Top 5 Tile Manufacturers in Australia

Top 5 Tile Manufacturers in Australia

Like Canada, the Australian tile manufacturing industry has production that only equals consumption. While the current Australian tile market remains volatile, its established top tile manufacturers are to be credited for their last quarter spike in 2021.

If you are looking for Australian tile manufacturers to order from or to collaborate with, this post features the top five tile manufacturers in Australia, so read on.

Top 5 Tile Manufacturers in Australia

Demand and supply tile index shows that Australians totally dig porcelain and ceramic tiles. In this list, we feature some of the best tile manufacturers in Australia along with their product and service profiles.

Headquarter: Australia

NCIA Webite

The National Ceramics Industries Australia (NCIA) is a proud producer of quality porcelain, ceramic, wood and stone tiles across Australia and New Zealand.The manufacturing system and production strategy of NCIA are all compliant to the Australian standards and building codes.

Unlike larger wholesale tile manufacturers, their products cannot be sourced out directly from their production plants. Nevertheless, they have a handful of distributors across Australia where customers can access their products.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Location: Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia
  • Year Established: 2004
  • Company Background and Advantage: NCIA’s main advantage is their accessibility across Australia. An upside to this accessibility is their large presence in local tile stores. They also have an efficient manufacturing system that is compliant to all Australian production standards and in accordance with national building codes.
  • Products and Services Offered: Ceramic, porcelain, glass, mosaic, marble tiles.

Headquarter: Australia

Metz Tiles Website

This company has always been engaged into flooring and specialty cements from the very beginning. From exclusive industrial grade flooring products, it soon ventured into residential and smaller scale commercial flooring projects manufacturing and installing porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles.

At present, Metz Tiles is not just available in Australia but also in the Middle East. Its main Australian branches are found in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. While they do not have much international circuit yet, they are gearing for an Australia-wide presence and gearing to expand in New Zealand and parts of Asia.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier
  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Year Established: 1953
  • Company Background and Advantage: The main advantage of Metz Tiles is its long line of manufacturing experience. Starting with industry grade flooring products is also a main upside because they are known to have integrated manufacturing techniques for non-slip features, high resistance layers, and more.
  • Products and Services Offered: Porcelain, ceramic, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, stone tiles, full slab tiles, natural stone flooring, brick, adhesives, cement products, accessories for installation.

Headquarter: China

George Website Homepage

George Buildings is one of the best one-stop-shops in China for wholesale tiles and other building materials. While its main production plant is located in China, it has extensive distribution reach to Asia, Europe, US and in Australia.

One of the best selling points of George Buildings is their wide product and service selection. They are a known manufacturer of tiles, building materials, fixtures, furniture, and lighting. Aside from this, they are also into customization, design and consultation.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier; Design, Consultation and Customization
  • Location: Foshan City, Guangdong, China
  • Year Established: 2006
  • Company Background and Advantage: One of the best advantages of collaborating with George Buildings is their customization service. Aside from this, they also have an almost complete selection of building materials especially of tiles and other flooring materials.

George is also commendable for their design and product solutions. Most of all, their large distribution circuit across the world vouches for their commendable manufacturing capability.

  • Products and Services Offered: Ceramic, porcelain, stone tiles, aluminum, wood and glass windows, lighting, furniture, fittings, fixtures and other building materials.

Headquarter: Australia

Sanctuary Makers Store

This company is considered as one of Australia’s leading tile decorators. Their core is about making authentic, handmade Australian tiles. They offer wide product solutions and are engaged in consultation and design to create luxe wall and floor tiles.

Sanctuary Makers’ tile selection includes modern, geometric, contemporary tiles. They also feature handmade Mexican, Spanish and Moroccan tiles. Their main wall and floor projects include bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier; Design, Consultation and Installation
  • Location: Mulgrave, Australia
  • Year Established: 1987
  • Company Background and Advantage: The best selling point of Sanctuary Makers is their exquisite designs and high-end looking tiles. They have over thirty years of good reputation across Australia, with thousands of finished project cases which mainly includes floor and wall tile solutions for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Products and Services Offered: Glazed and patterned porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, stone, and glass tiles, handmade Spanish, Moroccan, and Mexican tiles; design, renovation and installation services.

Headquarter: Australia

Tile Power Website

This company is an expert in construction services and in manufacturing and distributing building materials including tiles. As a tile manufacturer, its expertise would be ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles as well as natural stone slabs and accessories for tile installation.

Tile Power also produces and supplies first grade Turkish travertine tiles, vitrified tiles, and adhesives. Tile customization is also a strong turf since Tile Power is one of the very few manufacturers of digital print porcelain tiles across Australia.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer and Supplier; Design and Customization
  • Location: Moorebank, New South Wales, Australia
  • Year Established: 1987
  • Company Background and Advantage: Aside from their well-established reputation spanning to 30 years, the primary advantage of Tile Power is their wide selection of tile products.

Not only do they specialize in wholesale ceramic and porcelain tiles but also specialty tiles including travertine and vitrified tiles. Their unique approach in customization using digital print is also an upside of Tile Power.

  • Products and Services Offered: Ceramic and porcelain tiles, travertine and vitrified tiles, custom tile, natural stone products, adhesives, accessories for tile installation; customization, group buying.


There are a handful of home-grown tile companies for every country and Australia proves that it does not fall short of them. The top five tile manufacturing companies featured here mainly supplies across Australia while some extends to New Zealand.

Nevertheless, the strong presence of local yet large manufacturing tile companies in Australia make it a stable production niche in Oceania and potentially around the world.

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