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    Benefits of Aluminium Sliding Windows

    • Aluminium Sliding Windows improve comfort, reduce condensation and minimize noise.
    • Increased energy efficiency.Offers a more comfortable and draft-free home.

    • Provide better security to your home since they are harder to break.

    • 10 + Years of Manufacturing Experience Factory. High Quality & Affordable Price.

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    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Windows

    Aluminium sliding windows are a better choice than the casement windows and crank-style awning.

    The benefits of the horizontal sliding windows are, one, they are perfect in busy areas with many pedestrians, also in patios and other places where it is not convenient for protruded windows.

    Two, the horizontal sliding windows have an easy replacement system from wear and tear as the tracks are separated easily from the sill section. They also have an advantage over roll-formed aluminium with extruding flyscreen.

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    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Aluminum Frame Sliding Windows

    The frames are made in different shape forms that include open and tilt, open in and out, among others. For bedrooms and living rooms, where the spans are slightly larger, the sliding window is the choice. The Venetian window frames also allow you to choose a model that has glass on the inside that works optimally even when the weather is cold.

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    Aluminum Vertical Sliding Windows

    These windows include the Shashes window in which the beauty of traditional sash windows is enhanced with Aluminium material that is durable, not corrosive, not warp, and would not even require repainting. They are enhanced with a thermal performance by the double glazed seal units. They are easier to clean by tilting the glass inward. Vertical windows can be locked into place for continuous airflow.

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    Small Aluminum Sliding Windows

    This is simple and convenient for kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms. They occupy small places and add to the aesthetic looks of the rooms. They also come with water-tightness performance, noise resistance, insulation and heat resistance features, and air permeability.

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    Old Aluminum Sliding Windows

    The old aluminium may oxidize, and the condensation that the aluminium transfers into the interior can damage the units after some years. The single-paned windows may not serve as a blockade for temperatures, and therefore, energy-efficient vinyl-framed windows are an alternative.

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    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Aluminum Sliding Doors and Windows

    Aluminum Sliding windows and door includes patio doors with very high marketing features that include lift slide-system and insulated features. The specifications and hardware of the patio are glazed frame or dummy sash option, double and triple track option, PaS 24 security, air, wind, and a water-resistant and maximum weight of 440kg per door leaf that gives a chance for the most significant openings.

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    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Aluminum Sliding Glass Windows

    These windows are suitable for both commercial and private residences owing to their durability, aesthetics features, easy operation, and low maintenance. These include a soundproof sliding window with open type sliding and minimum frame thickness of 25-30mm.

    Next is the aluminium sliding window with a horizontal opening pattern and 18mm thickness. The two-track sliding window also has a vertical opening pattern and two operational shahs. The Three-track aluminium sliding window has two operational shahs and 5mm thickness, and the curved sliding window also comes with a vertical opening pattern and a 25mm thickness frame.

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Aluminum Sliding Windows For Sale

    The sliding window comes in 2-4 parts designs with an optional insect screen and allows multi-stash installation because of the additional frame features.

    They are useful in areas where the protruding window shahs are problematic and take just minimal space – such as laundry, kitchen, and bathroom.

    Sliding windows are durable, noncorrosive, optimal thermal performance, and low maintenance types of windows. Not only are they comfortable in residential areas, but they are also the best choice for busy areas such as pedestrians and patios.

    Aluminum Sliding Windows Features & Parts, Hardware, Color, Glass, Grid, Frame, Locks, and Hinges

    It is right to know the features of a sliding window to select the best window type for your home and offices. The hardware of a sliding window includes flush pull with stainless lock, precision bearing rollers made of stainless steel, stainless mortise lock with a two diameter marine grid.

    Hardware: China Top Brand German Siegenia/Roto, Rollers PL403RL1 are durable and can be corrosion resistant, depending on individual choice and pocket.

    Aluminium window lock PL403AN1 are colour coated and its central handles PL403BX are very durable.

    Glass Options: Low thermal emissivity, reflecting option, tinted, tempered glazing, single, double glass choice

    Surface Finishing: Aluminium: Powdered coating, Fluorocarbon finish, and wooden grain pattern

    Colour: available in different customized colours

    Screen: Screen types come in different materials, they include: Stainless Steel security mesh, aluminium mesh; fiberglass , fixed screen, sliding screen.

    Safety and Privacy: Multiple point locking system, crime prevention mesh option, a restrictor to prevent children from falling.

    Frame: The frames of aluminium sliding windows include external hurricane impact grey frame, heat transfers a wooden grain colour, exterior burglar-proof slider, tinted frame, golden colour aluminium frame, balcony black aluminium frame, mosquito net glass sliding, double toughened aluminium window with tinted glass flower design.

    Hinges: The hinges include the partial pulley, corner cleats, window dai casting corner, doma aluminium, which is corrosion-resistant, and highly durable.

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    Aluminum Sliding Windows Buying Guides

    Aluminum Sliding Windows Buying Guides Pros

    Security: the locks are simple to secure and open, easy to clean, and maintained with no need for painting. They are also easy to close and open and make you enjoy a better vista as the glass easily slides vertically or horizontally.

    Window Space: sliding window has a larger window space, unlike the protruded window type; they are also favourable for different weather conditions.

    Size: sliding windows allow creativity and different style ranging from large, comprehensive, high, and small.

    They are not corrosive and not warp, and frictions are not a hitch. With their beautiful and easy accessibility, they are also cost-effective.

    Thermal Performance: they can provide sound and thermal insulation when they are manufactured with energy-efficient glass. They are also environmentally friendly due to the high recycling rate when changed.

    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Aluminum Sliding Windows Buying Guides Cons

    Maintenance: the sliding slot needs constant cleaning as it attracts dirt and dust often.

    Appearance: they are less beautiful than windows made from timber as woods are naturally aesthetically satisfying. However, the look is enhanced with customized colours and frames.

    Durability: over time, they can oxidize and corrode. If oxidation occurs, the frame erodes over time, and without proper measures to tackle electrolysis, corrosion would likely happen over time.

    Weather: they are not practically suitable for cold regions as aluminium are good conductors of heat, and they readily lost heat through the frame.

    How Much Do Aluminium Sliding Window Cost?

    Many factors contribute to the price of aluminium sliding window – the window size, and colour choice determines the price. They also vary from region to region. For example, sliding window with width 500cm and height 1075cm, width 600cm and height 1175 and width 700cm and height 1275 widths have a retail sales price of $142.99 – $585.87, $248.90 – $693.10 and $358.13 – $704.38 respectively.

    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    How Long Will The Aluminum Sliding Windows Last?

    Aluminium is a good conductor and a bad insulator, and it can dissipate heat and increase cooling and heating cost and may not last more than 14 to 20 years.

    However, when alloyed with vinyl, be rest assured that you don’t need a replacement for the next 50 years.

    Which Is Better PVC or Aluminium Windows?

    Durability: uPVC has been the choice since the late 90s because of its durability and its resistance to rot. Notwithstanding, the frames attenuate and a call for replacement after 30 years. Aluminium is durable for 45 years because it doesn’t rust like uPVC.

    Energy Efficiency: aluminium is not thermally efficient because it easily allows heat to pass through them, but technology has come in handy in this aspect as thermal breaks are manufactured with the aluminium frame windows, which prevents high conduction of heat.

    Security and Soundproof: Both are more secured than timber. However, uPVC offers a better soundproof system. The soundproof system can be enhanced when you opt for double glazing.

    Aesthetics: Aluminum windows require minimal space, and that simplicity and minimal looks are people’s choice in modern houses.

    Environmental Friendly: aluminium windows are very recyclable to create new quality aluminium with ridiculous energy expenditure; they can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Are The Sliding Windows Better Than Double-hung?

    The sliding windows are better suited for wide openings because they are width is more than the height, and they offered a more vista look than double-hung that cannot be opened as wide as the sliding window to allow more ventilation. However, double-hung windows are easily tilted to ensure easier cleaning.

    What Are The Best Aluminium Windows?

    Things to consider are the strength of the window and what is it made of, second is thermal insulation, soundproof factor, and waterproof capacity.

    Aluminium bi-fold windows allow a lasting operation, easy to clean, and fewer maintenance features. These types are stacked aside when opened without any disturbance in-between the frames.

    Aluminium tilt-turn windows have two movements – horizontal and vertical movements and allow ventilation in the house with small balconies.

    The aluminium sliding window is the best choice when choosing a window that is very easy to maintain, easy to operate, and allows improvement of energy capacity through glazing. Aluminium casement windows are ideal for a very windy area because the casements are angle towards the breeze. They also provide better security since the casement is locked in the frame.

    Aluminum Sliding Windows

    Are The Aluminum Sliding Windows Energy-Efficient?

    Aluminium windows are not energy efficient because aluminium conducts heat – a big letdown in today’s energy-conscious world. However, modern aluminium windows are coupled with thermal breaks. Thus, they have low heat conduction.

    Where To Buy Aluminium Sliding Window In China?

    China has actually been dominating all a large part of the door and also window manufacturing industry as it is a significant player in almost all items we need. This currently awakened titan has several areas known in the manufacturing of windows and doors. Five of these regions are listed here.

    Guangdong– Foshan, Shenzhen, Dongguan
    Zhejiang– Ningbo, Jinhua, Hangzhou
    Jiangsu– Suzhou
    Shandong– Qingdao

    Top 10 Door and Window Manufacturers in China: The Definitive Guide

    Tips For Buying Sliding Windows

    Identify the floor plan: It is right to know the kind of aluminium that will easily fit in. For example, the kitchen is a busy room that needs ventilation, light, and also space. A public room can accommodate larger and wider windows to allow more light and ventilation.

    Budget: This is necessary when buying aluminium windows because the price will determine the quality, security, and the design of the aluminium window.

    Determine Materials and Make Quotations: this will make sure that the budget meets the design earmarked for the building.

    Confirm Design: windows add to the general beauty of the house, choose the proper design.

    Pay Deposit and Schedule Production: Your choice should always make you smile.

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