose from, molded through expert craftsmanship and the help of machines
    • Your needs come first

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