Top 10 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2022 in China

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Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of a kitchen’s design. China has become one of the most significant countries that manufacture kitchen cabinets.

What makes them so popular among homeowners is its affordability. With its low cost, there is a growing demand for China-made kitchen units all over the world.

Many international brands are partnering with Chinese manufacturers to build affordable designs without sacrificing quality.

Hence, here are 10 of the most popular kitchen cabinets from China.

1. Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Modern kitchen cabinets are relatively cheaper in China compared to the rest of the world. At the same time, they are very easy to assemble. Since most kitchen cabinets are exported from China, they are designed in simple ways to make it easy to install. Most manufacturers use a cam lock mechanism wherein the cabinet’s face frame and side frames are held with a hook.

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2. White Modern Kitchen

Since white is a universal color, it works well with all kinds of style and furniture. There are different white kitchen styles inspired by traditional, vintage, contemporary, and industrial designs. The color white as well as bright and light materials have become a trend in the past couple of years and still remain popular in 2020. White also represents purity and renewal in Chinese. It also belongs to the metal element in Feng Shui.

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3. Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

When it comes to appearance, solid wood is one of the most premium looking materials making it a popular choice among consumers. However, because it has different types, the aesthetics may also differ along with the strength and cost. One of the most widely used is the white oak due to its elegant features.

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4. Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

An acrylic kitchen cabinet gives off an elegant ultra-gloss design which creates a sleek modern kitchen design. The nature of an acrylic enables it to handle everyday wear and tear. It also retains a certain color and brightness throughout use. At the same time, it features a scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and moisture-resistant surface.

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5. Melamine Kitchen Cabinet

Melamine is one of the favorite materials of cabinetmakers because you can create a durable interior that does not require any finishing and sanding. Melamine cabinets are often compared to laminate cabinets. It is considered an organic compound made from strong, non-porous, and heat-resistant plastic material.

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6. Lacquer kitchen cabinet

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular trends in and outside China. This type of material is easy to install and light on the pocket. It’s a great alternative to homeowners who want to achieve a nice and elegant finish with moderate durability. While it may not be a long-term material for most homes, it’s a quick and easy fix to replace old and dirty kitchen cabinets. Hence, making it ideal for budget-conscious homeowners who are trying to sell their property or remodeling their kitchen on a tight budget.

This type of kitchen cabinet also works with all kinds of styles. It offers a wide range of color selection and has one of the best paint qualities in the market.

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7. Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

Another option for designing kitchen cabinets is wood veneer. This type of material is comprised of a thin layer of solid hardwood and is known for having the many similar qualities to hardwood.

Aesthetically, a wood veneer kitchen showcases the look and feel of hardwood without the heavy price tag. This variation is a popular alternative for many homeowners who want to achieve a certain design. It is economical and uses an eco-friendly material that does not contain any toxins. It can be polished to create different hues and tones to match the rest of your kitchen design.

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8. Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

A rustic kitchen cabinet design embodies a country lifestyle due to its warm colors and large cabinets. This design showcases lots of wood to create that rustic vibe and at the same time, it gives off a welcoming and casual environment. It used durable materials including pine and oak wood which are the most common options.

A rustic design is inspired by antique colors and textures creating a shabby chic design with a farmhouse and country cottage interior. This type of concept is all about comfort.

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9. High Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

This type of design is ultra-modern and is one of the most popular kitchen trends from China in 2020. This style is very contemporary and creates a sleek and chic appearance. A high gloss finish makes any kitchen look clean and sophisticated. This type of finish became a popular trend in the 1970s and is ideal for modern and contemporary style kitchens highlighting flat surface cabinets.

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10. L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands

An L-shape kitchen unit is all about angles and is one of the most ergonomic kitchen designs making it a functional and practical solution for busy homeowners. The L-shape unit makes the space feel more spacious, especially as it offers extra storage for your kitchen appliances. An island unit creates a shared space for the household members where they can enjoy a meal together and have a conversation. Thus, becoming a social space where everyone can gather and spend time with one another.

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With the extensive variety of kitchen cabinet styles available, China has become the go-to supplier of many international brands and consumers. Thanks to the low-cost and high-quality design of Chinese manufacturers, China has become the biggest furniture exporter all over the world. Even major furniture shops abroad use materials and outsource the production and assembly in China.

China is also known as the biggest manufacturer in the world and exports billions of products yearly to the U.S. Since 2015, China has exported kitchen cabinets to the U.S. by 75% more and now hold 17% of the market share in the U.S. This means consumers can expect China kitchen cabinets to continue to grow over the next years.

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