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    Tall Kitchen Cabinets Product Details

    Tall kitchen cabinets are said to offer timeless style and handy storage, which makes these units ideal for your kitchen. Tall kitchen cabinets are well suited for both small and large kitchen space. It is possible to incorporate these designs into your kitchen irrespective of the kitchen layout. They come in different types and can be integrated into your kitchen area when space is of the essence. They also help to improve the atmosphere of your cooking area. The tall kitchen unit is suitable for storage of pantries or utilities in general

    Features of tall kitchen cabinets

    • They are ideal for small kitchen areas

    You do not have to be overly concerned when constraint by a small kitchen space. A tall kitchen cabinet may be ideal for such scenarios.

    • They improve the general appearance of your kitchen

    Tall kitchens tend to unproven the arrangement of your kitchen in general. It gives it an aesthetic feel and makes it look well arranged. It also creates room for space and offers a unique kitchen

    George Buildings will suit all hardware and accessories regardless of color, shape, style, size, and materials. You can be confident that your Tall kitchen cabinets can be customized in line with your budget.


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    How Tall are Kitchen Cabinets


    How tall are kitchen cabinets

    In fact, the cabinet design is based on ergonomics and should be suitable for most people: Under normal circumstances, for most people, the average height of the cabinet is 800mm (780mm-820mm), which is the most suitable for use. (Of course, the actual stovetop is 750mm, and the basin is 850mm, but this is non-standard, so it is generally unified to about 800mm). If it is too high, it will be difficult to cook, unless the height is 1.8m or higher.

    Height between wall cabinet and base cabinet

    1. Wall cabinets are generally divided into 2 compartments, and the items in the lower compartment should be easily handled by people with a height of 1.6m.

    2. When washing and cutting vegetables, the head should be bent down, and people with a height of 1.8m should not meet. Because of the above data, when almost all hood manufacturers develop and design hoods, they design the shape and smoking volume of hoods at a height of 700mm from the countertop.

    If they are lifted up or down, it will also cause Problems such as hood meets, unsightly, and affect smoking effect. The height of the wall cabinet The industry standard for the height of the wall cabinet is 600mm-700mm, mostly 700mm.


    Tall Kitchen Cabinets Various Finishes

    George Tall kitchen cabinets provides top of the line materials for all kinds of door panels. Our extensive range of materials includes solid wood, PVC, acrylic, laminate, wood veneer, melamine, thermofoil, and lacquer among many others. We guarantee that our customers will find the color and finishing they want in order to build a unique design.

    Pons of Tall Kitchen Cabinets

    kitchen cabinet

    -The tall of the kitchen cabinet is that there is no need to clean the dust. The same nature as the wardrobe eliminates the trouble of our daily cleaning. For the kitchen, cleaning is very important. After all, it is our daily cooking space. If the cabinet is not topped, The dust above needs to be cleaned frequently, especially when the range hood is on. I really don’t know whether the dust will fly up.

    -In fact, the cabinets that reach the top don’t cost too much. On the contrary, they are the cabinets that are not at the top. You need to do the topping treatment. This way, the cost is very high. Many people have responded that the cabinets that reach the top are compared with the design of the top, even the price High but high is not obvious, so you can rest assured about the cost, after all, cabinets and other facilities are different, we pay attention to practicality.

    -The tall kitchen cabinet also improves the functionality of storage and can make storage space more sufficient. After all, the design of the suspended ceiling is the wall cabinet, which can meet the storage of our various items. In addition to these practicalities, the top-to-top design is more beautiful and magnificent, looks very integrated, and has better continuity. Depending on the type of house, the top corner is a way to save space.

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    Tall Kitchen Cabinets Hardware

    Our hardware materials include top brands such as Hettich, Blum and Higold

    Blum hardware

    Blum Hinge

    Hettich Ball-Bearing Slide

    Hettich Ball-Bearing Slide

    Higold Functional Hardware

    Higold Functional Hardware

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