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    Veneer Kitchen Cabinet – Another option for designing kitchen cabinets is wood veneer. This type of material is comprised of a thin layer of solid hardwood and is known for having the many similar qualities to hardwood. Wood veneers are often used and combined with other materials and are less than 2mm thick. It is usually attached to an MDF or particleboard to create a flat panel.

    Aesthetically, a wood veneer kitchen showcases the look and feel of hardwood without the heavy price tag. This variation is a popular alternative for many homeowners who want to achieve a certain design. It is economical and uses an eco-friendly material that does not contain any toxins. It can be polished to create different hues and tones to match the rest of your kitchen design.

    What is Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

    Veneer kitchen cabinets refer to furniture made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneer and other processes. A large part of the panel cabinets are wood-grain simulation cabinets. The veneers of some panel cabinets sold on the market are becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and hand feeling, products with fine craftsmanship and better plates and hardware accessories.

    Veneer kitchen cabinets use man-made boards as the base material, and the surface finishes are made of man-made wood veneer or veneer, melamine board, etc., so the price is much more affordable than solid wood cabinets. As an important member of modern home decoration, veneer cabinets create a warm home environment for consumers with its rich colors and changeable shapes, which are deeply loved by consumers.

    What Type of Veneer Kitchen Cabinet

    Veneer kitchen cabinets made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneer and other processes.Veneer kitchen cabinets have type of veneer such as wood veneers and melamine veneers.

    Veneer Kitchen Cabinet Pons and Cons


    If the cabinet is made of double veneer panels, the same stickers are attached to both sides, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. When you open the cabinet door, the inside is the same as the outside, so it looks more comfortable. The furniture made with it does not need to be painted, and the surface naturally forms a protective film, which is resistant to wear, scratches, acid and alkali, iron and pollution.

    The only disadvantages: low-grade, easy to collapse the edge of the sealing, obvious glue traces, less color, can not be used to seal the edge.

    The advantage of blister veneer board is that the base material is density board, the surface is made by vacuum suction or one-time seamless PVC film compression molding process. The blister type door panel is rich in color, realistic wood grain, pure color in monochrome, no cracking, no deformation, scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain resistance, and fade resistance. It is the most mature cabinet material and simple daily maintenance. .

    Imported blister door panels are expensive, and the quality of many domestic PVC blister door panels is not good enough. But the disadvantage of blister board is that it is afraid of heat, even a small cigarette butt will damage the surface film

    Veneer Kitchen Cabinet Countertop

    Veneer Kitchen Cabinet Hareware

    Our hardware materials include top brands such as Hettich, Blum and Higold

    Blum Hinge

    Hettich Ball-Bearing Slide

    Higold Functional Hardware

    Veneer Kitchen Cabinet storage Solution

    Each of our kitchen storage solutions is built to solve a specific storage issue no matter how small your space is.

    Base Cabinet Storage


    Corner Storage


    Wall and Countertop Storage


    High Cabinet Storage


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