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    Mahogany Door, Affordable Luxury, Pros and Cons

    When it comes to a sturdy and durable door for your home, George Buildings have plenty of options for you. One of them is a mahogany door, the door style capable of adding sophistication to any space.

    Mahogany doors are solid as it uses one of the most reliable materials. With is vibrant color, it makes an attractive exterior and interior door. Besides its durability, mahogany is easy to work with, so they can be carved, embossed, and engraved.

    It means you can have customized mahogany doors that fit your ideal design and style. With these much advantages, purchasing a mahogany door from George Buildings is an excellent idea for your home building needs.



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    Is Mahogany Good for Doors ?

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    Solid as well as abundant in color, mahogany door include a class to your residence. Mahogany is one of one of the most reliable materials for exterior door building and construction.

    Mahogany has a right, fine, as well as also grain. It can range in shade from pale pink to reddish brownish. The color usually darkens as well as grows richer over time. It has excellent workability, and is really long lasting making it an excellent selection in the best timber for exterior doors dispute.

    Mahogany is an incredibly sturdy wood. It has been the requirement in exterior doors for a long time. Mahogany doors are immune to both insects and also and wood rot. With correct maintenance, you can anticipate your mahogany doors to last numerous generations.

    While some varieties of mahogany are jeopardized, the varieties that we use is not. You can trust that the majority of our Mahogany originates from sustainably grown and harvested forests.

    Mahogany is one of the most precious woods. It is famous for its peach blossom color, coupled with the small quantity, and becomes a precious wood. Wooden doors made of mahogany are very popular in the market, because mahogany has many advantages and high economic value.

    Mahogany Door Color Choice

    There are many kinds of colors for your Mahogany Door

    Pons and Cons of Mahogany Door

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    Mahogany door—Advantages

    Wood texture: Mahogany has the advantages of hard texture, low shrinkage of the wood, and very beautiful wood grain. Moreover, the wood is easy to peel and slice and has good sculptability. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the wooden doors made are stylish and beautiful.

    Hard wood is suitable for making large wooden doors, easy to polish, not easy to deform, and durable. No wonder it became the royal wooden door wood for the British royal family. Repellent and durable: Mahogany is a hardwood. Hardwood generally has strong corrosion resistance, and mahogany is naturally no exception. It is precisely because of the compact texture and high density of mahogany that mahogany has strong corrosion resistance.

    At the same time, mahogany has its own unique fragrance, and this fragrance can repel termites. This is the best choice for people in the vast ant-infested area, and it is also one of the essential advantages of high-end wood.

    Mahogany door- Disadvantages

    Color difference: The color difference of mahogany is the disadvantage of mahogany. Because mahogany is peach color, this is the reason why the name of mahogany comes from. Therefore, mahogany is not suitable for the overall decoration style of wooden doors. The black sand effect is obvious after large-scale use. The most suitable is to use as a partial wooden door selection.

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    Mahogany Doors Producing Details

    Features of Mahogany Doors



    Noise Prevention: Expect less noise with its smooth opening and closing mechanism and sound insulation range at 28 DB.


    Stable and Sturdy


    Stable and Sturdy : All ball bearing are made of steel for utmost durability and stability, added with super fine clearance, stunning appearance, and 3mm thick fillet design.

    door effect



    Effect: Doors are incredibly flame retardant, moisture and mildew proof and provides excellent heat insulation effect.

    Mahogany Door Projects Case

    George Buildings have accomplished more than 1000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide

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    America Villa Projects


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    Singapore House 



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