Top 10 Wood Flooring Suppliers in China: 10 Steps to Choosing Your Ideal Wood Flooring

Top 10 Wood Flooring Suppliers in China

The beauty of your home is dependent on the quality of your furniture, doors, windows, and interior decoration. However, one crucial factor that is bound to catch visitors’ attention is your floor. While there are a plethora of floor types to choose from, wooden floors give your home a unique touch that’s bound to impress your guests. If you wish to renovate your home and install floors made out of wood, you’ll need to contact the world’s best wood flooring suppliers and manufacturers.

This article will provide you with the top 10 wood flooring suppliers in China alongside all you need to know in order to purchase the best wooden floor for your building.

1. Power Dekor

power dekor wood flooring supplier
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  • Headquarter: Shanghai

power dekor wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Dekor Group has a long history of offering exceptional services since its founding in 1995. For these 26 years, Power Dekor climbed the ladder of success to be one of China’s most significant suppliers of flooring materials and other essential items to turn your building into the home that you envisioned.

  • Product Range

Power Dekor dominates a portion of the global market with multiple domestic branches in China and over 50 overseas. These stores sell the company’s offerings which include solid wood flooring, alongside doors, wardrobes, and a plethora of accessories. Ultimately, Power Dekor is the establishment to visit if you need items to renovate your building.

  • Recommended Reason

While it’s easy to randomly select any fairly prosperous company in China, there are good reasons why Power Dekor is a worthwhile option. The behemoth currently has several thousand stores in China, the United States, Germany, South Korea, and Canada. It also has a staff capacity of approximately 20,000 employees that serve 10 million happy customers. They’re a worthwhile option.

2. George Buildings

George Stone Supplier
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  • Headquarter: Foshan

  • Company Background

George Buildings has been the one final destination for building materials and other related services. The company prides in being the best source for all you’ll need to turn your big or small building project into reality. George Buildings retained its relevance in the eyes of customers since 2006 and has since supplied materials to hotels, apartment buildings, etc.

  • Product Range

George Buildings has been the one final destination for building materials and other related services. The company prides in being the best source for all you’ll need to turn your big or small building project into reality. George Buildings retained its relevance in the eyes of customers since 2006 and has since supplied materials to hotels, apartment buildings, etc.

  • Recommended Reason

George Buildings may seem sketchy since multiple offerings are often difficult to handle; however, this wood floor store handles the task flawlessly. It has a 10,000-square meter showroom which contains thousands of items that get delivered to Europe, Africa, the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and other parts of the world.


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  • Headquarter: Foshan

nature home wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Here’s another excellent wholesale wood flooring company from China that’s been in the business for several years now. It’s excellent service delivery qualified it to receive various awards from different organizations. They’re currently the official sponsor of Zhangjiakou 2021 World Ski Championships, which is a testament to their credibility.

  • Product Range

Nature home isn’t as versatile as George Buildings since its primary offering is wood flooring. Nevertheless, they’re a reliable brand that’s worth your while. Their inventory consists of wood flooring, wardrobes, wooden doors, and a few other items made from wood.

  • Recommended Reason

Besides having a vast inventory, the company focuses its efforts around a single type of offering and ensures it delivers as promised. Nature Home also takes time to care for their employees by providing them with activities and festivals to improve their morale, enabling them enjoy the service they render.

4. Anxin

Anxin Wood Flooring Supplier
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  • Headquarter: Zhejiang

ANXINFLOOR wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Anxin is a popular Chinese company that’s well-known for adhering to the safety regulations given to ensure companies provide worthwhile products to buyers. It’s been distributing flooring materials to multiple buildings across the globe for several years and has never wavered in offering high-quality products.

  • Product Range

Anxin’s primary offering is wood flooring and they’re presented in a very appealing quality, enough to be bought massively overseas. The woods possess sufficient freshness, free of decay, and a visually appealing structure. You’ll enjoy installing this material in your building.

  • Recommended Reason

Anxin Flooring puts a lot of effort into its offerings by selecting nothing but the best wood from around the world, such as white oak produced in Europe; red oak produced in the United States; teak and saffron produced in Southeast Asia; the so-called “Oranges grown in Huainan are oranges, and those born in Huaibei are oranges”. They aim to please and nothing more.

5. Elivin

2. Monalisa Tile Company
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  • Headquarter: Zhongshan

Elivin wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Elivin, also known as Life Home, is a subsidiary of Malaysia Samlin Global Co., Ltd and is currently the vice chairman unit of China Forest Products Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of China Interior Decoration Association, a national high-tech enterprise, and a leading forestry enterprise in Guangdong Province. It has a plethora of awards in its name due to its scientific research on wood floor production and technology development.

  • Product Range

Elivin’s product offering revolves around four major items which are wooden floor, Laminate flooring, Parquet, and Three-layer solid wood floor. Ultimately, they’re a straightforward company that prefers offering less items with international-grade quality. You’re guaranteed to enjoy purchasing from this brand.

  • Recommended Reason

What makes Elivin recommendable is its establishment of an independent timber and new product laboratory, with advanced R&D and quality testing equipment. The laboratory passes the CNAS international mutual recognition. Elivin’s prosperity enabled it to create over 1,600 terminal stores in China, with multiple customers in locations like Australia, North America, Europe, and other regions.

6. Anxin Floors

Anxin Floors wood flooring supplier
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  • Headquarter: Shanghai

Anxin Floors wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Anxin Floors is another reliable Chinese wood flooring supplier that has received international strategic investment. It’s registered with a capital of US$27.5 million which may increase to US$100 million in the near future. The company has been raising its reputation since its establishment in order to become one of China’s top flooring brands.

  • Product Range

Similar to the previously reviewed products, Anxin Floors only focuses on offering exceptional flooring material for their customers. Some of the options available include regular wood flooring, solid wood geothermal floor, Parquet, and laminate flooring. You’re bound to enjoy your purchase as Anxin focuses on providing flooring materials that are worth your while.

  • Recommended Reason

Anxin’s offering has been validated by numerous customers in over 20 countries and regions including Africa, Asia, South America, Russia, and more. The establishment has approximately 200 suppliers who cover networks across Europe, Japan, Korea, America, etc. and delivers exceptional products on time.

7. Der

Der wood flooring supplier
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  • Headquarter: Jiangsu

Der wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

DER is one of China’s professional wood flooring manufacturers and service providers. Over the years, the company provided environmental protection, science and technology innovation for consumers of household products and cutting-edge home experience, it has become the industry’s well-known source of wooden floors that weren’t detrimental to nature.

  • Product Range

As previously stated, DER is one of China’s most relevant brands as it deals with only Wood floorings. However, these materials come in different varieties and colors such as the Goldman, Provence flower, Romandy, etc. If you have a particular shade and hardness in mind, Der is guaranteed to have it.

  • Recommended Reason

Multiple homes and businesses have enjoyed patronizing this company due to its high-quality offerings. Their excellent service enabled them to grow until they were qualified to be listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. They’re a reputable company with customers from different regions of the world.

8. Vohringer

vohringer wood flooring supplier
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  • Headquarter: Shanghai

Vohringer wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Vohringer was born when two brothers discovered their talent in wood work after carving an exquisite violin purely by hand at age twelve. Their affinity with wood products was born, leading to the creation of Vohringer, one of China’s leading establishments for wooden items.

  • Product Range

Vohringer offers a wide range of wooden products such as flooring materials, cabinets, wardrobes, and many more. These items come with a rich internal structure, sturdy build, and visually appealing design. Their offerings are bound to give your home a modern look with the well-designed structure.

  • Recommended Reason

Besides being popular worldwide and offering high-quality products, Vohringer pays close attention to its corporate responsibility by treating employees fairly. It provides its staff with a safe environment to function as well as insurance on medical issues, enabling them perform better and offer worthwhile products.

9. Davie Floor

Davie Floor wood flooring supplier
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  • Headquarter: Jiangsu

Daviefloor wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Davie Floor was created in 1998 with a registered capital of 30 million, advanced production equipment investment of more than 150 million, and asset investment of more than 500 million. The company has received numerous awards like the China Forestry Industry Outstanding Contribution Award and China Forestry Industry Integrity 5A Enterprise.

  • Product Range

Davie Floor primarily deals on wood floorings like wooden floor laminates, solid wooden floors, and many more. It’s worth noting that making these materials have no adverse effect on the environment as they’re sourced from a special location void of wildlife.

  • Recommended Reason

The company sits on 120,000 square meters of Chinese real estate and possesses more than 1,200 unique stores throughout the country. Davie Floor also has a positive track record of passing the national CNAS laboratory certification test since 2012, making it a reliable brand.

10. Trees Sun

Trees Sun wood flooring supplier
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  • Headquarter: Zhejiang

Treessun floor wood flooring supplier
  • Company Background

Trees Sun has existed for roughly 15 years and is currently considered one the best options in terms of wood quality by the China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association.

  • Product Range

Similar to other brands on this list, Trees Suns specializes in flooring materials in various forms. These items are made from healthy logs which are processed and stopped of moisture that may damage its structure. You can be assured that they’re resistant to wear and scratches. they’re undeniably durable.

  • Recommended Reason

Trees Suns has more than 1,800 specialty stores located throughout China and hundreds more worldwide, offering professional installation and daily door-to-door service. In case you run into troubles, you can reach their customer support which is active 24 hour.

II. How to Choose Your Ideal Wood Flooring: 10 Steps

Now that you know where to find the best wood flooring materials for your building project, the next step is to know how to choose the best item for the situation. While the answer may seem intuitive, it’s often tricky as there are many types of wood with their individual advantages.

This section will explain what you need to know about wood types alongside some dos and don’ts to remember.

1. What first? Durability, style, or cost?

Your priority will depend on the type of building you wish to build or renovate. If it’s a place that’s meant to be visually appealing, then your first thought will be style, followed by durability then cost. However, if it’s a simple home where beauty isn’t an essential factor, the cost and durability should be your priority before style.

2. Go for the hardwood floor? Solid hardwood or engineered hardwood?

While regular solid hardwood is different from engineered hardwood, they both appear similar and are almost indistinguishable from each other. The primary difference in terms of feature is the Engineered hardwood is more tolerant to moisture unlike solid hardwood which warps in a damp environment.

However, Natural solid hardwood is more rich than engineered wood and it can also be refinished in case it’s worn out, unlike engineered wood. In other words you can change the color of solid hardwood whenever you wish to make a change.

Ultimately, Engineered hardwood budget-friendly and natural hardwood is more attractive and suitable for any space. Therefore, consider both your budget, maintenance needs, and lifestyle before picking either of these options.

2.Choose Your Ideal Wood Flooring

3. Which wood species? Think about your lifestyle

If your home is often subject to wear, tear, and violent activities caused by pets or children, then it’s best to get a variety of wood that is very durable. Woods like cherry or Oak are a good option, because the harder the wood, the better it’ll resist scratches, dents, and cracks.

Besides the wood’s density, the finish and underlayment material also determines the floor’s ability to withstand impact and the environment. If you opt for solid hardwood instead of Engineered hardwood, having an underlayment made of plastic or Vinyl will surely protect it from moisture.

Ultimately, floors with a harder surface are harder destroy, so opt for that type of durability is what you need.

4. Go norm or creative? Prefinished or site finish?

4.Choose Your Ideal Wood Flooring

There’s no competition here as the best option is prefinished instead of site finish as the former is easier to install and ready to use. However, site finished hardwood floors take several days for the sanding and staining process to be completed, afterward, you’ll have to wait another extra few days for to put your furniture back inside the house.

Additionally, Sanding is a long and messy process task that’ll even sully leave your house full of wood particles that’ll be a hassle to eradicate completely. You’ll also need a few days for the finish to dry between coats, then another few days or weeks for the foul odor or pain and food to leave your home before you can settle in.

5. Consider color, personalize your style

The color scheme you choose for your floor will be inspired by the environment and surrounding decorations. For example, a bright bungalow in a sunny town will pair well with lighter hardwood. However, if you live in a busy city, darker hardwood will match the serious atmosphere.

Keep in mind that the color or your wooden floor depends entirely on your preference and style which is entirely subjective. However, if you find it difficult to decide on what’s the best, go for a dark wood floor as they are versatile irrespective of their environment.

6. All the feels. Glossy, matte or satin?

While the finish is important to the hardwood floor since it adds to the beauty; however, choosing between matte or satin isn’t an easy choice to make. First of all, Satin is very glossy and relatively reflective, making it look visually appealing than other finishes, and it’s easier to maintain.

However, the shiny makes the hardwood look less natural, that’s where matte finish comes into play as the dull appearance makes your wood seem more authentic. Unfortunately, this dullness also makes cleaning the floor a hassle.

While both coats possess disadvantages and advantages, the best option depends on what you find attractive. If you find it difficult to decide on what’s best for you, share your concerns with the company’s customer service for their input.

7. How about the pattern? Speak out your character

If you order the typical hardwood floor, they’ll most likely come in straight lines; however, there are alternative installation patterns which you can try like herringbone and chevron, which are becoming popular again.

Note that the more complicated these patterns are, the higher the cost of acquiring the hardwood floors. This increase in cost results in the extra labor needed to craft woods with such markings.

7.Choose Your Ideal Wood Flooring

8. Go standard or special? Pick plank widths

Previously, buildings used narrow boards with widths of about two to three inches as flooring materials; however, this option isn’t widespread anymore. They’re now being replaced with more thicker options, the five-to-eight inch plank with some individuals going as far as buying one that’s roughly five foot wide.

Generally, you should go for bigger and wider planks as they are an effective way of keeping your house steady during a storm or flood. Note that it is genuinely expensive to acquire as, but the extra cost is worth it in the future.

9. Think long-Term Value

While beauty may be your primary goal when buying a hardwood floor for your building, you should take the future into consideration. Your purchase should be able to stand the test of time in the next few years without replacement or any expensive maintenance.

As previously stated, Engineered hardwood floors are built to last long, making them a good option for residential houses. While natural wood may appear more visually appealing, it’s not as durable as Engineered wood, so choose reasonably.

However, if you plan to change your interior decoration often and it may require a different color of Floor, you can opt for solid hardwood as it’s designed for this kind of long term use.

10. Favor your taste, have fun

Lastly, note that there is no objective rule to follow when it comes to designing your building. It’s your project, and you know what suits the theme it’s meant for – whether residential home or corporate office. Therefore, be flexible and choose according to your color choice, wood density, and style.

10.Choose Your Ideal Wood Flooring

III. 7 Designers’ Top Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring Supplies

Before or after installing your wooden floor, you may need to buy additional supplies to ensure it stays shiny and lasts longer. This section will provide tips from professional designers to ensure you make a purchase that’s worth your while.

1. It’s not about selecting a floor solely based on aesthetics. Functionality matters as well.

As previously mentioned, you should direct all your attention to the beauty of your wooden floor, you should also consider its purpose. These may include how much foot traffic will it encounter, cost, will it be covered by rug, etc.

2. Those homes with kids and pets call for harder wood flooring.

Homes where clumsiness is prevalent and intense impacts may occur once in a while need a floor made of more dense wood. This action ensures the floor doesn’t get destroyed when the inhabitants Land on them forcefully or smash heavy items to the ground.

2.Designers’ Top Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring Supplies

3. For households with a lot of activities, a cork or foam underlayment can reduce noise.

If you want to avoid repeating the cliché scenes in horror movies where the victim accidentally reveals their position due to a squeaky floorboard.,you’ll need to install cork or foam underlayment. Additionally, these items also reduce the slapping sound of footsteps to a degree that’s fairly noticeable.

4. Lighter finishes make small spaces seem bigger.

Finishes play a crucial role in the beauty of your wooden floor as it also gives a good level of protection, makes it shinier, and tougher. However, using the right amount is relatively significant too as lighter finishes create the illusion that your room seems larger than it seems. It’s a minor detail that this item offers.

5. A darker wood tone will always be applicable for a timeless look.

As previously mentioned, if you don’t have a clue on what color or shade of wooden tiles is suitable for your indoor decorations, simply opt for darker ones. This option is timeless as the dark scheme blends flawlessly with almost any design.

5.Designers’ Top Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring Supplies

6. Engineered wood is built to last and has an increased tolerance for moisture.

If longevity and durably is what you desire when buying wood flooring materials, Engineered wood is the best choice. It is deliberately designed to last longer than solid wood. It is also more resistant to moisture, making it a worthwhile option for kitchens and similar places.

7. Consider your lifestyle, budget requirements, maintenance needs and style when planning your wood flooring project.

A vital factor to consider when picking wood floors is your lifestyle. Think about how much traffic will blaze through the surface. Do you have kids, pets, or regular weekly gatherings? These factors will guide you to choosing the best option that can handle all the stress overtime.

Afterwards, analyze how much it’ll cost to maintain the option you’ve selected for a month. It’s recommended to choose one with the least maintenance requirement, and this will be a wood flooring with a glossy finish as the layer of protection prevents direct bonding with the surface.

IV. Wood Flooring Cost Guide

The cost of acquisition is the final piece of information you’ll need in order to insert wood flooring into your building and create the environment that you envisioned. Many individuals fantasize about getting wooden floors, but unfortunately, some go to wood flooring brands poorly equipped and get overwhelmed by the price.

This section aims to break down the financial aspect of acquiring wooden planks in order to prepare the correct budget.

1. Wood floor product price

Before speaking about the actual cost, it’s worth noting that the price of the wood depends on the manufacture, as well as its density and core construction. Nevertheless, the ideal price range for both engineered and solid hardwood is:

  • Low: solid—$3 to $6 per square foot; engineered—$3 to $5 per square foot
  • Mid: solid—$5 to $10 per square foot; engineered—$5 to $10 per square foot
  • High: solid—$8 to $18 per square foot; engineered— $8 to $14 per square foot
Wood floor product price

2. Installation cost

The Installation price is so dependent on the type of wood the professional is tskded to install. Nevertheless, if you consider the variety of woods available, you can expect your installation fee to range from $4 to $6 per square foot.

3. Finishing cost

If you plan to perform a site finish or are curious to know what it’ll cost to refinish your old hardwood floor, you can expect it to range from $1.50 to $4 per square foot. This price also covers sanding down the top layer to the bare wood. Therefore, a typical 15 by 15 foot room should cost $340 to $900 to finish.

V. FAQs on Wood Floor Maintenance

1. How to get scratches out of wood floors? How to fix scratches on the wood floor?

Before attempting to fix anything, first know what type of finish is on your floor as it is essential if you’re going to conceal them with a perfect match. Next, identify the depth of the scratch to see how much professional care it requires.

If it’s a minor scratch then proceed to combine apple cider vinegar and olive oil in a perfect blend, apply it on the affected area, then wait for several hours for it to settle. After you’re done, wipe the mixture off the surface and it should be repaired by then.

However, if the entire floor is covered in scratches, you may need to call a professional as it will require scraping and refinishing.

2. How to make wood floors shine?

If you have a date or a special event that compels you to polish the floor, there are some tips available for you that require Vegetable Oil & White Vinegar. Combine equal parts of white vinegar and vegetable oil to create a simple but effective solution to make your hardwood floor shine.

This formula works because vinegar is an excellent polish for multiple surfaces as its acidity helps break grime, dirt, and other unwanted elements.

However, before trying the formula, ensure you remove any furniture in the room, and get as much dirt away by sweeping and vacuuming the floor. You may not need to do both depending on how rough the room. Is; nevertheless, ensure every spec of dust and grain of sand is removed before applying a mix of vinegar and vegetable oil.

FAQ. 2.How to make wood floors shine-

3. How to clean wood floors? How to get paint off wood floors?

Multiple methods exist for removing paint from your wooden floor without damaging the surface permanently. One option is to use a heat gun, if you have access to one. After acquiring the gun, point the heat close to the paint stain to soften it.

Afterwards, gently scrape the paint off with a blunt knife to avoid damaging the wooden surface, then wipe with a damp rag. You should be fine.

However, if this method doesn’t work, or removes very little paint, you may need to purchase a product that’s specifically designed to remove paint from wooden surfaces. All you’ll need to apply the product is a cotton swab, then wipe the paint off with a damp cloth.

4. How to refinish wood floors?

Keep in mind that we do not recommend refinishing your wooden floor in order to prevent permanent damage to the surface. Always contact a professional for such tasks.

FAQ.4. How to refinish wood floors-

Nevertheless, if you wish to refinish your floor, you’ll need a buffer, which is often available for rent at a home center, plus a vacuum to suck up the dust. Note that buffing hardwood floors is not a piece of cake, so before you take over the entire room, try your skills on a small portion of the floor and gradually understand how to maneuver it.

Once you’re done practicing, a water-based polyurethane, which can be recoated in two roughly three hours. You can opt for oil-based polyurethane too, but this solution takes 8 hours to dry.

Irrespective of finish, it’s recommended to put a fresh coat one every two years to keep your floor looking radiant and bright. Repeat this routine as often as possible and your floors will never look Grey.

5. How to install wood flooring?

Installing wood flooring is a difficult task as the different wood densities require professional care for effective handling. Additionally, you’ll also need to be conversant with heavy machinery like a jigsaw, circular saw, and a pneumatic nailer as well as other hand tools like a tape measure, hammer, and chalk line. If you can handle these items flawlessly, you can try installing your floor yourself.

Unfortunately, the process is too cumbersome and complicated to narrate via letter as you’ll require either graphical content or a demonstration. You can click on this link for a professional tutorial on how to effectively install your own floor and save money.


In conclusion, installing a wooden floor in your home to give it an elegant, modern look is an easy process that’s relatively affordable. While there are companies around the world who offer this wooden floor materials, companies in China like George Buildings have dominated the market and now provide the best service on the planet.

Prepare your budget and contact the company to receive a quote on the quantity of wooden floor materials that you’ll need.

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