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    The characteristics of the lacquer kitchen cabinet are bright color, easy to shape, strong visual impact, very beautiful and fashionable, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti pollution ability, easy to clean. The craft level requirement of the lacquer cabinet is very high, the reject rate is also very high, so the price is always high. When using it, you need to breathe carefully, especially bumps and scratches. Once damaged, it is difficult to repair.

    What is lacquer kitchen cabinets?

    Lacquered kitchen cabinets refer to the cabinet door panels are painted door panels. According to the process and spray materials used when making the painted door panels, they are roughly divided into four categories: UV Lacquer, ordinary lacquer, piano lacquer, and metal lacquer.

    The production process of UV baking varnish is different from the other three baking varnishes. It is made on the basis of ordinary substrates and using UV light curing mirror surface treatment technology. This technology prevents the surface of the sheet from falling off, and has high hardness and scrub resistance.

    Type of lacquer kitchen cabinets

    Type of lacquer kitchen cabinets panels, which including UV lacquer board, solid wood lacquer, veneer lacquer, MDF lacquer!

    Is lacquer good for kitchen cabinets?


    Lacquered kitchen cabinets are bright in color, smooth and flat on the surface, easy to clean.Which have a strong anti-fouling ability. The surface is waterproof and moisture-proof, does not leak oil, and does not need to be sealed without problems such as glue opening. Lacquered kitchen cabinets have a strong visual impact and the colors are full and gorgeous, so they are highly sought after by young people.

    The cabinets made of such plates are brighter in color and full of extravagance, giving people a very light visual impact. Generally, lacquered cabinets do not need edge sealing, which saves unnecessary consumption.

    Lacquered kitchen cabinets are easier to clean, and there are many ways to clean them. Such as tea cleaning, milk cleaning, beer cleaning, white vinegar white cleaning, toothpaste cleaning and so on. Painted cabinets are easily contaminated with dust. Dip gauze with these things to clean, will make the cabinets particularly bright and clean.


    The craftsmanship of lacquered cabinets is more complicated and popular, which means that the price of lacquered cabinets is higher. In addition, the painted cabinets are particularly afraid of bumps and scratches, and it is difficult to recover from scratches.

    Lacquer kitchen cabinet countertops

    Lacquer kitchen cabinet hardware

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