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    The hotel kitchen is the heart of the hotel’s foodservice production. It’s the place where food is stored, prepared, cooked and plated for customer consumption. Planning a commercial kitchen requires the designer to consider the size and space configuration, and also the equipment and plumbing. The goal is to put together a kitchen that matches restaurant needs and delivers the best possible experience to your guests.

    We design a modern hotel kitchen that is energy efficient, with optimal space and resource utilization, well ventilated and easy to maintain, and equipped with safety features. All of these for maximum productivity to ensure high quality service for hotel guests.


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    Which Cabinet is Good for Hotel Kitchen

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    Kitchen Cabinets are inseparable from the kitchens of hotels or ordinary families. Cabinets are one of the indispensable furniture in the kitchen, mainly used to store various items in the kitchen.Such as dinner plates, tableware and so on.

    At present, as kitchen furniture, whole cabinets are favored by consumers. It is stylish and high-end, with a wide range of colors, quality and style, and can be adapted to local conditions according to the kitchen space structure to make the space utilization more reasonable. Therefore, most of the cabinets currently used in hotels are integral cabinets.

    However, due to the large number of staff in the kitchen in the hotel, the workload is relatively large. The cabinets are fixed and not easy to move, which brings some trouble to the staff. Moreover, there are no drainage devices and kitchen utensils in the existing cabinets. Put it in the cabinet after cleaning, it is inevitable that there will be water. If it is not cleaned up in time, the cabinet will be damp, moldy, and the kitchenware will also be contaminated with bacteria.

    So the most suitable cabinet for hotels is stainless steel kitchen cabinets

    Hotel cabinet requirements: durable (high impact resistance, including high temperature resistance, acid and alkali, etc.), easy to clean, no need: good storage capacity, beautiful countertops and cabinet doors, so stainless steel cabinet is a good choice

    Best Cabinet Materials for Hotel Kitchen

    Nowadays, the best materials used in today’s industrial kitchen areas are a mix of stainless-steel, wood and glass. However, business kitchen areas are primarily created utilizing high quality stainless-steel due to its durability and also corrosion-free features. Also large-sized business kitchen cabinets are tailored with stainless-steel to store utensils, cutleries as well as food products existing in the kitchen areas of big dining establishments, resorts and providing companies.

    How To Choose Cabinet for Hotel Kitchen

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    -Identify Floor Plan

    -Consider Expected Budget and Function of Cabinet

    -Determine Materials and Make Quotations

    -Confirm Design

    -Pay Deposit and Schedule Production

    Tips About How to Purchase Building Materials and Furniture for Hotels

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    Hotel Kitchen Cabinets Producing and Packing

    Hotel building material  packing is a wooden pallets for outside, and padded with formed plastic for inner

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    Quality Inspection

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    Loading & Delivery

    Hotel Kitchen Cabinets Projects Case

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