Top 10 Lighting Companies & Manufacturers in China: the Definitive Guide

top 10 lighting manufacturers in China

In the previous post, we’ve discussed and listed the China kitchen cabinet supplier, today we’re going to cover top 10 lighting manufacturers in this article. It’s well known that China is the largest lighting manufacturer in the world as well as a good place to visit for various lighting needs, from residential, commercial to industrial use.

In this guide, we have recommended the top 10 light manufacturing companies in China to offer you the information you need and hopefully help you make the right decision.

For your reference, the following are sources we refer to:

  • China Customs;
  • Official website of lighting companies;
  • Official website of Chinese lighting brands ranking;
  • Interviews with experts in the field of lighting;
  • Interviews with customers from various countries

I. Main Lighting Industry Regions in China

China’s lighting industry is concentrated in the five major production bases listed below.

The number of lighting manufacturers in these five cities and regions makes up more than 80% of the total number of enterprises in China.

  • Guangdong
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangsu
  • Fujian
  • Shanghai
cluster of china lighting manufacturers

II. Top 10 Lighting Companies and Manufacturers in China

To help you choose the most appropriate lighting solution, here we offer you a clear list of top 10 lighting manufacturers in China.

RankLighting Manufacturer Headquarters
1Osram Lighting ChinaChina
2Philips Lighting ChinaShenzhen & Nanjing
3George BuildingsFoshan
4Foshan LightingFoshan
5Opple LightingShanghai
6Huayi LightingZhongshan
7NVC LightingHuizhou
8TCL LightingHuizhou
9Guangdong PAK Corporation Co.,Ltd.Guangzhou
10Zhejiang Yankon LightingZhejiang
top lighting manufacturers in china
osram lighting company
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  • Headquarter: China

  • Company Background:

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Siemens, Osram has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Established in 1995, Osram China Lighting markets its products throughout China.

As one of the best lighting brands in the world, Osram is well known for its excellent lighting products in more than 100 years of business operations. Today, OSRAM is one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the world.

  • Factory Information:

To supply the lighting requirements of its customers from 150 countries, Osram operates three production bases in China, and its own research and development center. The company has an estimated 8,000 employees in China. OSRAM (China) Lighting Co., Ltd. has about 3,500 employees with nearly 40 sales offices nationwide.

  • Key Products:

Osram makes over 5,000 varieties of lighting products in more than 48 production sites located in 17 countries. Osram series products are widely used in public places, offices, factories, homes, and in the automotive industry. These products fully meet your needs at work, in your personal life, and in special fields.

  • Automotive Lighting
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Flexible Lighting and Rigid Lighting
Automotive Lighting
Specialty Lighting
Flexible Lighting
Recommend Reason

As a distinguished name in the lighting industry, Osram takes pride in its innovative products. With quality as its highest priority, the company offers multi-level guarantees for its products.

Osram lighting is the best choice for the brand-conscious individual who prefers innovative products.

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  • Headquarter: Shenzhen & Nanjing

  • Company Background:

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Philips was founded in 1891 to provide cost-effective and reliable electric incandescent light bulbs for everyone. As a world leader in the lighting industry, Philips offers advanced energy-efficient lighting solutions for roads, offices, industries, entertainment, home lighting, and others.

  • Factory Information:

Currently, Philips Lighting has 13 factories based in China. Its two main sites are in Shenzhen and Nanjing. Philips has established 35 joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises in China. It has more than 60 offices nationwide and a total of more than 19,000 employees.

  • Key Products:

Philips China Investment Co. Ltd. produces and processes lighting, electrical appliances, and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products.

Its main products include:

  • Philips LED Light Bulbs
  • Philips LED Tube Light
  • Philips Hue
Philips Bulbs
LED Candles
Recommend Reason

Philips is your go-to lighting brand when you need innovative lighting solutions that includes a wide range of energy-efficient LED lights and light fixtures.

George Buildings Light Company
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  • Headquarter: Foshan

  • Company Background:

Founded in 2006, George Buildings is a one-stop-shop supplier of building materials and building decoration materials. You can find everything you need for your construction projects, including cabinets, wardrobes, doors and windows, lights, tiles, bathrooms, curtains, wood floors, marble, and more in its 10,000-square meter showroom.

  • Factory Information:

George Buildings lighting manufacturer has the largest production capacity in Foshan, with seven manufacturing plants that currently has a total area of over 2.3 million square meters.

  • Key Products:

As a one-stop residential and commercial lighting brand, George Buildings offers the widest selection of lighting supplies, which includes:

  • Ceiling Light
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
Ceiling Light
Commercial Light
Ceiling Light
Recommend Reason

If you have residential or commercial building projects, go straight to George Buildings because, as a one-stop building material shop, it provides everything from CAD home design, quality-guaranteed product supplies, delivery and shipment, to after-sales service.

If you want to know more about George Buildings one-stop construction material supplies, you can check customer reviews and project cases from the George Buildings.

4. Foshan Lighting

FSL Light Company
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  • Headquarter: Foshan

  • Company Background:

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co. Ltd. (or simply Foshan Lighting) was established in 1958 as a state-owned enterprise and reorganized into the first joint-stock enterprise in 1992.

FSL is a well-known trademark in the Chinese and international market, producing high-quality lighting products at competitive prices.

  • Factory Information:

FSL develops and manufactures various LED lighting products and other high-efficiency lighting products. Currently, its headquarters is in Foshan Chancheng District, while its five production bases are in Nanhai, Gaoming, Henan Xinxiang, and Jiangsu Nanjing.

  • Key Products:

Foshan Lighting has more than 200 production lines, manufacturing high-quality, low cost, and reasonably-priced lighting products. Its main export products are LED bulbs and LED tube light, and its primary export market is the United States.

  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Tube
LED Bulb
LED Tube
Recommend Reason

Foshan Lighting specializes in home lighting and its products are best used in homes. The lighting brand’s advantage over competitors lies in its decades of experience, strong in-house capabilities, and LED technology innovation.

Opple Light Company
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  • Headquarter: Zhongshan

  • Company Background:

Opple Lighting Electric (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., is an integrated light manufacturer established in 1996.

Opple Lighting was officially listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 19, 2016, with the stock abbreviation “Opple Lighting” and stock code 603515.

  • Factory Information:

With headquarters in Shanghai, its two manufacturing centers are in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province, and Zhongshan, Guangdong Province.

Employing more than 6,000 workers, Opple Lighting produces light sources, led lamp, electrical appliances, integrated ceiling lights and other lighting products.

  • Key Products:

Opple attributes its recent growth not only to the demand for its high-quality products but also to its focus on research and development.

Opple has a strong presence in the lighting industry, producing a wide range of products including LED and traditional lighting, led lamp, ceiling light fixtures, and electrical appliances.

  • LED Lamp
  • LED Spots
LED Lamp
LED Spot
Recommend Reason

Opple’s unique overall lighting solution is your answer when you want to make sure that lighting for your physical and psychological needs are met at different times and in different spaces.

Huayi Light Company
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  • Headquarter: Zhongshan

  • Company Background:

Located in Zhongshan’s Guzhen district, which is China’s lighting capital, Zhongshan Huayi Lighting Co. Ltd. was established in 1986. Focusing on the investment in research and development on the lighting technology, Huayi has more than 470 patents, including around 400 design patents, 60 practical patents, and seven invention patents.

  • Factory Information:

Huayi Lighting has a 200,000-square meter industrial area and more than 20,000-square meter showroom. While it started as a lighting manufacturer, it has now grown into a global lighting solutions provider producing lighting fixtures, led lamps, and accessories.

  • Key Products:

Huayi’s complete range of architectural-grade LED luminaires such as LED downlights, LED track lighting, LED panel light, LED wall lights, LED bollards, LED wall washers, LED floodlights, and LED inground lights, and more.

  • LED Downlights
  • Track Lighting

LED Downlight
Track Lighting
Recommend Reason

Tired of the same-looking lighting products in the market? Huayi is your excellent choice for creative lighting design and novel lighting styles.

NVC Light Company
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  • Headquarters: Huizhou

  • Company Background:

Founded in 1998, NVC Lighting provides complete lighting solutions for construction, transportation, urban lighting, supermarket, hotel, office lighting, home, and other applications. The company produces LED indoor lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, architectural lighting, industrial lighting, light source appliances, home lighting, and other lighting products.

NVC Light Company
  • Factory Information:

NVC Lighting has manufacturing bases in Guangdong, Chongqing, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, and two international standardized R&D centers in Guangdong and Shanghai.

It also established nationally recognized laboratories, 34 operation centers, and more than 3,000 lighting brands stores.

  • Key Products:

NVC’s lighting products and application solutions were seen in famous engineering and well-known lighting brands, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Tianjin Metro, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub and other famous projects. It was also the light supplier for the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou.

The company produces LED indoor lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, architectural lighting, industrial lighting, light source appliances, home lighting, and other lighting products.

  • Office Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
Office Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Recommend Reason

NVC Lighting is your best option for commercial lighting and project use, including large-scale international events.

8. TCL Lighting

TCL Light Company
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  • Headquarters: Huizhou

  • Company Background:

Established in 2000, TCL Lighting is the lighting business unit of TCL Corporation, a multinational company that’s China’s leading consumer electronics lighting brand.

In its 19 years of business, TCL Lighting (Huizhou) focused on innovation and marketing research. The company promotes the idea of “Experience and buy” and has changed the “customer-supplier relationship” to “strategic partnership.”

  • Factory Information:

TCL currently has 75,000 employees, 23 research institutions and 21 manufacturing bases. It has set up sales offices in more than 80 countries and regions, and its business covers more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

  • Key Products:

TCL Lighting produces LED bulbs, LED ceiling lights, LED downlights, LED panel light, LED street lights, LED light strips, LED tube, LED track lighting, LED underwater lights, LED wall washers, and more.

  • LED Downlights
  • Ceiling Lights
  • LED Panel Light
LED Downlight
Ceiling Light Fixtures
LED Panel Light
Recommend Reason

TCL Lighting is your perfect option for home lighting with an affordable price.

PAK Light Company
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  • Headquarter: Guangzhou

  • Company Background:

Founded in 1991 from extensive research and development of electronic ballasts, Guangdong PAK is now a worldwide energy-efficient electrical and lighting manufacturer.

As one of China’s highly competitive modern lighting manufacturers, Guangdong PAK commits to provide customers with a full range of lighting solutions and professional services.

PAK Light Company
  • Factory Information:

With company headquarters in Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong PAK has five major production bases in Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Chongqing and other places, occupying over 300,000 square meters and employing over 4,000 people.

  • Key Products:

The company operates through three main segments, namely Light-emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Products segment, Traditional Lighting Products segment, and Lighting Controlling and Others segment. It offers a broad range of products in commercial illumination, office illumination, household illumination, and outdoor illumination, etc.

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
Commercial Lighting
Industrial Lighting
Recommend Reason

Guangdong PAK is a leading name in commercial lighting as it also develops home lighting and electrical projects. It’s a great selection for those looking for an energy-efficient and quality Chinese lighting stores.

10. Zhejiang Yankon Lighting

Yankon Light Company
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  • Headquarters: Zhejiang

  • Company Background:

Established in 1975, Zhejiang Yankon Group Co., Ltd. (Yankon Lighting) is one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers of energy-efficient LED light bulbs and light fixtures.

As one of China’s largest high tech businesses in the green lighting industry, the company commits to develop and produce environmentally-friendly lighting.

  • Factory Information:

Zhejiang Yankon Lighting’s 400,000 square meters of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in Shangyu Zhejiang, Yujiang Jiangxi, Xiamen Fujian, and Jinzhai Anhui. Yankon exports its products to more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

  • Key Products:

Zhejiang Yankon Lighting specializes in LED-based commercial lighting, home lighting, office lighting, and outdoor lighting.

  • LED Light Bulbs
  • LED Ceiling Light
  • LED Downlights
Light Bulbs
LED Ceiling Lights
LED Downlights
Recommend Reason

Are you a global buyer looking for energy-saving LED lights with the best price? Yankon is the best solution for you.

III. Lighting Buying Guide

1. What Information Do I need Before Purchasing Lights?

What are your lighting requirements? Gather information about all lighting materials that you need for your project.

These are the important information you need to know, to make sure you buy the correct lighting materials.

  • Plan a Purchasing List
  • Understand Types and Styles of Lighting
  • Pay Attention to Maintenance Costs
  • Determine Product Specification and Performance
  • Identify the Required Standard Product Certification

Pay particular attention to the types and styles of lighting that you want for your rooms, as there are different lights and accessories for specific functions and effects.

Also, do a thorough research on product standard certifications required by your country. United 4 Efficiency gives an overview of international lighting standards. Look for credible certifications issued by highly regarded organizations.

Light Buying Guide

2. How to Choose the Best Quality Lighting?

What is best for you? Do some research to get lighting ideas. Then think about these five factors when looking for the best quality lighting:

  • Purpose – What do you need the lighting for? Generally, light bulbs may be omnidirectional or directional. It is omnidirectional when giving off light in all directions, and directional when giving off light in one particular direction.
  • Output – Lumens is the unit used to measure light output. The higher the number of lumens, the greater the amount of light.
  • Color – Color refers to how warm or cool the light appears, and how the light influences how cool or warm an area will appear, and also how a led lamp renders color.
  • Dimming – Dimming makes it easy to adjust light levels and save energy. Chose lights marked “dimmable.”
  • Life – When choosing LED lights, look for at least 20,000+ hours and a warranty of at least five years. These may cost a bit more in the beginning, but they provide better quality lighting and more savings over time.
Kitchen Ceiling Lights
Ceiling Lights
Bedroom Lighting

3. How Do I Find Reliable Lighting Manufacturers in China?

Only by doing thorough research will you be able to find a reliable light manufacturer for your lighting needs. Gather all information you need about possible lighting shops. If you can, talk to their other clients and ask for feedback about the lighting manufacturers.

Some of the most common selection criteria are the following:

  • Quality comes first. Find a lighting company that consistently produces high-quality products.
  • Cost. Get the best quality lighting products at a price that you can afford.
  • Deliver on time. The light supplier can deliver lighting materials on the agreed date.
  • Good relationship. The lighting company maintains good relationships with clients.
  • Quick response. The lighting company is quick to respond to client concerns.

4. How to Negotiate with Lighting Manufacturers?

Everything is negotiable but be prepared before going to the bargaining table if you want to secure the best deal.

Start by identifying the costs incurred by your lighting manufacturers and their competitor prices. Get quotes from at least three different lighting suppliers. Create competitive pricing by letting your lighting manufacturers know that you’re getting other quotes and will go with the best one.

Ask what other things they can include at the quoted price. Mention consumables, repair costs, and other expenses. If the price consists of features you don’t need, try to lower it by asking to remove those features.

If the price is more or less the same for most lighting manufacturers, negotiate on these items instead:

  • Product Quantity
  • Payment Methods
  • Product Packaging
  • Warranty and After-Sale Service

Remember to never, ever compromise on quality if you want to be in business for the long-term.

5. How Do I Install Light Fixtures?

Here’s a simple procedure on how to install light fixtures.

Materials need:

  • light fixtures
  • wire connectors or wire nuts
  • circuit tester
  • electrical tape or marker
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • step ladder

What you need to know:

When working with electrical connections, usually the black or red wire is the current, the white wire is neutral, and the green or copper wire is ground.


  1. Begin by turning off the power at the breaker.
  2. You’ll see pairs of wires in the ceiling box. Some may be wired to different circuits than the lighting fixtures you’re working on. To be safe, turn off the power to the whole house to ensure that all the wires are dead. Or use a circuit tester.
  3. Remove the light bulbs cover.
  4. Loosen the screws on the old lighting fixtures. Lower the ceiling light fixtures base, then remove the electrical tape or wire nuts from the black and white wires, and green ground wire, if present.
  5. Install the mounting bracket by securing it using the screws used in the old light fixtures.
  6. Attach the wires from the new lighting fixtures with wire nuts to the corresponding wires in the electrical box.
  7. Move the position of the new base plate so that you can screw the new bolts through it to attach it to the mounting strap.
  8. Screw in the new light bulbs and install the cover.
  9. Turn the power back on and test your new lighting fixtures.

IV. What’s the Total Cost of Importing Lighting from China

1. How Much does it Cost to Import Lights in China?

The cost of importing lights in China depends on the lighting product you want to purchase. Get quotations from different lighting suppliers to compare prices. Be clear on what kind of products you want by stating your requirements, such as wattage, voltage, color temperature, body color, and other specifications. Ask lighting manufacturers to quote you with the International Commercial Terms (FOB, EXW, CIF) you want.

2. What’s the Shipping Cost?

The shipping cost depends on the method used and the weight of your cargo. Note that prices are not fixed.

  • Postal Services – While this is the cheapest option, it’s not always safe because of the possibility that your packages might get lost or misplaced.
  • Express Courier Service – Compared to sea and air freight, Express is the fastest shipping method but generally has the highest cost. For shipping to the United States, common service providers are DHL, UPS, and FedEx. This option offers a safe and seamless delivery. Consider Express Courier when you want to restock quickly, and when your cargo quantity is less than 300 kg.
  • Air Freight – Shipping using air freight is like traditional sea freight. Generally, using air freight for cargo weighing more than 500 kg. is cost-effective. Like sea freight, air freight includes the following:

✅ Local logistics in China and export process

✅ Air shipping from Chinese airport to USA airport.

✅ Local logistics in the USA and import process.

  • Sea Freight – Cargo shipped by sea freight is carried out in containers. Cubic meter or cbm is the measurement of freight volume. If your goods have a volume of less than 15 cbm, the freight forwarder will help you ship your goods by LCL (less than container load). Since your cargo load is less than a container, you share a container with other importers. Meanwhile, when your cargo quantity is large enough that you can fill one or more containers, freight is calculated based on the whole container or FCL (full container load).

3. What’s the Shipping Time?

Estimated shipping time from China to the US (on average):

Express Courier: overnight to 3 days

Air Freight: 8 to 10 days (standard)

Postal Service: 2 to 5 weeks

Sea Freight: 30 to 40 days

shipping time

V. Where to Buy Affordable Quality Lighting

1. Attend Lighting Fairs in China

Trade exhibitions are great opportunities to meet several representatives of Chinese lighting manufacturers at one time. Below are trade fairs and exhibitions that focus on lighting products, except for Canton Fair, which is the biggest trade exhibition in China, and attracts the most buyers and sellers from around the world.

  • Canton Fair
  • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
  • China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (GILF)
  • Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition
  • Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

2. Visit Lighting Markets in China

Zhongshan lighting market is well known as the “lighting capital of China.” With lighting as its most significant industry, Guzhen is the biggest wholesale lighting market and the biggest LED light production base in China.

Here are the most famous lighting markets in China. The first two are located in Zhongshan, while the third one is in nearby Foshan.

Zhongshan Star Alliance Lighting Center

Star Alliance

Times Lighting Square- Zhongshan Lighting Center

Times Lighting Square

Shunde International Lighting City

Shunde International Lighting City

3. Find Professional Sourcing Agent in China

If you want a simplified importation process on your end as a buyer, hire a professional sourcing agent who will act as your representative in China. Make sure that your sourcing agent has the expertise and experience specifically in the lighting business. The market knowledge, technical background, and business network that he or she brings will be invaluable.

4. Three More Affordable Lighting Manufacturers Recommended

If the lighting brands mentioned in Section #II of this guide are out of your price range, consider the following lighting manufacturers that are more affordable:

George Buildings is a one-stop-shop manufacturer of building materials and building decoration materials.

Its lighting division manufactures and sells standard home furnishing lighting, chandeliers, LED lamps, and commercial lighting, including hotel lighting, villa whole-house lighting, project lighting, and outdoor lighting.

Established in 1999, Ketai Industries Lighting offers a one-stop solution for your lighting projects.

Ketai Lighting boasts of a more than 40,000 square-meter industrial production building. An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, Ketai Lighting has well-equipped production lines with 26 sets of punching machines, two painting lines, series of CNC machines, and others.

It has its own R & D center and aluminum alloy die-casting, metal surface spraying, mould processing, metal pressing, LED electronic processing and end product assembling factories that provide custom design and production services to clients from Europe, South America and the Middle East.

It produces superior commercial lighting products and has developed all kinds of LED lighting, including downlights, wall lights, track lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, panel lights, conventional housing lighting, and many more. Its products are widely used in hotels, homes, offices, public buildings, industrial buildings, medical establishments, retail establishments, and more.

Elstar is a professional LED strip light supplier, manufacturing premium quality along with customizable lighting solutions for project contractors, wholesalers, and brand owners. They are specialized in LED tape light in various colors for residential, industrial, and commercial use.

Located in Shenzhen, Elstar has been operating for 11 years to provide fully customized LED strip lights and realize your amazing LED light strip projects. They use top-of-the-line LEDs and the latest Japanese SMT machines to ensure quality LED strip manufacturing.

Elstar is the most reliable LED strip light supplier based in China, commiting to suit your lighting projects and helping you realize your creative LED lighting ideas.


Importing your lighting from China requires thorough research of possible lighting manufacturers. You won’t go wrong if you choose any one of the ten lighting brands mentioned above in China or the alternative ones that are more affordable.

Know that you can make the selection process, as well as the importation process, much easier by hiring a professional Chinese sourcing agent who will act as your business representative in China.

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