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    Dark Kitchen Cabinets, Luxury, Premium Quality and Design

    Dark Kitchen Cabinets, as the name implies, have a dark coloration that takes away the unusual brightness that envelops some kitchen. They became very much of use in recent years as most homeowners complain of their kitchens being too shouty.

    Features of dark kitchen cabinets

    These outstanding features make dark kitchen cabinets the best choice

    • They are suitable for cold regions

    Since dark colors are a good absorber of heat, they tend to make the kitchen area warmer, especially when the environment around and inside the kitchen is cold.

    • They help to reduce white overloaded kitchens

    Some homeowners may not be too comfortable with having an overly white kitchen with very bright colors. To reduce this, they may decide to opt for dark-colored kitchen cabinets, which will provide a perfect blend with white or brightly painted kitchen walls.



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    Are Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets in Style


    The famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said “less is more”, less is more, which means that simple things often give people more feelings.

    The dark gray exuding unique charm can bring us this minimalist, light and luxurious feeling.

    When the elegant high-grade gray runs through the entire kitchen, extending from light luxury and fashion to quality and comfort, its unique personality atmosphere creates a high-quality life for us, calm but very fashionable.

    Features of dark grey kitchen cabinets

    ● Light and comfortable color

    Low-key and elegant color matching is best. Compared with high-saturation colors, it is easier to cause visual fatigue. The low-saturation high-grade gray makes people look very comfortable.

    ● Unity and harmony

    Dark grey with soft color, as if shrouded in a faint halo, can often bring a kind of artistic beauty to people. Like a work of art, soft and delicate, elegant and transparent.

    ● Light, luxurious and simple

    Dark grey not only looks tall and tall, but also has the unique elegance and extremeness, which makes it exudes minimalism and luxury. Whether in the fashion industry or the home furnishing industry, it has the stunning beauty that makes people unable to remove the eyes.

    What Color Flooring Go with Dark Kitchen Cabinets

    ● Dark gray + white countertop

    The collision of the dark grey kitchen and the white countertop can adjust the temperature of the kitchen, which looks very simple and comfortable. White is a bright color. This combination is also suitable for small apartments and can play a role in extending the kitchen space.

    ● High-grade gray + log color

    As a timeless dark gray, matched with a soft and warm original wood color, the kitchen is more quiet and beautiful. The high-level sense of high-grade gray is unmatched by other colors, and the original wood color is the most versatile. The combination of the two gives the rational and detached kitchen a natural and warm atmosphere.

    ● Different levels of grey kitchen

    Different shades of grey create exquisite light and shadow of different shades, enriching urban life with exquisite aesthetics, and at the same time creating a strong artistic atmosphere, showing the extraordinary life taste of the kitchen owner.

    How to Lighten Up Dark Kitchen Cabinets

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    How can you brighten your dark kitchen cabinets?

    ● Bright light

    In the kitchen decoration, the darker tones of high-grade gray require an open and bright overall atmosphere. Light spills into the kitchen through the windows, making the entire gray space very pure and natural. If the light is insufficient, lighting can be used to compensate.

    ● Collision of different brightness

    Because the color tone is simple and cool, the high-grade gray looks extra rational. When decorating the kitchen, you can add a small amount of contrasting colors with high saturation, which can make the space look amazing.

    ● Minimalist, light and luxurious details

    Metal elements are the finishing touch of minimalist and light luxury design. It is exquisite and retro, and when used in the kitchen, it can add a sense of luxury to the kitchen.

    If you feel that a single high-grade gray is monotonous, you can use metal elements to embellish it. It can brighten the entire kitchen space and bring unexpected charm to the kitchen.

    ● Decoration

    For the decoration of the high-end gray kitchen, it should be simple and high-end, abandon the flashy decoration, and create the cold and comfortable feeling of the space through simple lines.

    You can choose a pot of fresh green plants, a delicate chair, or a set of simple, light and luxurious tableware… They can all become a landscape in the kitchen.

    ● Lighting

    Designed lighting can enhance our quality of life and make the kitchen more luxurious. It is enough to transform into a wonderful decoration to create a unique texture.

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    Our hardware materials include top brands such as Hettich, Blum and Higold

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