Tips to Avoid Coronavirus Outbreak While Taking Business Trip to China


With new cases of the coronavirus being increasingly diagnosed in various locations, it’s hard to predict where it will pop up next. China, South Korea, Italy and Iran have reported significant numbers of cases and are doing their best to contain the threat.

But one thing is for certain: the disease has already become a huge obstacle for foreign trade industry. Are you preparing for a business travel to China or having booked business meetings to China? Is it safe to come to China during the coronavirus outbreak?

Here are some tips to know more about significant effects on coronavirus outbreak in China. We need to obviously keep ourselves informed and updated on the coronavirus situation in order to plan safe and successful business trips and protect ourselves in China.

So here are some answers to questions that may capture your attention:

Question 1: How is the coronavirus in China now?

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Chinese government has been taking proactive measures to contain the spreading of the virus, including shutting down all transportation in some severe cities, extending the Spring Festival holiday, canceling celebrations for Chinese New Year and public gatherings activities, delays on returning to work and etc.

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So far, there have been nearly 78,000 confirmed cases and 2,600 deaths. Over 28,000 people have recovered from the illness. The number of confirmed new cases in China appears a continuous decline and more and morepatients are being cured.

It is really an exciting and inspiring news that the first batch of vaccines against the novel coronavirus has produced antibodies and undergone animaltesting.(updated February 25, 2020)

Question 2: Can the business trip to China continue as planned?

The coronavirus outbreak is continuing to disrupt travel to China due to cancellation of airlines, closure of hotels, and etc. Many domestic and international airlines have announced the decrease and suspense on flights to China.

Expectations are that the situation will be under control next month.

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For those who have not yet decided must-come, the best advice is to continue to observe the coronavirus situation with Chinese government working hard. It is better to come when the epidemic is stable and life returns to normal.

For those who decide they must travel for business meetings, we strongly recommend wearing a face-mask, washing hands frequently and sitting at least one meter away from each other.

Question 3: When will the factories and enterprises resume work?

Recently, factories and enterprises have resumed work one after another. Also, there are some enterprises choosing to work from home out of health and safety.

After the resumption of work, factories and enterprises have taken active protection measures. They conducts a comprehensive cleaning, disinfects every corner to ensure hygiene of workplace. In addition, they also prepare adequate medical masks and other protective devices for production and employees to ensure the health of all personnel.

Question 4: Is the logistics from China safe?

There is likely very low risk of spreading from products that are shipped for days or weeks in ambient temperature.

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. The principal mode of transmission is still thought to be respiratory droplets. And there’s no evidence that supports transmission of this coronavirus is associated with the imported goods.

Question 5: Will trade shows be postponed /canceled due to pneumonia?

The answer is it depends. We have searched valuable information of these trade shows in China for your reference.

①Canton Fair:

The official of Canton Fair hasn’t released any announcement about the date fix or delay yet. You can visit the official website to get the updates, or we will inform you in the first time on our official website.

②China International Furniture Fair:

The organizers have taken the decision to postpone the 45th CIFF Guangzhou until a later date. The fairs were originally scheduled for March 18-21 in Guangzhou. New date will be notified in due course. Any updates can visit CIFF website or get the latest news from us.

Question 6: How do I stay safe when visiting China during this special period?

Keeping healthy and safe is one of the most important things no matter where you are, including while you are on your business trips to China.Staying safe in China is about paying close attention and extreme caution to the common problem.

①Wear a face-mask

Wearing face-masks has become a common necessity during the coronavirus crisis. The role of masks is stop coughing and breathing from spreading the virus and remind wearers not to touch their face with unwashed hands.

②Wash hands frequently

The most important way of stopping the spread of germs is by washing hands thoroughly, and avoiding touching the eyes or mouth. Focus on washing between the fingers, finger tips and under the nails.

wash yourh hands

③Avoid to go to the crowded places

Densely crowded places are very dangerous, for it is easy to contract the virus when it is not clear whether other people is completely healthy. Please stay on guard. Cluttered cases confirmed in China in the earlier stage were caused by family gatherings or gathering activities.

④ Stay informed

Stay informed on the latest developments about novel coronavirus and follow advice given by national and local public health authority on how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus.

It must be acknowledged that the economic losses caused by this epidemic are very large, and all business plans are disrupted. However, the good news is that the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade industry or certain companies.

For us, we have just restructured and expanded the scope of our online business in the year of 2020.

Please feel free to contact us. We are always here for you.

Finally, wish you health and safety and all is well with you and your family.

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