Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash PLUS 15 of Fabulous Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash PLUS 15 Stunning Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen backsplash before was just meant to satisfy its function — to serve as protection against splatters, stains, and damage on your wall. But today’s culture has now given the kitchen the design privilege that is to very much deserve. Now there are wider options for your backsplash design. You may want to modify based on material, style, color, and even texture. You can get lost in the choices of available kitchen backsplashes than your main countertop.

Finalizing your backsplash design is one of the most crucial home renovation or construction decisions you need to make. After all, this is what you will have to face the whole time you’re cooking or doing the dishes. You wouldn’t want to be one to experience that thing called buyer’s remorse decades down the road.

Below are some of the trendiest examples of backsplashes available in the market.

I. 10 Best Kitchen Backsplash: Quick View

1. Glass Tile Backsplash

The characteristic translucence of glass makes it an easy choice for backsplash tile material. With its contemporary appeal coupled with the endless color variations, one can never go wrong with glass tiles. Its ability to reflect light is also one feature this material is known for since it gives the kitchen an illusion of entended space.

If you have a glass tile backsplash installed in your home, then you’re one who is lucky to get away with cleaning easily. Splatters and grime can be wiped off with just a few dabs of soapy and water. No fuss, really! Another plus for this type of kitchen backsplash is that glass is not a breeding ground for icky mold and mildew since it does not really absorb anything.

Aesthetically, a glass backsplash can give you that shinier and more contemporary appeal you are going for. This is a perfect complement to your modern property amid the city. With the seamless look and non-porous surface, it is no wonder why many go for this option for their kitchen decor when renovating or building a house. It also provides an option to add color and more vibrancy to your kitchen. Almost all glass providers offer coloring services that will help you achieve that matching look.

Glass Tile Backsplash

2. Subway Tile Backsplash

Maybe you are worried about kitchen space or you have a particular design aesthetic, subway tiles are a foolproof accessory for your kitchen plan. This design is very much like the tiles along with the subway stops of New York City. Since the start of the 20th century, this design has always been a crowd favorite — and for many valid reasons, that is. The first is cost. You won’t give a bang for your buck and get faced with exorbitant fees when you choose this option. Besides, subway tiles are easy to maintain. Stains and splatters are just a wipe away.

2. Subway Tile Backsplash

Clothes believe that subway tiles are boring. But these tiles have a timeless appeal that is to die for. This particular style never goes out of style. These rectangular-shaped tiles usually come in white, simple yet elegant. But if you want to add some flair, there are colored varieties of subway tiles as well. Whether you want the classic white blank canvass or the colored hues, subway tiles have that distinct versatility that can work for your — or your kitchen’s advantage.

This design principle can do wonders as your kitchen backsplash. Subway tiles can be used for kitchen spaces from those with a rustic appeal to contemporary interiors and even to houses that sport chic and ultra-modern style. You’re lucky that a modish wave of subway tile looks is available in a wide range of shades, measurements, and realistic forms.

3. Brick Backsplash

If you are worried about an exposed brick wall in your kitchen area, do not fret because you can make use of this to glam the space up. Veer away from the stone tile kitchen backsplash trend that others went wild over and appreciate the rugged appeal of revealed brick.

No bricks to expose but want this style? Install thin-layered brick veneers as your kitchen backsplash instead. For sure this will elevate your house’s architectural charisma up a notch. Do take note however that the upkeep of brick backsplash is more difficult than its non-porous and smooth tile counterparts. But bricks also show lesser spots and stains. So what are you waiting for? Consider this design and make the most of the distressed glamour from a brick kitchen backsplash.

3. Brick Backsplash

4. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaics are a widely-approved option not only because of the varying styles but also the wide range of colors available. A mosaic is a group of tiles set in a pattern and glued to a piece of mesh. The mesh is often glass, stone, or a mixture of the two. The purpose of the mesh is to ensure that the tiles maintain a uniform pattern. Although you can place each tile individually, the use of the mesh if preferred for DIY projects.

4. Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Mosaic is one that is raved about by most people who want to add a kitchen backsplash. This is because this particular type adds personality and distinct style to their house. After all, eye-catching focal points may not be only limited to the living room but can be placed well in the cooking area.

Some kitchen projects make use of a collage of colored tiles which attracts many visitor’s attention. To achieve the stunning effect, mosaic tiles with the same patterns or tiles with entirely mixed designs and prints may be used. With the extensive design offered by mosaic tiles, even the simplest of kitchen renovations and redesign can translate into sensational works of art.

5.Stone Backsplash

Natural stone backsplashes are now viable options for kitchen renovations. Having a stone kitchen backsplash installed in your house is equivalent to unmatched design aesthetics. These backsplashes are classic and the seamless look, especially of slabs of stone works well with modern-day style. You can easily spot stone backsplashes in contemporary and transitional kitchens that scream for added value.

Marble and granite are two of the most common materials for stone backsplashes. Countertops are commonly made of these two, but if you have the moola, who says you can’t have them as your backsplashes too? From large marble plates to wee-sized tiles, there are countless ways you can install marble into your countertop or backsplash. But no matter how big of a material you use, marble will always be a statement piece in your cooking space.

Stone is a natural material and being such means they come in with a hefty price tag. Compared to other types of tiles, they surely are more expensive options for you. But once you decide to install them to your homes, make sure you seal them regularly as part of the surface maintenance and quality check.

5. Stone Backsplash

6. Copper Backsplash

Staying in the “hot trends” list for quite some time now are the metallics. Brass and stainless steel are usually incorporated in some backsplashes especially those which go for the modern vibe. But you definitely cannot ignore the captivating appeal of copper. You may have noticed that more and more designers and homeowners alike have grown to be captivated by copper over the past years. This is true because this material can revitalize your kitchen space and make it more than just your ordinary cooking spot.

5. Stone Backsplash

Copper can blend well in any kitchen style from the classic one to the rustic ones with sleek and stylish features. So will not be wrong if you want to go for this metal. You can surely combine durability and visual appeal to your kitchen design. Plus, you can opt to add texture or patterns in your design and not just be content with the usual smooth backsplash.

Turn your boring kitchen into an amazing space by using the copper backsplash as your canvass! There is an array of modifications from punches to scars, dents, and textured designs, for sure this will surely provide visual interest. Just look at the available designs online and let your creative juices flow.

7. Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

You may have probably seen penny tiles in the bathroom one so many times. But this design can also be used in the kitchen to shake up the look of that area in your house.

Vintage-lovers go gaga over penny tiles as they consider the charm of this style perfect for their modern space. More often, you can find white or light-colored penny tiles used with dark grout. This makes the tile pop out visually. Should you want a more vibrant touch, bright colors are available for your liking. For sure this will make your kitchen look more dynamic and playful.

7. Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash

8. Metal Backsplash

8. Metal Backsplash

For those who are leaning towards a more modern aesthetic, a metal tile backsplash is the best option there is. Stainless steel, for example, gives a more manly and industrial design. Bronze, on the other hand, is for those whose taste is more rustic. Just like stone backsplashes, metal will also cost you hundreds of dollars. But if you have the means, then, by all means, accessorize your kitchen with a metal backsplash.

A metal panel kitchen backsplash is low cost and low maintenance if done correctly. They are generally heat-resistant but can still form rust and may dent or scratch easily. Find your trusted supplier who can repair the dents and make the job easier for you. Lastly, make sure you know the proper ways to care for this before deciding to install them.

9. Peel and Stick Backsplash

Want to restyle your home but don’t have enough funds? This one is the savior of all home renovations noobs. This may come in plastic or vinyl and often have adhesive on the backside.

With just the naked eye, won’t know that this isn’t’ the real thing as it mimics the look of the actual tile. Such an innovative treasure for home improvement DIYers and neophytes. Forget about grout, mortar, or all the mess involved in the installation!

Peel and stick backsplash is both functional and stylish without the trouble of messy installation. Just measure the area of the kitchen backsplash then carefully choose from type: vinyl, metal, glass, stone, or gel and you’re good to go. It’s surely a quick update that fits the bill.

9. Peel and Stick Backsplash

10. Stove Backsplash

10. Stove Backsplash

Are you one who is inclined to install accent tile or backsplash behind your stovetop and hood vent? This is not illegal in any way so make the most of this freedom by scoring the best design there is. Save yourself from the hassle of cleaning grease, steam, and other unwanted elements that come from your cooktop.

Install a stove backsplash and you’ll never regret it.

This surface collects any splotches of liquid and grease swirls you make inevitably as you cook. Stove backsplashes are built to stretch close to the width of your stovetop and the height of the space between your stove and the cabinets above it. Stove backsplashes come in different forms and styles but its main function remains the same. Having this will for sure level up your cooking experience.

II. 4 Steps for Choosing the Best Kitchen Backsplash

From old-fashioned metal tile backsplashes, kitchen backsplash has indeed developed in more ways. The endless options of materials, metals, designs, shades, hues, textures and sizes is enough to mess with your head. It is always best to narrow the options rather than allowing yourself to be wallowed in all the confusion. Good places to start are your personal preferences for price, design , location and treatment. After all, it will always be your house, your choice.

1. Pick the Right Material

The material you choose for your backsplash lays the groundwork for your kitchen’s design and style. Planning to go with a rustic look? Then do away from polished, sleek-looking tiles and opt for the more gritty look instead. To achieve this, score the best looking brick or tumbled stone from your local home improvement store.

Glass, stainless steel, metal, and various kinds of tile are but a few of the most common materials for kitchen backsplashes. Apart from design and aesthetics, consider upkeep and maintenance as well. Mosaic tiles may be a sight to behold but they are relatively harder to clean than larger tiles. Glass and ceramic tiles don’t usually require special attention once the grout is sealed during installation. Cement or clay on the other hand will need some lovin’ so seal them regularly.

2. Decide the Tile Design

Once you’ve chosen the material, the next step is to delve into the design. Consider the overall appeal of your home. Is it eclectic and forgiving for occasional splashes of personality? Or does it adhere to the minimalist concept? Let the style of your home drive your decision on patterns and the color of your kitchen backsplash.

It is also helpful to compare available tile options before you buy those truckloads of tiles. Traditional vs. bold and statement pieces. If the design suits you, try mixing and matching materials and get the better of two worlds. No rule says you can only stick to one particular style or design. Stand out and make the most of your design freedom.

2. Tile Design

3. Think About the Backsplash Height

Is your house, or particularly your kitchen area boasting of high ceilings? What are you waiting for? Bring it into play by installing a countertop to ceiling backsplash. For sure you can transform a bare wall into an eye-catching focal point. Behind the cooktop is a best place for full-height backsplash as this is an area with most of the action going on. This may be cost-effective for you in the long run too as it lessens the wear and tear.

For lighter work areas, you may consider using shorter backsplash. These installations may stretch from counters up to your cabinets or shelves. The average height for such is 18 inches but then again, you are at liberty to extend it to the ceiling if need be.

4. Consider Your Countertops

Just like in every part of your house, the kitchen also has its own focal point. What is it for your kitchen? Is it your specially-crafted cabinets or your imported and uniquely-designed countertop? Allow your backsplash to complement these showpieces. Doing so will hold the whole look of your kitchen together.

4. Countertop Backsplash

Fortunately, there seem to be more choices for kitchen backsplashes than there are for worktops. This may complicate zeroing in on the right product for you. Selecting the kitchen countertop material first is one of the techniques to make your decision a lot simpler. If you happen to fall in love with a certain backsplash cloth, of course, then use it as your starting point and pick a countertop that will complement it perfectly.

Some initially choose countertops first and let everything else in their kitchen follow for its aesthetic. On one hand, others ensure that they have a characteristic backsplash then just let everything else go along with it. But you can replace either at some point so just don’t make a fuss and just enjoy the process of home improvement. Playful mosaic paired with a plain countertop or subway tiles that go well with the neutral vibe, you decide.

III. 15 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That will Chic Your Kitchen

1. Countertop-to-Ceiling Tiles Backsplash


Countertop-to-Ceiling Tiles

Instead of a minimal backsplash, the new kitchen and bath models showcase floor-to-ceiling paneling. Can’t have your backsplash tile design enough? The backsplash with the entire-wall should satisfy you because it is indeed a sight to behold! Full-wall backsplashes move up to the ceiling instead of just ending at a certain point. This gives you more wall protection and more to enjoy as well.

Run a tile up to the ceiling instead of just making a backsplash. That way, it has much more of an impression. The subway tiles complement both the formal, sophisticated elements as well as the more relaxed and open sections.


Match Island

One effective design you can use is to match your kitchen island with your backsplash. To complete the whole look, install tiles on the floor as well. For sure the look of this room will be a crowd-pleaser for all visitors setting foot in the room.

You can do two things when mixing and matching: match the overall look of the room or opt for a sharp contrast. An example of the first one is when your blue island matches your grey backsplash. The second one is used if you prefer a standout style just like the effect of mosaic tiles. Or in simpler contrast, a maroon kitchen island against a glossy white subway tile backsplash.

2. Match Island
Unique Corner Drawer Cabinet


Painted Glass

Subway tiles may be a little underrated but if you want to go all out, another option is a high-shine painted glass. This is often used if you want to go for a more sophisticated style appreciated nowadays. Painted glass goes perfectly well with lacquered storage and cabinetry.

Glass is naturally smooth-textured making it shiny by nature. But some modern house designs even install LEDs and backlighting to illuminate the countertop. This spruces up your cooking area and makes you stay more in the kitchen with or without something to whip up. Now, even the size and shape of the glass can be customized.


Extra Glossy

Some prefer a simple design scheme only given more oomph by the extra shine on the backsplash tiles. A particular design is a plain backsplash with concealed lighting incorporated with a transparent glass rack.

This style is much appreciated by those who want to add drama to their rather relaxed kitchen. Extra glossy tiles pair well with lacquered counters. Doing so would provide that unparalleled luxurious appeal.

4. Extra Glossy Backspalsh
5. Copper Counters


Copper Counters

Copper’s vivide and rich tones can bring energy to your home, making it all the more enticing for family dinners and fun get-togethers. Copper backsplashes are truly a worthy investment.

If you’re going for the rustic appeal, then copper is your best bet. You can typically find copper backsplashes installed in farmhouses, country vacation houses and properties with a vintage appeal. A copper counter is a perfect complement if your kitchen already has a copper sink, range hood, and some other fixtures. Just work around it and you’re sure to be in for a surprising design style.


Mirrored Tiles

Not all kitchens are graced with ample space. If yours is not that big, a mirrored backsplash can be your perfect solution. It gives the illusion of more space. Your cramped kitchen may not be given extra floor area but mirrored tiles make you feel airy and relaxed. The number one trick mirrored tiles have up their sleeve is that they maximize light.

A small kitchen may still look and feel functional and at the same time, look good too. By installing mirrored tiles in your backsplash, a simple solution to your problem is provided. No more claustrophobic spaces. No more dark spots. Adding a mirror backsplash over your stove will increase the light in that space by reflecting the light source, either from the window or any light bulb.

6. Customized Corner Cabinet
7. Marble Effect


Marble Effect

A marble backsplash cannot always be an option for you especially if budget is restricted. A solid marble slab is considered one of the luxurious ways to install a backsplash as it can seamlessly blend with the countertops. Its design aesthetic ranges from the minimalist to vintage making it one of the best options for you, that is, if budget is not a concern.

Vinyl stickers that have marble effect or design can be applied to any flat surface. This is a waterproof, heat insulated, and anti-static material that can last for more than five years. You will enjoy the hundreds of shades and hues to choose from: grey, white, black and many others. Your kitchen will become more textural, stylish and exquisite with stick-on marble effect backsplash.


Herringbone Tiles

Depending on the size and shade of the tile, the herringbone pattern brings visual appeal to the design making it look totally different. To highlight the pattern, use a monochromatic tile color and colored grout. You may also mix several colors to produce a sparkling look. The vibrant trend really improves the feel of the cooking workspace.

8. Herringbone Tiles
9. Textured Tiles


Textured Tiles

Tiles do not only come in smooth, non-porous materials because others are textured and have a unique feel when touched. Textured tiles are unique alternatives that provide an avenue for design possibilities that are almost always overlooked. Good thing manufacturing procedures today let us enjoy the benefits of 3D tiles.


Glossy Black

Glossy tiles in the shade of black is almost always equivalent to an ultra-contemporary style that screams of elegance and luxury without going overboard. Even if the overall design of the house is minimalist, you can make sure that the simplicity of it all will speak for itself. There is just so much personality with anything black. The same is true for glossy backsplashes.

10. Glossy Black Kitchen Backsplash
11. Hexagons



Tiles come in different shapes and having hexagons are only but common for backsplashes. This is especially true for modern-style houses with contemporary design. You may opt to have these if you want to add a three-dimensional appeal to your backsplash. Slee designs such as hexagons installed on the wall will surely make your wall more charming than it was.


Geometric Pattern

Whimsical. Fun. Playful. These are words that can describe a backsplash with geometric patterns. This creates a chic melange of patterns and adds personality in any boring kitchen work area. Patterned tiles, that are now making a comeback, are warmly welcomed by designers and homeowners for its bold choice that adds individuality to the kitchen. You wouldn’t want to leave this space for sure!

12. Geometric Pattern Kitchen Backsplash
11. Hexagons


Moroccan Tile

You will always want a house with its distinct characteristic. The same goes for particular areas such as the kitchen. Color, life, delight, art and beauty — these are only a few of what Moroccan tiles give. These tiles easily spruce up any room. A Moroccan encaustic tile backsplash lends a big dose of vibrant charm to an otherwise plain cooking space. Moroccan tiles may come in soft muted colors which add a unique effect on your backsplash. If done properly, the tiles don’t overpower the overall vibe of the room but still offer a pretty appearance.


Mosaic Tile

Tired of your boring kitchen? Mosaic tile backsplashes will surely give it a stylish new look. Mosaic tiles are small, teeny tiles about two inches usually glued on a mesh. These tiles are available in varying shapes like octagons, circles, ovals and materials like stone, metal, glass, porcelain, and ceramic.

Mosaic tiles can be installed as components in larger murals, as backsplash accents, or even as stand-alone backsplashes. Just like any other, this type of tile is limited by your home improvement budget, imagination and the skill of your hired professional.

14. Mosaic Tile
15. Shades of Green


Shades of Green

Green symbolizes renewal, growth and abundance, so it’s only appropriate to make it one of the top choices for kitchen design, specifically for backsplashes. In some design schemes, varied shades of green adds balance and visual interest. From pale mint to emerald, these shades will inspire you to roll your sleeves up for a day of cooking or even washing the dishes. Just opt for cabinetry and fixtures that will complement your green backsplash and it will do the trick.


When it comes to finding the right backsplash for your kitchen, make the most of the available resources. Let the tiles speak to you as they say. But you can consider that sky’s the limit when choosing the perfect material for your backsplash. Although it may not be subjected to direct traffic, this part of the kitchen is still subjected to splatters, hot oil, steam and the like. But considering these, you can still freely make sure that your backsplash reflects your personality and design preference.

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