Importing Building Material from China -George Buildings

Importing Building Material from China -George Buildings

I. Who We Are

  • World-class One-stop Building Project Solutions Provider in China

George Buildings Company is your one-stop building materials supplier and service provider. We are the ultimate source for all your building material needs for your big and small construction or renovation projects. With our comprehensive custom solutions, your commercial and residential building projects are sure to be completed to your satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is our priority, devoting time, energy and resources to create maximum value for our customers. Our clients come from all over the world, from the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. Our main clients are from Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

As an integrated solutions provider, we have our factory and showroom/ exhibition hall that are both located in Foshan City in Guangdong Province, China. Visit our 10,000-square meter showroom, where you’ll find thousands of styles of building materials and building decoration materials.

  • One-Stop-Shop Source of Building Materials and Building Decorations

While other companies focus on a single product or service, like kitchen cabinets only, or lighting products only, we want to make things a lot easier for you by giving you everything you need for your construction projects, all under one roof. We have cabinets, wardrobes, doors and windows, lights, tiles, bathrooms, curtains, wood floors, marble, and many more.

Get all your building materials as well as building decoration materials from one source, George Buildings, a well-established business with clients all over the world. So you won’t waste time, effort and money to talk and negotiate with multiple suppliers in different locations.

  • One-Stop-Shop Solutions Provider

We don’t stop at delivering all the products you need for your building project. Being a one-stop shop solutions provider, we offer job site measurements, design solutions, engineering construction, materials selection and purchase, whole house customization, on-site installation and guidance, after-sales service, as well as project management.

Since the start of business operations in 2006, George Buildings has maintained its distinction of providing high-quality products and services at affordable prices to local and international clients looking to build and furnish their own houses, apartment units or apartment buildings, hotels, and also commercial establishments.

  • All-in-One Solutions Provider for Your Building Projects

It’s never easy to undertake any kind of building project. But you don’t have to get too stressed out dealing with many suppliers and service providers from different places all at the same time.

Save money and save your sanity! Get more product quality guarantees and more value-added services. You only have to do business with one company to make your dream house or dream building a reality.

Choose George Buildings, the world’s leading integrated solution provider of building materials and decoration materials.

II. What We Are Good At

Company Highlights

?CAD home design ?Online 3D showroom ?World-class suppliers & partners ?Engineering quality warranty

Main Products

Our main products include aluminum windows, wooden doors, kitchen cabinets, staircases, bathroom products and home furnitures.

All of which can be customized according to your needs. Aside from the main products, we carry the entire industry chain of decorative building materials, including stone, lighting, soft clothing, paint, doors and windows, wood flooring, cabinets, and wardrobes.

III. Project Experience

Our company’s extensive project experience extends to both personal cases solutions and project construction where we provide professional guidance and support to new and long-term clients.

Project Case 1:


home decoration project:

Client: Li Yi (Malaysian)

Category: home decoration villa

Style: Retro British

Area: 350 ㎡ 1 floor, 3 floors in total

Address: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

?Project story:

Li Yi’s family of 7, all living in Malaysia, places great value on their family. Influenced by her youngest son who is an architect in the UK, she likes British style design very much. She hopes that her villa can be unique in the whole of Kuala Lumpur. After half a year’s design proposals and adjustments, she finally confirms the internal and external design scheme of the whole villa. In 2019, she confirmed the details of all products and arranged production.

?Project progress:

Product and design implementation. Stone and door and window production ongoing. George Buildings-contracted installation is expected to be completed in June 2020, followed by indoor product installation guidance.

Malaysia Villa Project
Malaysia home project
Malaysia home decoration project
Malaysia home decoration project
Project Case 2:

?Project story:

Project owner Dr Abu Ali is the director of a Saudi multinational energy company. He travels to China several times a year. Through referrals of old customers from Saudi Arabia, we met in March 2019. He came to our company headquarters in Jihua Fourth Road for detailed discussions, including design concepts, product types, production processes, installation and after-sales guidelines.

Seeing our professional service and reliable quality, he arranged a vacation after returning to Saudi Arabia and signed a contract with the family.

In September 2019, George Building Materials team arrived in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. We did on-site surveys of the specific conditions of the project, and communicated with the customers face-to-face about their needs. The designers on site had a better understanding of what the ideal home is in the minds of their customers. We aim to make the owner’s wishes a reality through our professional design and quality materials.

?Project progress:

The customer is delighted with the design, although the structure is not yet 100% complete. In March 2020, we confirm the product size and construction details with the customer’s construction engineer, and then schedule production, delivery, and installation instructions.




Saudi Arabia

home improvement projects:

Client: Dr Abu Ali

Category: Home improvement villa

Style: Simple European style

Area: 450㎡ on the first floor, totaling 2 floors (excluding basement and garden)

Address: Dammam, Saudi Arabia




Saudi Arabia Villa
Saudi Arabia Villa
Saudi Arabia Villa
Project Case 3:








home improvement project:

Customer: MRS. Ubol

Category: Home improvement villa

Style: European classical

Area: about 200 square meters per floor, total 2 floors

Address: Bangkok, Thailand







?Project story:

At the end of July 2019, the customer’s family traveled to Foshan to visit the store and see the furniture mall. They were interested in the stair handrails and outdoor balcony fences. After seeing the prototype in the exhibition hall and the company’s scale, a preliminary cooperation intention was established. But due to the customer’s lack of dimensions we were unable to provide a quotation on the spot.

In September, the customer’s first model of the new house was completed. Our colleagues were invited to the site to carry out on-site size measurement and style design. After my colleagues arrived at the destination, they spent 3 working days carrying out the dimensional measurement and style design work. They also provided product quotes on the spot, and the transaction was finally completed successfully.

In December of the same year, the construction team of George Building Material Mall sent a professional installation master to the local area for product installation.

In October 2019, the team from George Building Materials set off for the Thailand customer site, where they measured the size of the stairs and the fence area, and negotiated the order and construction details.

During the construction phase, the domestic and foreign teams worked simultaneously. The foreign team immediately gave feedback to the design team at the domestic headquarters after the site survey of the dimensional data and synchronized the design. They then provided the customers with accurate quotes by determining the style and size on the spot. This saved customer’s time and cost of coming to China. The customer confirms the order on site and pays a 30% deposit.

At the end of November 2019, all products were completed. George Building Materials Inspection QC is responsible for final confirmation of product color and style with customers online through pictures and videos. The customer arranged the final payment and then we made shipping arrangements.

IV. Service We Provide

In December 2019, all products were delivered to the customer site. George Building Materials team set out again to do on-site product installation for customers to avoid problems with difficult installation and wrong dimensions. It took 3 days to complete the installation of the stair railing and balcony fence.

1) Design

After we receive your house or building illustrations, George Buildings’ design team will create a unique design that fits your requirements in terms of space usage, budget, and personal preferences.

Our designers can provide 3D rendering with recommended materials, as well as comprehensive design detailing. We also offer fully-coordinated working drawings to make sure the materials to be purchased can be installed and used at the end of the project.

Armed with decades of industry experience, we can provide proposals with different cost levels, so you can get what you really want at competitive prices while staying within your budget and not giving up the quality that you need.

Service Process——

Contact us to make an appointment to discuss your project requirements where we check and confirm what you need in terms of materials and services.

You choose your preferred decoration style.

➡️We make a preliminary design plan within three (3) days.

➡️You sign the contract and make a payment deposit.

➡️We make the necessary adjustments in the house or building design plan within one (1) week.

➡️Our main designer will accompany the owner, owner’s representative or sourcing agent in the selection and purchase of building materials.

➡️We will give you updates on the progress of the production process.

➡️We provide 3-stage project supervision and installation guidance.

➡️Contact our 24-hour online customer service center whenever you need assistance.

Customized design——

Here at George Buildings, we recognize our clients’ personal needs and celebrate their distinctive style. Whether you prefer minimalist designs or elaborate and intricate styles, our talented designers respect our clients’ design preferences. We will integrate our clients’ preferences and space requirements to create beautiful, functional spaces, knowing that we have available building materials and manpower expertise to make it all possible.

customized design

2) Purchasing

Not sure what’s the right type of materials you should use for your building project? Don’t worry! Our resident experts at George Buildings will guide you through the selection and purchasing process to make sure that you buy only the right materials to fit your requirements, and also your budget.

3) Packaging

When it’s time to have your building materials shipped, George Buildings will provide packaging services to make sure your building materials arrive safely and securely in their destination. We use sturdy packing materials so you won’t have to worry about your materials being damaged while in transit.

4) Delivery and Shipment

George Buildings looks forward to handling the delivery and shipment of your building materials: from our factory to the port of loading, during ocean shipping, and upon arrival at the destination port.

With our logistics expertise, we provide you with competitive sea freight, timely customs clearance, cargo tracking and insurance service to ensure that your building materials arrive at the destination safely and on time.

delivery & shipment

You only have to provide your destination port address and contact information, then confirm the arrival time of the materials at the port of destination, and we’ll take care of the rest.

5) Installation

Our engineers provide on-site installation guidance with a deep understanding of the scope of the triangle principle: time, cost, and quality.

Local Installation Service-

Contact George Buildings to inquire if we have local partners in your area that will install whatever building materials you need installed. You will be charged all related costs.

George Installation Service-

George Buildings will make arrangements to have an experienced installation team from headquarters go to your location to assemble the building materials for your home or business. You will be charged all related costs.

DIY Guide

A good way to save money is to install the building materials on your own. That is, if you have handyman skills, and you’re the type of person who takes pride in building things by yourself. If you’re sure you definitely want to go the Do It Yourself or DIY route, George Buildings will provide you with a DIY installation guide. Just ask for assistance.

6) Warranty

George Buildings not just provides quality building materials, but also topnotch after-sales service, making sure that you enjoy and benefit from your building projects for a long time.

Warranty Procedure

1. After filing a warranty claim, the faulty parts will either be repaired or replaced, depending on our evaluation. We reserve the right to replace defective parts with parts of equal or greater value.

2. If you file a warranty claim after a product becomes obsolete or is discontinued, George Buildings will replace the defective component with a replacement part of a similar style based on availability at the time of claim.

V. Quality We Guarantee

1) Product Details

George Buildings has established a comprehensive control system for all processes and systems to ensure the production of the highest quality building materials. From the very beginning of our business operations, every building material coming from the production floors of George Buildings meets strict international quality and environmental standards.

2) Certifications & Guarantee

2 to 5 years limited warranty for buildings materials

George Buildings provides 2 to 5 years limited warranty from the date of purchase for all its building materials. All our hardware can be used for up to 20 years. Even our small accessories come with a limited warranty.

3) National Certification in Eco-friendly standards

George Buildings manages all processes and systems affecting quality. All our building materials comply with emission class E1, pass tests with European Chamber method EN 717-1 for formaldehyde emissions, and meet the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions standards.

4) Top suppliers worldwide


George Buildings has formed strategic partnerships with leading suppliers around the world to ensure a continuous supply of machinery, panels, edge band, hardware, and others. These important alliances seek to maintain strict quality controls at the sourcing stage.

5) Hundreds of tests in all George products

We have enacted a comprehensive list of quality standards aligned with European standards, and built a structural quality management system that ensures that these standards are kept on track. We manage each process that has an impact on quality. George Buildings conducts more than 500 tests annually in its well-equipped test labs and third-party testing centers.

VI. Quality Control System We Establish

No one wants inferior building materials that constantly need repair and replacement because you waste a lot of time, money and resources.

George Buildings upholds its commitment to the highest quality standards. We established a professional Quality Control system to ensure strict compliance to quality standards. This system enables the company to be cost-efficient and eco-friendly, able to provide building materials that can withstand years and years of use.

1)Environmentally Friendly

George Buildings follows strict criteria in selecting its raw materials to ensure strict compliance with worldwide environmental standards. We continuously monitor every step of our business process, from sourcing, manufacturing, to finishing and shipping, to make sure that all systems, products and services are in compliance with EU, USA, Japan, Australia & New Zealand standards.

2)Human Health Control


George Buildings remains faithful in its commitment to deliver to you, your family, business organizations, and communities a healthier environment. All our raw materials and manufacturing processes meet Euro E1 standard, the symbol of quality life.


George Buildings is composed of a dedicated team of 200 people working in design, engineering, sales, after-sales service, and other engineering details to serve our customers’ varying needs.

1)Experienced Sales Team

Our sales team has over 16 years of foreign trade experience. This valuable experience gives them a deep understanding of foreign trade procedures, from receiving orders to facilitating deliveries.

Knowing that the global market has different types of customers, we currently have 3 sales teams serving different customer types: retail customers, commercial project contractors, and franchisers. In every sales team, we assign different sales representatives to different countries and regions. As experts in our respective fields, we work to meet the specific needs of different customers.

While we maintain three separate sales teams, the company fosters a strong sense of teamwork. This enables all teams to collaborate and cooperate harmoniously to deliver excellent customer service. We strive to regularly improve our services, processes, and systems to empower our professional sales staff to find the best solutions for our customers.

2)Professional Design Team

George Buildings design team boasts of extensive design experience. Our designers regularly do research to learn design styles and concepts from different countries and regions. We always keep ourselves updated and follow international trends. We are strongly committed to providing customers with integrated home consulting services.

Our design team here in China has been collaborating with Italian designers and suppliers to enhance its global competency. Combining the latest aesthetics and functionality, we create inspiring spaces tailored to customers’ wishes, to bring them infinite enjoyment.

Our creative designers use updated professional design tools in their daily work, to boost their skills in creating artistic effects, including 2020, 3D MAX, CAD, KD MAX, among others.

3Ds Max
Sketch Up

3) Strict Quality Control Team

Perfection is the guiding philosophy of George Building’s quality control team.

We have enacted a comprehensive list of quality standards aligned with European standards, and built a structural quality management system that ensures that these standards are kept on track. We manage each process that has an impact on quality, including:

1️⃣Selection and assessment of suppliers

2️⃣Inspection of raw materials, spare parts and finished products

3️⃣Product design and development

4️⃣Shipment and installation

5️⃣Documentation management

George Buildings conducts more than 500 tests annually in its well-equipped test labs and third-party testing centers.

4) After Sales Service Team

Customer Satisfaction will always be George Building’s the first priority. We take pride in providing our customers first-rate service with fast response times, appropriate solutions, and efficient on-site disposal.

Our After Sales Service Team will assist you in all your after-sales needs. We are ready to help you anywhere in the world, as we work together with our partner distributor service agents located in different parts of the world.

Services performed by our After Sales Service Team:

1️⃣Installation guidance

2️⃣Equipment commissioning

3️⃣Preventative product maintenance

4️⃣Providing spare parts


Note: Some fees will be added accordingly. Please send us an email if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about our products and services.

VIII. How to Become a Project Dealer

George Buildings is expanding worldwide, and we want to become your business partner as your preferred building materials supplier!

We’re looking to provide our quality building materials at the best prices to meet the global need for building materials projects. Thousands of developers, contractors, distributors, and retailers have chosen George Buildings and have become our long-term business partners.

Here’s your chance to capture the market and make big money! George Buildings is looking for franchisees worldwide.

Take advantage of our decades of successful experience of providing integrated solutions in the construction industry, with our strong team of more than 300 product specialists, designers and engineers. Your strong local social network and powerful marketing influence mean more effective local marketing strategies and more convenient local service to serve the needs of customers in your local market.

Together, we’re stronger. Together, we win the market.

Join us. Contact us now.

Requirements for Project Dealer Applicants:

  1. Applicant must have more than two years’ experience in construction material business, or possess excellent resources in the local real estate market
  2. Applicant must own a showroom of more than 100 square meters
  3. Applicant must have more than adequate funds for operations and project orders;
  4. Applicant must have a business operations team and a team to deal with after-sales problems.

Benefits and Support for Project Dealer:

  • Preferential Price for Project Dealer: Discount for showroom sample & project product
  • VI/SI Design Support of Showroom
  • Training Support for Operation Team
  • Subsidy Support for Advertising Fee

6 Steps to Become A George Buildings Project Dealer:

Global Project Agent Recruiting


To apply, fill out the dealer information form.


We introduce the company to you, then tell you what steps to take to be a George Buildings dealer. We then investigate the real estate market and projects in the applicant dealer’s local market.


The applicant visits the George Buildings headquarters, factory, and showroom to learn about our quality standards and production capacity.


We conduct dealer qualification evaluation.


Upon positive result of evaluation, the applicant pays the deposit for dealer training and operations support.


We then proceed to contract signing.

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