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    In triple glazed windows, you get a window with excellent insulation performance ideal in colder climates. Most commonly use in new construction projects, they are great for homeowners looking to retrofit their dated homes to be properly insulated for the colder climates. This makes triple glazed windows a common replacement window.

    Compared to other windows in the market, it’s a bit pricy, but it offers incredible benefits to match that price. George Buildings also make sure that our triple glazed windows are up to the standards, so you have nothing else to worry about. Rest assured that we have all your needs covered at our one-stop shop for all building needs.


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    Why Should You Choose Triple Glazed Windows ?

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    Triple Glazed Windows glass has extraordinary thermal insulation performance. Using it as window glass can quickly warm the room in winter. And the indoor heating is not easy to lose, which reduces the cost of heating and air conditioning and saves energy.

    Use air-conditioning indoors in summer, and the air-conditioning is not easy to escape. The sound insulation performance is good, which prevents noise interference and creates a quiet environment.

    Another feature of Triple Glazed Windows glass is that it is much thinner than insulating glass. Which can save installation space and window frame materials. At the same time, due to its good thermal insulation performance, its anti-condensation and fogging performance is also very good. Which can avoid the annoying things such as invisible exterior scenery and dew soaking on the window.

    The wind pressure resistance of triple-layer glass is about twice that of insulating glass made of the same glass.

    What Are the Types of Triple Glazed Windows ?

    George Buildings provides type of triple glazed windows, such as triple glazed casement windows, triple glazed awning windows, triple glazed slider windows , triple glazed wooden windows.

    How To Choose Good Quality Triple Glazed Windows

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    When buying Triple Glazed Windows, you must also keep in mind the “four look”.

    First, look at the materials.Including the color of aluminum profiles, glass and hardware, and whether the assembly is complete.

    Secondly, look at the processing.The excellent aluminum alloy window, the main frame is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees, there will be no obvious gaps in the splicing process.

    Then look at the glass to see if it is a sound-proof glass and whether it has a coating. The composite coating is generally corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high-gloss.

     Look at the size later to check if the window size is correct.

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