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    Benefits of Aluminium Bifold Doors

    • You can get more natural light indoors. Opening up a huge aperture with glass doors is a brilliant way to incorporate more natural light into your home.

    • It becomes easier to blend indoor and outdoor decorations.When closed, the huge expanse of glass provides you with a wonderful view of the outdoors, and when open, a huge aperture is created to perfectly blend outside and in.

    • Meanwhile, bifold doors fold back in a concertina effect in order that they only take up a very small amount of space when opened. For compact living areas or small gardens, this is a huge benefit.

    • 10 + Years of Manufacturing Experience Factory. High Quality & Affordable

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    Rosewood Aluminium Bifold Door

    Rosewood Aluminium Bifold Door

    The color for your door matters a lot if you are keen on complimenting the rest of your home décor. Using an aluminium bifold door gives you this option as it comes in various finishes and color options.

    We should not forget that aluminium is the material for the door frame and can be given different finishing according to what you prefer. For instance, a rosewood aluminum bifold door is designed to take the texture and look of rosewood.

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     Aluminium Bifold Doors with Integral Blinds

    Aluminium Bifold Doors with Integral Blinds

    Apart from privacy, our aluminium bifold doors with integral blinds are sleek and add value to your home. Their stylish appearance is what makes them stand out among the rest. If you are looking for such doors, then we are the one-stop-shop for what suits your needs. Our design seamlessly integrates the blinds and protects them from any possible damage.

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    Click Fit Blinds for Aluminium Bifold Doors

    Click Fit Blinds for Aluminium Bifold Doors

    These door types are easy to install as the blinds easily click on the brackets at the corner of the door. It only takes a minute to install click-fit blinds on your aluminium bifold door. You can also purchase this as a set from our store. You will receive your package with the installation manual. The blinds are designed to match well with your windows.

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    8ft Aluminium Bifold Doors

    8ft Aluminium Bifold Doors

    Our aluminium bifold doors are of different types in terms of size. This is to meet the varying needs of our clients. Depending on your house design and the actual measurements of your property, you can choose this 8ft aluminium bifold door or any other size that will fit.

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    12ft Aluminium Bifold Doors

    12ft Aluminium Bifold Doors

    This is another size variant of our doors that you can consider for your commercial property or even a residential property if it fits well. Apart from the size, our 12ft aluminium bifold doors come in other variants in terms of color. While placing an order, you may need to specify the size as well as the color.

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    Aluminium Bifold Doors with Fly Screens

    Aluminium Bifold Doors with Fly Screens

    Our aluminium bifold doors are also designed with slide screens. This will be customized according to your needs. This additional feature will keep insects, dust, and other foreign objects from getting into your house. By design, the fly screens are made visible to the human eye. So, you will notice them when in front of you.

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    Brown Aluminium Bifold Doors

    Brown Aluminium Bifold Doors

    Color matching is an important aspect of home decoration. With a variety of colors and finishes, you never worry about messing up your interior and exterior design. Brown aluminium bifold doors are the most preferred as they blend well with other colors.

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    Grey uPVC Double Glazed Windows

    Grey uPVC Double Glazed Windows

    The bifold design for doors can also be replicated for windows. If you are to install aluminum bifold doors, then you can consider grey uPVC double glazed windows. A perfect match of these two will make your property aesthetically appealing.

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    Aluminium Bifold Doors for Sale

    State-of-the-art aluminium bifold door are becoming the number one choice for use in residential property and commercial property. Both homeowners and construction companies prefer these types of doors for their irresistible aesthetic value. If you are not familiar with these doors, then this article is a complete eye-opener to depend on.

    Benefits of aluminium bifold doors

    Many people now prefer aluminium bifold door for the benefits that come with this technology in real estate. In this section, we will mention some of the benefits that come with these door types. They have the following advantages:

    • You can get more natural light indoors.
    • It becomes easier to blend indoor and outdoor decorations.
    • These doors use less space as they don’t require a large room to fully open.
    • Allows for flexibility when opening as you can do partial of full opening
    • Aluminium bifold doors come with real value to your property.

    What are aluminium bifold doors?

    Aluminium bifold door open up your house to the garden so that you can enjoy outdoors while indoors. But what exactly are these doors? Aluminium is a light-weight material that has been preferred over uPVC and timber for their strength.

    The choice of material for designing bifold door depends on personal preferences. With each material having distinct features, it may not be an easy task to decide what works for your property. However, aluminium bifold door have been the best and are a major contributor to home improvement.

    Features & parts of Aluminium bifold doors

    These doors consist of different parts that work in harmony to achieve the functionality. Apart from the hardware, such as frames and panels, there are other parts that we are going to highlight here.

    Track – Tracks are needed to direct the door to move in an appropriate direction during opening and closing actions. Panels are fitted to this track through guides.

    Pivot – These are rods that connect the panel to the frame. Unlike in an ordinary door, aluminium bifold door don’t attach to the frame through hinges. One of the rods is loaded with a spring. Pivot allows the panel to rotate as desired when the door is opened or closed.

    Hinges – Aluminium bifold door have multiple panels. Panels attach to each other using hinges that permit folding of the door panels.

    Lockset – The quality of your door clock is particularly important for the safety of your property and general security. Our doors are fixed with a multi-point locking system for maximum security. The system is durable and can be easily replaced or repaired by your local technician.

    Glass panel – You can incorporate bifold doors in your new property or old property to improve its value. The glass panels of these doors are the selling point. They give you an uninterrupted view of your outdoor garden from your patio.

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    Aluminium Bifold Doors Buying Guide

    1. How do Bifold Doors Work?

    It is easier to understand how bifold doors work when you already have an idea of how it looks like. From the features and parts of these doors highlighted previously, we have key features that aid in its function.

    These are the tracks, multiple panels, hinges, and pivot. To open a bifold door, the panels are driven on their tracks and folded onto each other until the entire aperture is opened.

    This is possible as the panels are hinged to each other. Closing is the reverse of this action. The door panels are stretched following the same tracks until the entire aperture is closed. The panels are pivoted to the frame on one end and locked on the other end.

    Aluminium bifold doors

    2. Are Bifold Doors a Good Idea?

    The only way you can enjoy the beauty of your gardens from your patio and enhancing your living space at the same time is by installing a bifold door. From our own analysis, bifold doors will greatly improve the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. Without going into the cost of installation, it is the best addition to have on your property.

    3. What are the Best Types of Bifold Doors?

    There are different types of bifold doors in terms of material used in the design and the final color of the finished product. If you are going to buy one, then you may need to consider these factors. The most common materials are aluminium, uPVC, and timber. All these differ in qualities such as strength, thermal efficiency, installation cost, style, and maintenance cost.

    Aluminium bifold door are the best pick for strength and durability as it can bear the weight of the panels pivoted to it. It can also withstand the constant use with little or no maintenance. The property of uPVC and timber bifold doors can deteriorate significantly in adverse weather conditions. If not for the high cost, aluminium bifold doors are the best pick.

    aluminium bifold doors

    4. How Much do Bifold Doors Cost?

    The cost of bifold doors depends on the material used in the design and construction. While all the panels are made of glass, the frame can either be aluminium, uPVC, or timber. The cost for each of these varies greatly.

    Additional features such as blinders and screens can also affect the pricing. We also have the size of the bifold doors. Logically, 12ft aluminium bifold doors would cost more than 8ft aluminium bifold doors. Due to the wide range of costs, we are not going to commit to a particular value. With the right specifications, your local dealer will be able to tell you the accurate cost of a bifold door.

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    5. Why are Bifold Doors so Expensive?

    The cost of bifold doors varies depending on several factors that you probably know by now. Apart from the material and size, much of the cost is affected by the complex manufacturing process. Unlike an ordinary door, you need more material and advanced technology to produce a bifold door. This is what is reflected in the cost.

    Grey uPVC double glazed windows

    6. Are Bifold or Sliding Doors Cheaper?

    The cost of these two types of bifold doors varies depending on the size and design. The cost is roughly the same for both if small bifold doors are considered. However, as the size increases, sliding bifold doors become more expensive. Why? With a few panes, big units of glass are required that are very expensive.

    7. Which is Better: Bifold or Sliding Doors?

    Both bi-fold and sliding doors are great features to have on your property. To choose one, you have to consider the key differences between the two. To give you a clear picture, let us briefly describe what the two doors look like.

    Bifold doors, as the name suggests, fold back against each other as the panels are hinged side by side. They need a small space as the door panels along the tracks on the floor or ceiling or both. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are mostly made of two large panels that slide sideways with no extra space required. If your door aperture is large, then it will be cheaper to go the bifold way.

    aluminium bifold doors

    8. Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Better than uPVC?

    Apart from the high cost of aluminium bifold doors, they are more superior to uPVC bifold doors. The following are the advantages of aluminium bi-fold doors over uPVC type:

    • Last longer, especially when powder-coated.
    • Require little maintenance.
    • Don’t warp in extreme weather conditions.
    • Comes in more color variants.
    • Provides a wider angle of view as frames can be made thinner.

    9. Do Bi-fold Doors Open in or out?

    Bifold doors are very flexible when it comes to the way they open. You can have it opening inwards or outwards depending on what you need. Our aluminium bifold doors give you this flexibility.

    aluminium bifold doors

    10. Will Bifold Doors Add Value to the House?

    Yes, definitely! Realtors are already using this technique to improve the value of properties before reselling. Bifold doors add both aesthetic value and monetary value.

    If you want to open your home to your garden and to blend both indoor and outdoor space, then the best way to do it is through aluminium bifold doors.

    11. How to Install Aluminium Bifold Doors Step by Step?

    You can professionally install your bifold doors in just four simple steps. However, you need to prepare appropriately for the four steps to be successful. First, you need to measure the space where the doors will be fitted accurately. You will be required to submit this measurement along with other spec8ification when placing your order. You can then follow the following steps to have the door in place:

    -Soak the gasket in a warm soapy water

    -Install the frame as in the instruction manual and check that all the corners are square

    -Toe and heel every sealed unit to prevent sashes from falling

    -Install the threshold gaskets last.

    Additionally, your bifold door package will be delivered with the instruction manual that you can refer to. You can also find more information from other sources to supplement what you already know.

    12. Choosing the Best Material for Your Bifold Doors

    We have already talked about three main material types that are used in the design or bifold doors: aluminium, uPVC, and timber. Which is the best? We have already given the verdict on this earlier.

    Aluminium is the best option if you are working with an average budget. It is more expensive than uPVC but cheaper than timber. Aluminium is preferred for its durability, low maintenance, many color variants, and can be made slimmer for a large view.

    13. Bifold Door Sizes

    The size of your aperture and tracks will determine what the size of your bifold door will be. After knowing the right size, then you can easily decide what the size of each panel is. The panel size ranges from 800mm to 1200mm though you can have a small door panel, as small in size as 600mm. There is a limit to how many door panels can there be in a single frame. This value depends on the material chosen for the frame construction.

    The frame and other profiles also vary in size. As an advice, you can go for a slim frame and other door profiles that allow maximum light to pass through and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Aluminium is the best fit in this regard.

    aluminium bifold door

    14. Which Operating System for Bifold Doors?

    We have two operating systems for bifold doors: top-hung and bottom-rolling. This basically refers to the technology that holds the weight of the door. Here is what you need to know about both:

    Top-hung pros:

    • No lodging of leaves and other materials on top tracks
    • Can bear much of the weight of the operating system in the frame head

    A Top-hung system requires a strong beam to carry the weight of the entire door.

    Bottom-rolling pros:

    • Easier to install
    • Does not require a strong beam as in top-hung

    Since the tracks are on the floor, the movement of the panes can be affected by the leaves and other particles.

    Aluminium bifold doors

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    15. Bifold Door Configurations

    Up to this stage, you should have known the size of the bifold door that you want and the number of panels needed. You are advised to keep an odd number of door panels for a better look and complete opening. We have different bifold door configurations that can suit you. You can consider using blinds or screening bifold doors, or any other customized feature that you need.

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