L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands


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     L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands,Premium Quality and Design

     L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands – An L-shape kitchen design is a practical choice for many homeowners. This style allows you to maximize the use and space in your kitchen. It designates a specific area where you can install your cabinets and store your appliances. At the same time, providing you with plenty of counter space.

    An L-shape kitchen unit is all about angles and is one of the most ergonomic kitchen designs making it a functional and practical solution for busy homeowners. The L-shape unit makes the space feel more spacious, especially as it offers extra storage for your kitchen appliances. An island unit creates a shared space for the household members where they can enjoy a meal together and have a conversation. Thus, becoming a social space where everyone can gather and spend time with one another.

    This design best fits an open space kitchen concept. It also makes the kitchen more functional, especially for cooking as it makes the workflow more efficient. An L-shape kitchen is one of the most popular layouts due to its flexibility. This layout fits in all kitchen shapes and sizes.

    While some kitchens do not have the capacity to handle multiple islands, an L layout can fit a 10 x 10 ft. kitchen which is often used as a benchmark for building cabinets and countertops.

    What is L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands

    An Island is normally added to an L formed or one wall design to develop added preparation, cooking and storage space. A kitchen island is freestanding and not attached to either wall surfaces or other kitchen counters. Pros: An island kitchen area format opens up a world of possibilities for kitchen area use.

    In general, the L-shaped cabinet is just an extra corner. The turning point on this cabinet can add a lot of fun to the kitchen life and realize many new functions. It is a practical kitchen design and the most common kitchen design, ideal for small spaces.

    By dividing the working area between two connected walls in this way, an ideal working triangle can be obtained. Stoves, sinks, disinfection cabinets, and refrigerators are provided with operating surfaces between each workstation to prevent spills and crowded objects.

    How Much do L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands Cost

    How much do L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands cost ?The prices for L-Shaped Kitchens are starting from $ 500-1500 per set and depends on several factors:The quantity of hardware and the size of the kitchen cabinet.

    L-Shaped Kitchens with Islands Pons and Cons

    -L-shaped cabinets can make use of the operating space in the middle zone as much as possible, and form a triangular area in the process of washing, cutting and frying, which is the most reasonable kitchen operation principle.

    -They are open concepts.
    L-shaped kitchen is an ideal choice for open concept design and spacious rooms. Their shape is inherently suitable for open concept designs, while kitchen islands are optional.

    -It is the wall cabinet, the corner part of the floor cabinet is easy to form a blind spot for vision and use.And the applicable corner baskets are mostly price is higher.

    L-Shaped Kitchens Countertop

    L-Shaped Kitchens Hareware

    Our hardware materials include top brands such as Hettich, Blum and Higold


    Blum Hinge

    Hettich Ball-Bearing Slide

    Higold Functional Hardware

    L-Shaped Kitchens Storage Solutions

    Each of our kitchen storage solutions is built to solve a specific storage issue no matter how small your space is.

    Base Cabinet Storage


    Corner Storage


    Wall and Countertop Storage


    High Cabinet Storage


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