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    At George Buildings, we provide a wide selection of bifold windows for your needs.  Bifold windows are perfect for homeowners looking to expand your living or working area to have a beautiful view of the outdoors.

    One of the best window options for waiting rooms and pass-through rooms, it leaves any space looking bright and sunny. If you use it indoors, bifold windows are perfect for opening one area to another.

    With our products’ quality hardware and craftsmanship, we are proud to say the bifold windows you get from us are the best we can offer. At George Buildings, expect beauty and reliable operation in every purchase.


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    Bifold Windows Materials

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    Bifold Windows Material Manufacturing

    The window plate adopts polyurethane or polystyrene foam plate as the core Metal Sandwich Plate, the outer frame adopts cold-rolled Channel Steel, surface spray treatment or aluminum alloy extrusion profile, and the Sandwich Plate Rivets.

    Around the frame by the special angle-shaped connector and the frame with bolts. The window frame is made of 80 × 60 × 4mm rectangular steel pipe.

    Types of  Bifold Windows

    According to different styles, fold-up bifold window, fold-down bifold window, American fold-up bifold window, fully open fold-down bifold window

    How To Choose Good Quality Bifold Windows

    11.Contemporary Interior Doors

    Compared with the conventional window, the bifold window has obvious advantages, high modelling value, special opening way, and is easy to win the favor of the young people.

    But bifold windows for the sake of beauty at the expense of the “five windows feature”(insulation, sound insulation, wind pressure resistance, water tightness, airtight) :

    So when shopping for bifold windows, you should pay attention to:

    Durability, “What brand is this window hardware, pulley, tape, etc. ? ”? How’s the quality?

    Before you pay, search online for brand reviews and complaints. What are the most common complaints? Do I care?

    Hanging window and hanging window are not recommended to buy.

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    George Buildings have accomplished more than 1000 real estate projects in 118 countries worldwide

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    America Villa Projects

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    Singapore House 

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    Saudi Arabia Villa

    Products: Bifold Window

    Bifold Window for Sale in China

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