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Custom Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, solid wood kitchen cabinets have an unmatched appeal. If you are looking for a dependable and affordable wholesale producer of solid wood kitchen cabinets for your residential and commercial needs, check us out at George Buildings.

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Wood kitchen cabinet

Wood kitchen cabinets are durable and versatile pieces in any kitchen. You can easily change or customize the look of wood cabinets to fit many styles. These long-lasting wood cabinets are environmentally friendly and versatile. Made from sustainable material, wood is easy to clean and maintain. As long as they’re kept dry, they’ll give you many years of service.

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oak kitchen cabinet

Oak kitchen cabinet

Oak kitchen cabinets have a warm honey to red natural color. Oak is a comparatively inexpensive hardwood. It is the most commonly used hardwood for furniture. Oak furniture is durable and lasts a very long time. Many vintage pieces are made from oak. It often gives a traditional look. As vintage has become trendy, demand for oak furniture has risen.

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All wood kitchen cabinet

All wood kitchen cabinet

Wood kitchen cabinets can be made from mahogany, maple, oak or other hardwoods. It can also be made from softwoods such as pine and other evergreens. Hardwood furniture is durable, a great investment for any kitchen. Softwood cabinets are lighter and more economical, but tend to scratch. Softwood furniture lasts for many years if maintained indoors.

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Maple kitchen cabinet

Maple is a hardwood and makes very durable kitchen cabinets. The surface of maple is fine textured with even grain. It creates a uniform color that seamlessly takes in stains and finishes wonderfully. Maple kitchen cabinets fit a traditional and elegant style. When expertly crafted, this is the kind of furniture you want to keep as heirlooms.

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wooden kitchen cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets

Carefully crafted wooden kitchen cabinets bring a timeless quality to the design of your living space. Wood furniture is both timeless and practical, qualities especially important in the kitchen. Industrial kitchens use a lot of steel and tile, functional material that looks cold. But wood cabinets bring a touch of coziness and homelike affection.

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Cherry kitchen cabinets

Cherry wood is the highest class of wood for kitchen cabinets. It has a mesmerizing, redding blonde to deep red color that is sought after. It has a fine grain that creates a smooth finish. This hardwood makes high-end furniture. Kitchen cabinets made from cherry wood are heavy and durable. As it ages, cherry wood matures into a richer red color.

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Pine kitchen cabinet

Pine is the go-to wood when you want a rustic country look in your kitchen. Pine kitchen cabinets are a subtle way to bring a homey country feel to the kitchen. Pine is a softwood and is less expensive compared to hardwoods like cherry or maple. Pine furniture will last a long time when kept dry.

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cherry wood kitchen cabinet

Cherry wood kitchen cabinet

Cherry wood is a prized material for furniture, they make the most durable cherry wood kitchen cabinets. Cherry wood can be light or dark red, depending on the wood source and the finish. It is loved for its fine quality and unmatched durability, creating furniture that you can pass onto the next generation.

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solid wood kitchen cabinet wholesale

Solid wood kitchen cabinet wholesale

Solid wood furniture can be expensive, depending on the wood and craftsmanship. The cost of furniture, including kitchen cabinets can take a huge chunk of your budget for interior design. Get competitive prices when you make your purchase by shopping wholesale kitchen furniture from China. Buying bulk also means better shipping terms.

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    Whatever your kitchen cabinet needs, we offer a range of custom flexible kitchen cabinets for you. To know more of what we offer, here are our product solutions in customizing your kitchen cabinets at George.

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    Solid wood kitchen cabinets Buying guide

    What is solid wood kitchen cabinets 

    There are three ways to buy solid wood kitchen cabinets. You can buy stock, ready made cabinets from your supplier which is the cheapest option. You can have them semi-customized, add your own design elements to designs your supplier already has.

    The last option is to fully customize your solid wood kitchen cabinets, where you provide all the designs for the cabinets. Fully customized cabinets are more expensive but you can negotiate for less with wholesale prices.

    Woodwork skills for solid wood cabinets are highly specialized, just because some woods are difficult to work with. So you’ll have to do your due diligence and find a reliable supplier to get quality craftsmanship.

    If you are buying cabinets on sale online, you can check with Georgebuildings.  Ask for pictures and videos of their finished product. If you’re making a large purchase, consider making a business trip to meet your supplier and see the product itself.

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    George Buildings : Solid wood kitchen cabinets overview 

    Kitchen Cabinet Quick Details
    Door panel finishSolid wood
    Other optionsWood veneer
    Particle board
    CarcassSolid wood /Particle board / Plywood / MDF /Stainless steel
    Carcass color White / Custom color
    Hinges and dampersBlum hinges & dampers
    Drawer runnerBlum drawer slide with soft close
    Other optionHettich/Chinese DTC
    Sink cabinet304# full stainless steel sink cabinet
    Base cabinetscome with top panels
    Toe kickAluminium alloy /PVC
    Other optionSame as door panel
    SinkStainless steel
    Other optionQuatz stone
    Hanldes and knobsFull collections

    (full collections)

    Pull-out basket, Lazy susan, Utensil tray,Spice tray
    CountertopSpain quartz , Granite , Marble , Artificial stone
    Kitchen Basket Cooker basket, flavering basket, plate corner basket, big basket, etc.
    Kitchen appliances

    (full collections)

    Built-in Refrigerator, disinfection machine, oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, wine machine, dishwasher, Electric/Gas stove, range hood
    SpecificationsCustom made

    5 Tips for buying solid wood kitchen cabinets

    1.) Identify Floor Plan

    You’ll have to map out your pantry area, storage area, sink, work area and cooking area. You can find free kitchen floor plans online or make your own.

    2) Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    Estimate how much you can afford to spend, the number and function of the cabinets you want in your kitchen. Do you need a lot of storage space? Do you want a cabinet with a glass front to display things?

    Kitchen cabinet customized design

    3) Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    Material used on your cabinets will affect costs a lot. Ask for current quotations from potential suppliers as the cost of wood can fluctuate, which is the case for most natural, raw material.

    4) Confirm Design

    Decide on the design of your cabinets and communicate frequently with your supplier.

    5) Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    When everything is settled and you’re satisfied with the design and cost, pay a deposit so the supplier can start production.

    wooden kitchen cabinets

    Is solid wood good for kitchen cabinets?

    Wood is a traditional material for kitchen cabinets, solid wood cabinets in particular is extremely resilient natural material that can withstand the busiest kitchen. Solid wood is dense and sturdy. Wood surface needs little maintenance, and you can sand, stain, or paint the surface to give it a new look.

    Aesthetically, solid wood furniture looks very sophisticated. Because wood grain is never the same, each furniture piece has its own unique personality.

    2022-2023 Kitchen cabinet trends: 38+ Solid wood kitchen cabinet ideas

    Before you nail down your necessities, sort through over 38 kitchen cabinet ideas below based on the style you’re looking for like traditional, modern, contemporary or even cottage charm.Once you’re ready to take on your kitchen renovation, choose from thousands of kitchen cabinet colors and styles to accomplish your dream kitchen.

    Solid wood kitchen cabinets vs veneer

    Veneers have the look of solid wood kitchen cabinets but are really thin slices of wood that have been glued. It is a decorative wood surface. Veneer kitchen cabinets have the look of solid wood, but do not last as long.

    When veneer chips, you’ll need to perfectly match wood grain to make a seamless repair. Solid wood cabinets are heavier than veneer cabinets. They are more durable. When chipped, you repair by sanding the surface.

    How much do solid wood kitchen cabinets cost

    The retail price for solid wood kitchen cabinets starts at $100 per foot. The price can go as high as $1,200 per foot. Cost will depend on the kind of wood, for instance cherry wood is the most expensive wood and pine is the least expensive.

    Semi-custom and fully customized furniture costs two to four times more than stock furniture that’s already in the store. The most expensive high end cabinets for a full sized kitchen can cost around $10,000.

    cherry wood kitchen cabinet

    How to clean solid wood kitchen cabinets

    Because the surface is smooth and properly treated, solid wood kitchen cabinets are a breeze to clean. Regular cleaning is as easy as wiping with a damp rag. Disinfect cabinets with a solution of 5% bleach and water.

    This solution kills most germs and eliminates any lingering kitchen odors. Add a little dish washing liquid in the bleach solution for cleaning power. Damp a rag in the cleaning solution, wipe over the surface of the cabinets. Rinse the rag and repeat.

    Kitchen cabinets solid wood vs mdf

    MDF or medium density fiberboard is a kind of composite with a veneer plastic surface. Many mass produced furniture is made from MDF. It is less durable than solid wood. You’ll notice that over time, even screws in MDF furniture get loose and the edges spit.

    Solid wood cabinets do not have this problem, screws stay firmly in place.  MDF damages much more easily than solid wood but it has resistance to termites. This is because MDF uses adhesive that has urea-formaldehyde which is toxic to living things.

    Are solid wood cabinets worth the money?

    Yes, solid wood cabinets are worth the money if you consider the long lasting quality of solid wood. Cabinets made from cheaper material like plywood and MDF do not last nearly as long as solid wood.

    Even when solid wood cabinets are neglected and show some wear and tear, a woodworker can still bring it back to life with a little sanding. You can’t do this with MDF, plywood or veneers.

    solid wood kitchen cabinet wholesale

    Are Solid wood cabinets made with plywood?

    Solid wood and plywood are different building materials in carpentry. Solid wood is natural wood as it was cut from lumber. Plywood is manufactured wood. It is made from thin wood layers glued together.

    When plywood gets old, the adhesive becomes weak and the glued layers start to separate. Solid wood cabinets will never separate or breakdown this way.

    What is the best wood for kitchen cabinets?

    Solid wood is the best material for kitchen cabinets. You have a few options as to what kind of wood, everything from pine to cherry wood make handsome kitchen cabinets.

    Pine is cheaper, while cherry is one of the most expensive woods used for furniture. Pick wood according to your budget and the kind of look you want for your kitchen. Pine looks rustic, cherry and mahogany look sophisticated.

    What wood is cheapest for cabinets?

    Pine is the least costly solid wood used for cabinet construction. Even the cheapest wood cabinets will come in a selection of different finishes and stains.

    Wood is very versatile and can be crafted to fit many looks or styles. Natural pine wood cabinets in the kitchen or dining room create a rustic, homespun feeling to the space.

    All wood kitchen cabinet

    What is the most durable wood for kitchen cabinets?

    Hardwood makes the most durable cabinets and wood furniture, in general. Hardwood is dense and heavy, sourced from trees that grow slowly. These make the highest quality wood furniture, at the level of heirloom pieces. Examples of hardwood are oak, maple, mahogany and cherry.

    Is pine wood good for kitchen cabinets?

    Pine wood cabinets fit the lower budget, you get to have quality solid wood cabinets without the higher cost of more expensive hardwoods. Pine is a softwood with larger visible grain.

    You tend to get some uneven grain marks from pine, but that only adds to its charm. Pine cabinets fit a rustic country style. They’re lighter than hardwoods, resist rot and mold, and last a long time with heavy use.

    What is the most expensive wood for kitchen cabinet?

    The most expensive woods are exotic wood with unique color and sometimes even unique odor. But there are only a few woods that are suitable for furniture and kitchen cabinets.

    The most expensive wood for cabinets would be cherry wood, as it has a distinct color. You can pick it out right away. Cherry is a hardwood that has a reputation for being hard to work with. Only experienced woodworkers are skilled enough to make beautiful furniture from Cherry wood.

    Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

    Solid wood kitchen cabinets accessories

    -Carcase Material

    Carcase is the basic construction of a cabinet, after removing the doors, hinges, frames and panels. Carcase material for cabinets can be solid wood, MDF, plywood, or particle board.


    The cabinet door is the movable opening of the cabinet. It can be hinged to swing open and close. It can also slide sideways to open and close.

    kitchen cabinet doors


    A natural wood color or any color of paint can be used on solid wood kitchen cabinets. A finish is applied to all wood furniture surfaces, to protect the natural material.


    A countertop is a functional necessity in any kitchen. It serves as an elevated, flat work area or a storage space.


    Cabinet hardware includes the handles, knobs, pulls, and hinges. Hardware comes in different colors and material, usually metal.

    kitchen cabinet hardware

    Where can I find an Solid wood kitchen cabinets supplier in china?

    Different cities in China specialize their manufacturing. You’ll find solid wood furniture suppliers in Foshan City, Guangdong Province where whole towns are focused on just furniture making. You’ll also find suppliers in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces.

    • Guangdong
    • Zhejiang
    • Fujian

    These manufacturers offer different types of kitchen cabinets using various materials, catering to all customers, from high-end to low-end.

    Kitchen Cabinet Industry Regions in China

    There are four ways to find glass kitchen cabinet supplier in China :  via Alibaba, trade shows, furniture markets, and sourcing agents.


    Trade Shows

    Kitchen Cabinet Market

    Sourcing Agents

    Below is the list of Top 10 kitchen cabinets suppliers & manufacturers in China.

    top 10 kitchen cabinet makers

    Why choose George:

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    High Production Capacity & Flexibility 

    Kitchen cabinet wholesale

    One-stop Shop Solution 

    One-stop Shop kitchen cabinets


    Solid wood kitchen cabinets are more expensive than MDF or wood veneer cabinets, but they last longer. They’re also easier to repair and don’t peel like MDF and veneers. If you’re looking for something that will last and can afford the initial cost, solid wood furniture is the best choice.

    Solid wood lends itself very well to certain interior design styles. A traditional kitchen and a rustic style kitchen cannot do without wooden furniture. Wood cabinets are a quiet way to add wood furnishing to your kitchen.

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