11 Main Types of Bathroom Tiles

Types of Bathroom Tiles

If you are one who takes home improvement and remodeling seriously, you would know that bathroom tile choice needs a lot of thinking through. While there are many choices as to material, design and overall style, everything leads to the main types of bathroom tiles.

In this post, the 11 main types of bathroom tiles are squared out for design heads-up and aesthetic choices. FAQs regarding bathroom tiles are also narrowed down for some handy information you might need.

1. Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Ceramic as a material is one of the most common and default tile choices. Glazed ceramic tiles to be specific are bathroom tile favorites because of their shiny look without breaking the bank. Other upsides of ceramic bathroom tiles are their low maintenance nature, easy installation, and customizability.

2. Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Porcelain Bathroom Tile

This one is another common tile material which is perfect for bathrooms. Like ceramic, they have that signature glossy finish and come with other textures. On the upside, they are very easy to find and replace, affordable, customizable, and easy to maintain.

3. Wood-Look Bathroom Tile

Wood-Look Bathroom Tile

Wood is not recommended for bathrooms no matter how regal they look. Wood and moist is a big no combination. But if you still want to infuse the look of wood in your bathroom, you can do so with wood-look bathroom tile.

They come in many textures using varied materials. They also come in different wood colors. For modern, minimalist, and contemporary bathrooms, this one is the best choice for you.

4. Glass Bathroom Tile

Glass Bathroom Tile

Nothing beats the elegance of glass bathrooms. Although a tad more expensive than other tiles, the reflective surface of glass bathroom tiles bring a lot of natural light, illusion of space and depth and lots of aesthetics.

Of the range of glass bathroom tiles, glass mosaics are the most popular. On the upside, they are stain and water resistant so they make a low-maintenance bathroom tile. However, they can be brittle so they must not be installed in high-traffic bathrooms.

5. Cement Bathroom Tile

Cement Bathroom Tile

Another underrated yet very affordable bathroom tile would be cement bathroom tiles. Modern handmade tiles, hand painted, customized and made colorful are usually made of cement.

If you want a graphic, colorful, statement bathroom, cement bathroom tiles are the ones to look out for.

6. Marble Bathroom Tile

Marble Bathroom Tile

Marble equates to class and elegance. Thus, if you want to infuse an upscale look for your bathroom, you can go with marble bathroom tiles. While they may often come in neutrals, you can also strike up more colorful marble tiles now.

Their unique streaks and marks make them one of the best choices for bathroom tiles. They also have a very high-end look, a reflective surface, and come in many customizable sizes. They are quite expensive, however.

7. Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Mosaic Bathroom Tile

If you want a more decorative take on your bathroom, you can always opt for mosaic bathroom tile. Mosaic tiles are usually made of glass, ceramic, or porcelain. Hence, they come in different finishes and textures. They also tend to be very colorful and come in many customizable designs.

8. Decorative Bathroom Tile

Decorative Bathroom Tile

Speaking of decorative tiles, you can always opt for Spanish, Moroccan, and other handmade tiles. Their matted texture is perfect for bathroom flooring and backsplash walls. There are also more polished and glazed decorative bathroom tiles for your walls.

Aside from the added aesthetic value that they bring, they are also relatively affordable, easy to install, and easy to fit for any type of bathroom style. You will really never go wrong with decorative bathroom tiles.

9. Terra-cotta Bathroom Tile

Terra-cotta Bathroom Tile
Image Credit: remodelagain

If you want that ancient, medieval look, with lots of personality and texture, terra-cotta bathroom tiles are some of the best choices. Most of them look like bricks. Some are also glazed and polished, but still with lots of texture, making them a perfect choice for bathroom walls and flooring.

They also come in many irregular shapes for that raw look. Perhaps, the only downside to terra-cotta bathroom tiles is them being quite high-maintenance with also high upfront cost.

10. Subway Bathroom Tile

Subway Bathroom Tile

Nothing beats the classic look of subway bathroom tiles. Thus, these tiles remain to be one of the most sought after tile types for different applications. They are famous for walls and backsplashes but they also fare well as floor tiles for conformity.

Subway bathroom tiles are also a practical choice because they are affordable. They are also very easy to install and come in a range of colors and sizes. If you do not want to overdo your bathroom but do not compromise style, this is the best choice for you.

11. Natural Stone Bathroom Tile

Natural Stone Bathroom Tile

Infusing that same medieval look would be natural stone bathroom tiles. Although quite expensive upfront and in terms of installation, they are very sturdy and can last for decades when maintained well.

With their neutral look, they are perfect for different types of bathroom aesthetics. They bide well with modern, minimalist and contemporary designs.

Benefits of Bathroom Tiles

Benefits of Bathroom Tiles

There are many reasons as to why you should upgrade your bathroom look using bathroom tiles. Among its many benefits would be the following:

  • Design Versatility: There is a wide range of tile types out there for the bathroom. As such, you can explore different designs depending on your bathroom’s needs or in terms of your personal preference.

From handmade tiles, to glazed, polished, and textured, you can pursue any bathroom design that you have in mind. The diversity of colors and graphics for tiles compared to other interior design materials are also something to highly consider.

  • Easy Cleaning: Perhaps, one of the best upsides of going for bathroom tiles is that they are easy to clean. Most types are also stain resistant when they are scrubbed regularly. Aside from this, spills and minor stains can easily be wiped out or through cleaning materials that are also easy to access.
  • Simple to Repair and Maintain: As have been mentioned, bathroom tiles are very accessible and come in virtually unending supply. Because of this, repair and maintenance are very easy. You may even find that those occasional repairs and maintenance are chances for remodeling or sprucing the bathroom tiles up.
  • Rugged Durability: Bathroom tiles or generally tiles, are virtually durable. They are designed to last for decades. This is especially true if they are maintained well. Alongside these, they do not lose their look and their color. So, overall, you can get the benefit of rugged durability from bathroom tiles.
  • Cool to the Touch: Most importantly, bathroom tiles are cool to the touch. They offer insulated flooring and walls for the bathroom to stay ambient and calming at any season.Natural stone can be very cold or very hot. Other materials are not that insulated too. Tiles are for all seasons.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Bathroom Tiles

Of course, aside from what we have already covered, there are also important things to consider before choosing bathroom tiles. For you to know more, here are pointers to consider:

1. Safety First

Safety First

There are different types of tile textures and surfaces. As such, be sure to know the right tile for the right application to ensure that safety is prioritized. Textured bathroom tiles are for the flooring while polished, glazed and the decorative ones are for walls, backsplashes and accents.

2. Water, Water, Everywhere

textured bathroom tiles

Note that bathroom is to water just as couch is to living room. This should be your prime consideration before anything else. Also note that you need more textured bathroom tiles if you are living in colder, moister locations.And if not, still be strategic as to what tile to consider for the floor not to be too watery and slippery.

3. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Healthy bathroom tiles

For this, we are mainly pointing at maintenance. Remember that molds could still accumulate in the grout area of tiles. Therefore, you should choose bathroom tiles that are easy to clean and maintain.

4. Think Long-Term Value

Think Long-Term Value

Sturdiness is one of the strong points of bathroom tiles. However, not all tiles are built to last. As is the case, you need to take into consideration the material used and the appropriateness of such material in your location, climate, and the situation of your bathroom in general. Remodeling and repairs every now and then could cost you a lot. Always think futuristically even when it comes to bathroom tiles.

5. Tile Size

Tile Size

The tile size has an effect on the depth of the bathroom and the spaciousness you want to project. For small bathrooms, you can go for the standard size or the larger ones for the illusion of space. For large bathrooms, you can go full slab or standard sizes.

6. Have Fun

Have Fun

For the aesthetic part, just be playful. There is no limit to what you can come up with when it comes to bathroom tiles. In doing so, be bold in mixing and matching textures, styles, colors, and tile designs.

7. Cost and Budget

Cost and Budget

As have been said, not all bathroom tiles are built the same. Thus, some bathroom tiles are more costly than others. The most affordable ones are the ceramic, porcelain and cement tiles. The more high-end ones include marble, natural stone, and customized ones.

8. Other Factors to Consider


Among the equally important things that were not listed here would be tile color, tile pattern, tile stacking, and installation, among others.


There are also some FAQs to be addressed when it comes to the main types of bathroom tiles. Of these, here are some of the most important ones to be aware of.

Ceramic vs. Porcelain Bathroom Tile: Which is The Better Type of Bathroom Tiles?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are two of the most common bathroom tiles. Both have its pros and cons and there is no direct answer to which one is the better type for bathrooms. Depending on the type of bathroom, style, and size, there are a lot to consider.

Nevertheless, both are affordable, easy to install, very accessible as to supply, and are fairly low maintenance. They are also durable and can withstand various elements and even the toll of time as long as they are maintained well.

To navigate you through the pros and cons of each bathroom tile, here is a pro perspective from Estella Valdez, a professional interior designer, which you should check out.

Are Bathroom Tiles Waterproof?

Ideally, yes. The bathroom that you should choose must be waterproof. Remember, safety first. The bathroom is essentially wet. You need traction, non-slippery bathroom tiles that would ensure that you would not slip.

How to Install Different Types of Bathroom Tiles

If you are thinking of going DIY when it comes to your bathroom tile installation, you can do so as long as you have the equipment and the skill. As far as porcelain, ceramic, and cement bathroom tiles are concerned, you can install them DIY.

However, for the more complicated bathroom tiles like marble tiles, handmade, hand painted and customized bathroom tiles, the help of a professional tile installer must be tapped.

For a better view of how to install different types of bathroom tiles, here is a video tutorial for DIY tile installation from Home RenoVision. This one is a pro tutorial on bathroom tile installation.

Where to Buy Bathroom Tiles for House and Apartments

Now that we have covered almost everything about bathroom tiles, here is a list of where you can buy bathroom tiles for houses and apartments:

  • City Tile
  • Tile Studio
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Home Depot
  • Stone and Tile Shop
  • Dal Tile
  • Roccia
  • Marazzi
  • Tile Shop
  • Tile America
  • Arizona Tile
  • Tile Depot
  • Lima Ceramic Tile
  • Imagine Tile
  • Edgebrook
  • Tile and Stone Works

There are a whole lot of tile shops and manufacturers around the world to check out. Almost all tile shops and manufacturers now also feature 24/7 websites with responsive customer service and online galleries for their products.

Types of Bathroom Tiles: The Conclusion

Bathroom tiles are good investments. Depending on the bathroom tile material, they are safe choices when it comes to safety. This is so because most of them are made for better traction and with anti-slip features.

There are also important considerations to factor in. Hence, between these considerations and your preference, you should know which bathroom tile to install depending on the look that you are after as well as the bathroom style, dimension, and upfront cost and others.

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