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    Custom kitchen cabinets are designed specifically to meet your preference. They are different from already made kitchen cabinets because they are made to provide what you want in your ideal kitchen.

    Why buy Custom kitchen cabinet

    Buying a custom-made kitchen cabinet offers several benefits which include

    • They are made to suit your taste

    Unlike already made kitchen cabinets, custom cabinets are user-specific. You may have a wonderful idea of how you want your kitchen to be, the best way to bring it to reality is by ensuring that it is custom made.

    • Price flexibility

    The cost of making a custom kitchen cabinet depends on your budget. You can always explore other cheaper custom kitchen cabinets if your original idea is way over your budget.

    • Durability

    Since you are personally involved in deciding how you want your kitchen cabinet to be, you may ensure that the right quality materials are used for construction to ensure durability.

    George Buildings will suit all hardware and accessories regardless of color, shape, style, size, and materials. You can be confident that your kitchen cabinets can be customized in line with your budget.

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    How Much do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost ?


    Just how much do customized kitchen cabinet cost?

    Prices sensible, they’re listed in order– supply cabinets are cheapest, at around $60 to $200 per linear foot, semi-custom closets will certainly run you around $100 to $650 per linear foot, as well as custom-made cupboards usually set you back between $500 and also $1,200 per direct foot.

    The rates for white acrylic kitchen cabinet are starting from $ 500-5500 per set as well as relies on several aspects:
    Your kitchen area size
    Your variety of closets
    Depend upon the product materials you choose
    Depends on the hardware accessories you choose

    Type of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

    George Custom kitchen cabinets provides top of the line materials for all kinds of style. Traditional.
    Shaker. Rustic, Contemporary, Slab, Country,Craftsman, Glass-Front.

    Pons and Cons of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

    kitchen cabinet

    Advantages of custom kitchen cabinets:  
    -They Look Great: The whole cabinet is designed by combining cabinets, countertops, kitchen appliances, lighting, accessories, etc. reasonably according to the owner’s usage habits and needs. And unified industrialized production, the process is more mature and stable, so the overall appearance is stronger, beautiful and practical.

    -They Fit Your Needs: The layout is more reasonable, and the design is more suitable for the owner’s needs. The overall cabinet will reserve the location of pipelines and sockets according to the layout of the kitchen to make the space layout more reasonable.

    -You Get Great Quality: Durable and long life, the whole cabinet is all industrialized production. From blanking, drilling, assembly, polishing, to installation, there are strict standardization requirements. The edges are sealed by high temperature and high pressure, and the appearance is firm and tidy after the edges are sealed, and there will be no problems such as tight lock of the brick cabinet door and the cabinet.

    Disadvantages of custom kitchen cabinets

    They cost more: Kitchen cabinets make up a large part of the cost of a new or remodeled kitchen. Choose inventory and you can save 1,000 to 5,000 USD.

    They take longer: Custom cabinets must be made from scratch. Your contractor cannot just pick up the goods in the store. You are more likely to experience delays than standard/stock cabinets.

    Custom Kitchen Cabinets: 1000+Happy Clients

    Custom Kitchen Cabinets Hareware

    Our hardware materials include top brands such as Hettich, Blum and Higold

    Blum hardware

    Blum Hinge

    Hettich Ball-Bearing Slide

    Hettich Ball-Bearing Slide

    Higold Functional Hardware

    Higold Functional Hardware

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