10 Best Lamp Manufacturers in The World 2023

10 Best Lamp Manufacturers in The World 2023

Lamps and lighting are important interior fixtures. The ambiance of the home interior, its vibe and aesthetics, and the illumination of the home are the reasons why you have to choose well when it comes to lamps.

In this post, we look into the best lamp manufacturers in the world. If you are thinking of sprucing up your home through lamps and lighting, the following are the lamp manufacturers which you should check first.

List of Best Lamp Manufacturers in The World

The lamp and lighting industry do not run out of quality lamp manufacturers but there will always be considered as the best lamp manufacturers out of these all. In this regard, here is a list of the best lamp manufacturers in the world.

Headquarter: The Netherlands

Philips Website

This world-renowned lamp and lighting brand has been around since 1891. In 2018, it officially became Signify, although its products are still under the Philips name until 2030.

For 120 years and counting, Philips has become a reliable and cost-effective light and lamp bulb. Today, it has developed smart light systems that are integrated with brands such as Amazon, Google and Apple.

Type of Business: Design, Manufacture

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Year Established: 1891

Company Background and Advantage: Aside from years of good reputation, Philips has continued to technologically innovate. Their smart products are some of the most reliable light, lamp and bulb series in the world at present.

Products Offered: Its key products include LED bulbs, lamps, and tubes, audio appliances, and other electronic devices.

Headquarter: Germany

Osram Website

The Osram Group has always been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of LED lights and other opto-semiconductor products. They are also a reputable name in the manufacture of sensor technology and products for visualization. Osram lights in particular are used in various fields such as for indoor, outdoor, horticulture, and medicine.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Distribution

Location: Munich, Germany

Year Established: 1919

Company Background and Advantage: The key advantage of Osram is their state-of-the-art design and manufacture of lights and bulbs that can be used for specialized applications.

Products Offered: Its key product is LED lights and lamps for various applications. It is also the manufacturer of LED lights by trademarks such as Firefly, Duris, Soleriq, and Synius, among others.

Headquarter: USA

GE Lighting Website

As a whole, GE is a leading appliances manufacturer in the world. Their lamp and light division is also as topnotch as its other products, providing cost-efficient and high-end lighting solutions for the home. They now have smart lighting products that are integrated in Amazon’s Alexa.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Design, R&D

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Year Established: 1911

Company Background and Advantage: Their main advantage is their proven quality and durability. Their lamp innovation also gives them a competitive advantage in the growing lamp and lighting manufacturing industry.

Products Offered: LED lights, Smart LED lights, GE HD Plus, GE Relax, C-Sleep and C-Sol by GE.

Headquarter: Japan

Panasonic Website

This one is a popular technology and appliance brand around the world. It is known for its cutting-edge designs, durability, and technologically advanced products. In terms of lighting, they offer cost-efficient and sturdy lamps and LED lights for various applications. Panasonic continues to be a leading home interior improvement brand with its appliances, lighting, and other products.

Type of Business: Manufacture, Design, R&D

Location: Japan

Year Established: 1918

Company Background and Advantage: Its advantage is its known durability and wide product range. It also applies a high-tech approach to its lamp products to ensure versatility in application.

Products Offered: The key products of Panasonic include small appliances, home entertainment, electronics, and lighting.

Headquarter: Japan

Toshiba Website

With a tradition spanning for 140 years and counting, Toshiba has long been a household name when it comes to home appliances, smart appliances, lighting, and electronics. With its global operation and high accessibility, it continues to provide digital solutions even up to the field of lamps and lighting.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Design, R&D

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Year Established: 1875

Company Background and Advantage: The main advantage of Toshiba is its trusted reputation and quality, diverse products. Being a household name for decades also elevates its global standing.

Products Offered: The key products of Toshiba range from electronic devices, home appliances, smart appliances, lamp and LED lighting, digital controls.

Headquarter: USA

Cooper Website

Cooper Lighting is a subsidiary of Philips/Signify. They have long been pioneering a cost-efficient and sustainable lighting approach to their wide range of lighting products. Hence, their major products and services include LED lamps, bulbs and lights for indoor, outdoor, agricultural, industrial and hospital applications. They are also into smart lighting and control systems.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Distribution and Design

Location: Georgia, USA

Year Established: 1987

Company Background and Advantage: Coming from a long tradition of quality lamp manufacturing, Cooper’s key advantage is their focus on lighting technologies and lamp manufacture.

Products Offered: Electronics, lights and lamps, small home appliances

Headquarter: USA

Acuity Brands Website

This brand is known for their cutting-edge approach in the production of controls, lighting, lamps, and daylight systems. Some of their promising technologically advanced products include the OLED, LED-based smart lamps, and lamps and lighting with digital control. This brand is popular among industrial, commercial, industrial, hospitality and healthcare applications.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Distribution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Year Established: 2001

Company Background and Advantage: Innovative and technologically driven, the main advantage of this manufacturer are their state-of-the-art, durable, and reliable LED products.

Products Offered: Some of its trademark products include Holophane, Peerless, Juno, Aculux, and Hydrel.

Headquarter: USA

Lithonia Website

This one is one of the most prominent subsidiaries of Acuity. For more than 75 years and counting, it has proved to be one of the largest providers of industrial, institutional, commercial, and residential lights and fixtures. In terms of reliability, durability and performance, this brand has a leading standing in the lighting industry.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Distribution

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Year Established: 1946

Company Background and Advantage: The main advantage of this brand is its specialization and focus on lighting products. It continues to advance its lighting solutions in varied applications.

Products Offered: LED lights, lamps, bulbs, digital controls and lighting systems.

Headquarter: United Kingdom

Thorn Website

This one has a solid reputation for 90 years and counting and is part of the Zumtobel Group. It is the household brand of the UK when it comes to lighting and home appliances. It is also the go-to choice of contractors, wholesalers, and residential, commercial and industrial end-users not only in the UK but in many parts of the world.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Design, Distribution

Location: Spennymoor, United Kingdom

Year Established: 1928

Company Background and Advantage: Its expertise mainly revolves around lighting and light fixtures. It also offers a unique design touch to its lighting products. Its quality, durability and overall reputation are also commendable.

Products Offered: Electronics, lamps, lighting solutions, small home appliances

Headquarter: USA

Cree Website

This manufacturer is considered as one of the leading producers of lighting class LEDs, and products for power and radio frequency applications. As such, the lamp products of Cree are used in various applications which include electronic signs, intelligent lighting and general lighting applications.

Type of Business: Manufacture, Design, Distribution

Location: North Carolina, USA

Year Established: 1987

Company Background and Advantage: The main advantage of Cree is their diverse range of products. They also have a proven durability and reputation having been around for decades. 

Products Offered: Their main lamp product series include the C-Lite, KR, and ESA series.

More China Lamp Companies for Your Hotel & Apartment Projects

Aside from the top lamp manufacturers in the world that we have featured, you might also be interested to check some China lamp companies. To start, check out the following companies in this section.

Headquarter: China

George Website Homepage

Located in Foshan City, George is a known one-stop-shop in the region for kitchen and bath solutions, building materials, tiles, lighting and other fixtures. It has a stable network of clients coming from Asia, the US, Europe and Australia. They are also best known for their customization services.

Type of Business: Manufacturer Design, and Customization

Location: Foshan City, Guangdong, China

Year Established: 2006

Company Background and Advantage: The key advantage of George Buildings is their almost complete product range. Most specifically, their lighting fixtures incorporating smart technology are very advanced and commendable.

Products and Services Offered: Tiles, bathroom fixtures, plumbing accessories, lighting, furniture.

Headquarter: China

Opple website

This one is an integrated company established in 1996. Through the years, it takes pride in being one of the most commended Chinese lamp manufacturers in terms of the diversity of its lamp products and quality electronics. With its two manufacturing companies in China, you are sure of its manufacturing capacity.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Distribution, R&D

Location: Zhongshan, China

Year Established: 1996

Company Background and Advantage: The key advantage of Opple is its high manufacturing capacity and large network of clients. They are a fairly stable lamp manufacturer with more than 6000 workers.

Products Offered: LED lamp, electronics, ceiling lights and other lighting products.

Headquarter: China

NVC Website

This one is a leading Chinese brand for various lighting solution applications. It is most popular in construction, transportation, hospitality, medicine, commercial, residential and industrial applications. Aside from its four manufacturing plants, it also has two internationally accredited R&D sites in China to continue the production of more innovative lighting products.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Design, R&D

Location: Huizhou, China

Year Established: 1998

Company Background and Advantage: The key advantage of NVC is their research-based approach to light and lamp manufacturing. The presence of their internationally accredited R&D facilities ensures the quality of their products.

Products Offered: Office, industrial, residential, architectural, indoor, and outdoor lighting products.

Things to Consider When Choosing a LED Lamps Manufacturer

Things to Consider When Choosing a LED Lamps Manufacturer

It is not enough that you just know the top lamp manufacturers. As a buying guide, here are also some factors and useful tips to consider when choosing a good LED lamp manufacturer.

Quality Management System

Having a good quality management system means that the manufacturer must have high manufacturing capacity but with a commendable quality control mechanism. It must also have a good operations and distributions flow and these must be transparent in their websites.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

A good LED lamp manufacturer ideally should offer low MOQ. Doing so would emphasize that they have a stable network of clients while upscaling their manufacturing capacity. 


The price range of lighting and lamp products should also be considered. If a manufacturer offers bargaining features for factory directed prices, then consider that lamp manufacturer. You can also check out upfront costs in the manufacturer’s customer service for a better heads-up on which one offers the lowest costs.

One Stop Solution

It pays to choose a manufacturer with a complete product range. Aside from the lamp itself, a good manufacturer must also offer fittings, hardware, electronics and other installation tools and pieces for a complete lighting unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also lamp and lighting FAQs that might come in handy once you finalize your choice of lamp manufacturer. Thus, here are some lamp FAQs which you should know of.

How Long Do Lamps Last?

It depends on the type of lamp you are using. For instance, fluorescent lamps tend to have higher longevity as they could run from 15,000-20,000 hours. On the other hand, incandescent lamps or bulbs only run at a maximum of 1,000 hours. Lastly, LED lights have the longest life as it could extend for more than a decade.

How Much Does a Good Lamps Cost?

This one depends not only on the type but also in terms of brand, application, and others. Normally, a good lamp starts at $10-60. It can go up depending on your preference. High-end lamps start at $100.

How to Import Lamps from China?

There are no generic steps to follow when it comes to importing lamps from China. Depending on your shipping location, there are certain documents to prepare and fees to pay.

As such, you have to research ahead, the needed requirements before you could import Chinese manufactured lamps in your area. For lesser hassle, you can also check B2B and online platforms to import lamps from China.

Final Thoughts on Lamp Manufacturers

When all is said and done, a space’s interior and exterior are very much spruced up through the right choice of lamp and lighting. Hence, you should be able to choose the best lamp depending on your preferred application.

If you are having troubles in finding commendable lamp manufacturers, you can start checking out the ones we have featured here for better reference.


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