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    Benefits of Aluminum Casement Windows

    • High level of security

    • Wide variety of high-quality designs available, fitting all homes

    • Easy to clean and environment-friendly

    • They let more light into the room than other variants

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    Aluminum casement windows

    Black aluminum casement windows

    This option provides a touch of elegance and modernity to any home. A great choice for patio windows, and in general rooms that allow much light in them to bring out the elegance that black ensures. Contemporary kitchens are sure to benefit from them.

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    Tower aluminum casement windows

    Referring to a design that encompasses more than one slab of glass separated by aluminum parts, with a smaller one on top. This is the preferred choice for many traditional homes. It gives off the feeling of familiarity and friendliness, perfect for suburban houses.

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    Aluminum casement windows

    Aluminum flush casement windows

    This design is made out of separate long glass parts (usually three) that fits almost all home types, both traditional and modern. Simpler patterns (or none) are preferred when it comes to this type of window, which adds to their versatility.

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    Aluminum casement windows

    Aluminum flush casement windows

    This design is made out of separate long glass parts (usually three) that fits almost all home types, both traditional and modern. Simpler patterns (or none) are preferred when it comes to this type of window, which adds to their versatility.

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    Aluminum casement windows

    Aluminum sliding casement windows

    A perfect design for traditional style homes, that combines functionality and aesthetics. You can also save space and provide better control for airflow into your home.

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    Features & Parts of Triple Glazed Windows

    Aluminum Casement Windows for Sale

    Aluminum casement window are windows attached to aluminum frames via hinges. They are also referred to as ‘pivot windows’ since the window can be opened by hinges combined with window frames. These types of windows usually have large opening areas with good ventilation and sealing.

    Aluminum casement windows Features and Parts


    Many options exist, we will take a look at some of them:

    Handles – usually made of aluminum or zinc alloys, the most popular choices are cockspur handles, cremone handles, and double-sided pulls

    Hinges – usually, 2-leaf hinges for standard windows and 3-leaf hinges for the heavier ones are used

    Locks – multipoint locks or Euro tilt and turn systems are the most common


    Neutral colors are a common choice for this type of window.

    Black – for modern homes, if you are looking for a plus on the elegance side.

    Charcoal and gray – preferred in suburban homes and some offices for being the middle option between black and white.

    White – for that timeless look, it is the most popular choice as it can fit in most homes.

    Brown – a preferred option for traditional homes, gives your home a familiar and friendly feeling with this wood-like color.


    You can expect to pay a bit more for stronger glass, but the general idea is that you can choose between large panes or smaller elements, depending on the style of window (for example, tower windows).

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    Aluminum Casement Window Buying Guide

    Why should you choose an aluminum casement windows?

    As we may have mentioned before, aluminum casement window can be put in any room of your house, so versatility is a strong advantage. Generally, those types of windows swing open, so you do not need to worry about the problems that appear with sliding types. They also have a wide variety of designs available, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your room.

    Their superior ventilation capabilities are also appreciated. They can be opened from top to bottom completely, which will also allow more light to enter your room. All in all, those types of windows can be used in most modern or traditional homes.

    Aluminum casement windows

    What are the best Aluminum Windows?

    This is highly dependent on your situation, but let’s take a look at some of the most popular designs and where they are applied.

    Steel-like windows – Modern and elegant, a popular choice as a decoration inside many homes.

    Flush casement windows – on the more contemporary side, those types of windows are a great choice for those who want a plus of details in their homes.

    Floor-to-ceiling windows – for the more creative or bold of your, these aluminum windows let in the most light, giving a sense of spaciousness and brightness to your home. Either slim or flatline, they can also be integrated with doors, if you wish so.

    Slimline aluminum windows – a lot of options are available here, for either traditional or contemporary styles, with either square or profiled frames.

    Aluminum casement windows

    Pros and cons of aluminum casement windows


    • High security due to aluminum being a strong and durable material;
    • A wide variety of design availabilities, as this material can be easily shaped;
    • Offer great insulation and may help you save money on bills for energy and heating;
    • Long life, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them any time soon;
    • Highly resistant to the elements;
    • Very little framework necessary around the glass edge, which adds to simplicity;


    • They are on the more expensive side;
    • Some people do not like the “sterile” look, preferring wooden windows instead;
    • Susceptible to condensation, since aluminum is a good conductor of heat;
    Aluminum casement windows

    Can you put screens on casement windows?

    The problem with putting screens on casement windows is that they open outward, so the screens need to be put on the inside of the frame, but this would limit functionality if your window is opened by pushing. As a practical fix, you can install a winder, or, as a workaround, you can just use a temporary fly screen. You can also choose a retractable screen, which is installed at the top of the window frame.

    Are aluminum casement windows better than uPVC?

    A question asked by many when wanting to buy or replace their windows. Let us take a look at some similarities and differences.
    Firstly, uPVC was available on the market longer, so it’s better known. In terms of durability, both materials perform well, you can expect to replace uPVC windows once around 20-30 years, while aluminum windows don’t degrade in the same way, so you can expect around 45 years of service time.

    As a stock option, uPVC was preferred for higher thermal efficiency, but since technologies have evolved, the high conductivity of aluminum (meaning that heat can pass through easily) has been counteracted by installing so-called thermal breaks within the frames. High variations in terms of thermal efficiency can occur in both uPVC and aluminum, so it is best to check with your supplier for more accurate information.

    In terms of security, both materials are durable, so it comes down to the type of lock you have. Modern, multipoint locks will assure sufficient security. When it comes to soundproofing, similar performances can be observed. uPVC has been observed to provide slightly better soundproofing capability, but unless you live in a very noisy area, the differences will be negligible.

    These are some popular comparisons people make when talking about those materials, it is up to you to decide which would best fit your situation.

    Aluminum casement windows

    How long will aluminum casement windows last?

    Aluminum is a highly durable material, so most experts will tell you to expect around 45 years of service time when it comes to casement windows made of it. Very little maintenance is required, besides the occasional cleaning and oiling.

    Keep in mind, however, that usually no special cleaning substances, treatments, or techniques are needed to clean those windows. In harsher climates, it is common to apply a coating to protect the metal frames from corrosivity or long-time exposure to sunlight (even more so under high elevations).

    Are casement windows more expensive?

    From a material point of view, aluminum casement windows are indeed more expensive than uPVC and wood but they are also the most durable among those options. If you are to compare the other types of aluminum windows, then the casement design is actually on the cheaper side, with sash or tilt and turn types being the more expensive options.

    Aluminum casement windows

    How much do aluminum casement windows cost?

    This is, of course, highly dependent on the size you are looking for. You can, however, expect between $150-$500 for a 600×900 mm size window and around $200-$900 for a 900×1200 mm window. If you are looking to add some color to your windows, you could look to 10-15% extra, depending on the supplier and color.

    Installation costs are another factor you should consider, your supplier may offer a discount on larger orders, or, as a cheaper alternative, you can try hiring a handyman to take care of it for you. Keep in mind that if your handyman does not do a good job when installing them, additional costs may appear.

    Aluminum casement windows

    What factors should you consider when buying aluminum casement window?

    The advantages we’ve talked about apply in a general sense, as particular suppliers could provide better or worse products. If you want to see some options where you can buy such windows in China, you can take a look at our guide.  Here are a few things you should look at when buying aluminum casement windows:


    Consider whether it would be better to choose larger or smaller glass panels, slim or thick frames, and the overall design of the window. Large panels with slim frames are popular choices in both traditional and contemporary homes. This minimalistic design gives the impression of sleekness and cleanliness, which is widely appreciated. After choosing the design, you can consider the finish. The most popular choices are gray and white, which add to the minimalistic design and overall elegance of the room.


    This is highly dependent on your supplier. We can list the pros and cons of aluminum casement windows all day, but if the process of manufacturing used is not up to standards then it’s all in vain. Consider the composition of the windows, the finish, and the accreditations the company you’re buying from has received. These accreditations are a good mark upon the quality of the goods your supplier provides.


    Most modern aluminum windows are strong and durable, but again, accreditations are given as a result of an inspection conducted by a competent authority, so you should keep an eye out for them. Anything from the strength of the glass to the “easiness” of the lock is subjected to tests and given accreditation.


    Contributing to energy and heating savings is a sough-after feature that is given a lot of importance, not only by customers but also by accreditation agencies. The Swiss Minergie is one of those labels respected worldwide. Inquire about these types of labels to your supplier and see what they give you.


    The most important part, the budget of your aluminum casement window should be a result of your consideration of efficiency, quality, security, and design. A balance between those options would give you an estimate of your budget. Are you willing to sacrifice security or design for efficiency? How much are you willing to spend on quality?

    These types of questions will get you closer to a conclusion. You can consult with your supplier to make things easier, but do keep in mind that most would be looking to sell you their product as the best in the world.

    Aluminum casement windows

    Why should you choose a George window?

    We are a fast-growing company with over 14 years of experience that has already received and fulfilled many orders from different customers (you can read more about our projects on our website).

    Intelligent Manufacturing 

    George Buildings has established a comprehensive control system for all processes and systems to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials.

    Intelligent Manufacturing

    High Production Capacity & Flexibility 

    George Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around the world to ensure a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge band, hardware, and others. These important alliances seek to maintain strict quality controls at the sourcing stage.

    One-stop Shop Solution

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.


    Aluminum casement windows are a great choice for most homes and they can be fitted with additional finish to personalize them to your taste. They are sure to last your for quite a long time, so you can not go wrong with them.

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